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  1. Hi all Just wondering if anybody out there has moved from uk to Adelaide then back home but then returned to Australia and gone to Perth? I'm just after any success stories there might be! We lived in Adelaide for a while but went home because of all of the classic reasons but we are now wishing we hadn't and are considering a move to Perth because we both loved it there when we traveled years ago. We didn't go there in the first place because I had a state sponsorship for south Australia. I found Adelaide a bit of a strange place to live even tho the people there are wonderful and my daughter was born there. Is it better second time around?? Thanks
  2. emma&vas

    Anybody ping ponged Adelaide to perth?

    Thanks Coventry Your probably right they are quite similar, I would like to try the gold coast but my partner thinks it would be harder to get work there. Where are you living?
  3. emma&vas

    Resident return visa?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody had received a resident return visa on the basis that their child was born in Australia and they wanted to return with the child to raise them there. My child has an Australian passport. Anybody's experiences with obtaining a resident return visa would be great. Thanks Emma
  4. emma&vas

    Resident return visa?

    Hi Skippy1, Thanks so much for your reply, there is hope then. Our visa's have only just expired. I cant believe that you got one after 20 years! I hope all goes well in the future for you.
  5. Hi all, Just jumping in on this conversation, I was wondering if anybody has taken their child back into the uk on an Australian passport and stayed permanently? Was it straight forward enough to go ahead and get their British passport after you have arrived (obviously before the 6 month visa runs out) Thanks for any advice
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    Moving baby's essentials back.

    Hi all We have decided to move back with our 6 month old baby as we are finding it hard over here on our own. To anyone else that has made the move with such a young child, how did you move all of their essential items that you just can't be without like cot, high chair and change table? thanks Emma
  7. emma&vas

    Moving baby's essentials back.

    Again thank you all for your replies. I'm definately going to buy the ikea high chair! I guess I'm just a sentimental kind of person thinking that I wouldn't want to sell all of their first things, I'm probably a bit of a hoarder really! Has it been the right move for all of you that have taken young children back to the uk?
  8. emma&vas

    Moving baby's essentials back.

    Thanks so much for all of your replies, I've got so much to think about now! It probably will work out cheaper to sell the stuff here then buy new when I get home. I will definately take a look in ikea as well.
  9. Hi all We are going to Adelaide in May this year but we have decided to have a holiday first. We are going via Bangkok so cannot fly directly into Adelaide from there. So we are going to fly into Sydney and stop there a couple of days because we have friends there, then we are flying straight on to Adelaide. Does anybody know if this is ok because we are not flying directly into Adelaide first even though we have a 176 for South Australia? Thanks in advance Emma
  10. Hi all, I dont post very often im more of a reader. I was just wondering what everybodys opinions are on the best state to find work. I have travelled all over Australia so i know what all of the areas are like but because i didnt work i cant remember what the job situation is like. (I travelled in 2003) I am a hairdresser but im looking to change my career when i get over there and my partner is tree surgeon/ driver. Any help would be great Thanks Emma:confused:
  11. Hi all I was just wondering if anybody knows roughly how long you have to validate your visa when it has been granted. I am waiting for a 176 Thanks Emma
  12. emma&vas

    Commitment - How much info required?

    Thanks Toolbox Thats put my mind at ease! Do you know anybody that lives in south australia? We know people in other states but not SA Emma
  13. emma&vas

    Commitment - How much info required?

    Hi all, I have just about finished (not sent) my application for SA SMP. In the commitment part i wrote about 5 points: Job oppotunities, Lifestyle, Areas, Living exp and how family friendly SA is. Does this sound alright to everybody? Thanks in advance Emma
  14. emma&vas

    Hairdressers in South Australia!

    Hi all Do you need licence and registration before you work as a hairdresser in south australia? I know you do to work in WA but i cant find anything on SA. It is 1 of the questions on the SS application. Thanks in advance Emma
  15. emma&vas

    Financial evidence for SA SMP

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of evidence south australia ask for when applying for sponsorship? I already have WA SS but hairdressing wasn't on the list so i'm thinking about applying to another state. Thanks in advance Emma
  16. emma&vas

    Financial evidence for SA SMP

    Thanks Paul That has set my at ease we are def going to go for SA now! I know what you mean about WA, they are a joke! Emma
  17. emma&vas

    Financial evidence for SA SMP

    Hi Paul Thanks for your reply. So just to clarify, you didnt have to send any evidence, just state how much equity? Thanks Emma
  18. emma&vas

    Does Tasmania need funds for SS

    Hi all I was just wondering if when you apply for tasmania do you have to show proof of funds? Has anybody out there applied? Thanks Emma
  19. emma&vas

    hairdressers not on SMP - What u doing now?

    Hi Paul I hope you dont mind if i ask, what did you write in your emails? Im a hairdresser with WA SS and i have been thinking that it would be impossible to get employer sponsorship. Thanks Emma
  20. emma&vas

    Is anybody out there going to NT?

    Hi all i hope there are some of you out there! I need somebody to talk to about the sponsorship part, (how strict they are). Thanks Emma:chatterbox:
  21. emma&vas

    Is anybody out there going to NT?

    Hi jrc Thanks for replying I need to know how they ask to see proof of funds? Will just stating equity in house be enough or do they like to see bank statements? Also how much do you have to have Thanks again Emma
  22. emma&vas

    Proof of funds for NT?

    Hi all Does anybody know what proof of funds NT will take? Will they take things like equity in house (valuation)?:confused: How much exactly do they ask to see for myself and my partner? Any help would be great Thanks Emma
  23. emma&vas

    Please Help! (NT Sponsorship)

    Hi All Does anybody have any idea how NT check proof of funds when applying for sponsorship? Are they as strict as ACT (wanting 3 months bank statements) or will thet accept estimate of equity of house? Everything is such a nightmare at the monent (hairdresser with SS WA):sad: Any help would be great Emma
  24. Hi HP Did you just have to get your house valued then to prove how much money you would be taking with you?
  25. Hi all, I'm a hairdresser with wa state sponsorship, gutted about the smp. I was wondering if any of you are using an agent and if so, have they kept you up to date with everything that's going, and what to do next? I have an agent and they haven't helped at all, I get all my info off poms in OZ! Emma x