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  1. jsnowling

    Plumbing Licence QLD

    We arrived over a year ago and my oh is still fighting a loosing battle trying to get his full licence!! - he is constantly phoning skillstech to try to get info - only to be told the courses are full and he cant get on them - he has done 6 days only and requires about another 6 weeks! it is the most stressful/frustrating thing we have ever done - worse than the worry of getting the bloody visa in the first place and that was bad enough! - why o why are they getting plumber over here and doing vetasses only to find when you get here there is no system in place for us!!!!!!! we have 4 kids and if it wasnt for the fact I have a profession and can support the family we would be up **** creek!!! there is no light at the end of the tunnel for - sorry to be so negative but this is the reality!!!!!
  2. good luck - know how hard leaving is - we did it one year ago next week! would be really interested in how you like Hervey Bay as we are thinking of moving next year - we currently live in Brisbane! Have fun! Julie
  3. jsnowling

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Thanks Rob WA will keep you updated
  4. jsnowling

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Thanks guys - really helpful - we loved the place when we visited last week and can see us living their - just feel not giving them a future in the long run! such hard decisions to make as parents!!
  5. jsnowling

    Hervey Bay

    Hi, we have just returned home from a weeks holiday in Toogum - had the best holiday ever - so relaxing - the beach there is awesome - so vast! It takes approx 30 mins to get the HB but some of the roads flood so I would do more research if you are thinking of moving there. We are seriously thinking of moving our family from Brissie to HB but are very concerned about lack of things to do once they get to teenagers and beyond - any advice or information would be very much appreciated - Julie
  6. jsnowling

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Hi, we emigrated to oz last July and currently live in Brisbane - we have just been on a reckkie to Hervey Bay as we do not want to live near the city and we loved HB. We have 4 children 9, 8 and twins at 5 and we have been put off by Brissie people saying not to move up there as although good for little kids no prospects for older ones/teenagers etc and no jobs!! we would love to hear anyones views on this as we really want to live there but do not want to jeopardise our kids futures
  7. Hi we moved our whole family over to Oz in July last year - 4 kids and a dog based on my OH plumbing visa 175 - we have been told by skills tech that he may not be qualified enough for even a provisional licence - despite having a plubming visa and completeing a skills assessment to get it - Help anyone?????
  8. jsnowling

    visa for my mum

    Thanks Joanne will have another look and try and agent I think
  9. jsnowling

    visa for my mum

    :chatterbox:Hi wondered if anyone could give me some help and advice .... we have recently arrived in oz on a 175 pr visa. My elderly mum is back at home - she is 79 this year....she said she would be ok as she has one or 2 friends in Uk - I know she was just saying this but felt I had to live my life with my husband and 4 kids. However, she is so unhappy without us and I do feel very guilty - wondered about getting her a visa to come and live with us but have read some stuff on diac website and getting a bit confused with visas she could apply for - help anyone?????
  10. jsnowling

    7 seater cars

    Hi we have just bought a Ford Territory - we have 4 kids, we had a ford galaxy back home - I love the territory so lovely to drive - you just feel like you in a normal car - and the boots massive when you fold the back seats down so you could get all of you in with a huge boot too.
  11. jsnowling

    Emigrating with autism

    We also got our visa 175 - our son has mild autism - got referred for 3 weeks - but not a problem - I worried for months and months - but obviously this all gives loads of hope for people still waiting - good luck to anyone else, Julie
  12. jsnowling

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    Hi Igoriuses, that's crazy how long you've been waiting - why not try ringing them - talking to someone may put your mind at rest. Julie
  13. jsnowling

    So close, so why now do i feel this way?

    I think what you are feeling is very normal...something would certainly be very wrong if you had no worries about the final destination....like you say you have been doing this for so long therefore it means so much to you therefore you have reservations....we have been doing this also for many years and we were really worried about even passing our meds cos one of our children is autistic...we had our meds med and visa granted same day and sold house 3 days later...so we are going through all these emotions right now... its so hard to know if you are doing the right thing...but the way I see it is that you will never know unless you give it a go and at least you will have no regrets... I spent all my childhood listening to my parents talking about what they could have done and how they regret not... I don't want my children to hear me saying the same.. thats why we have to make a really good go of if all. good luck with everything Julie
  14. jsnowling

    Aspergers syndrome - help!

    We have a son who is 7 and has had a diagnosis of mild autistic spectrum disorder since the age of 4 - he has never had a statement or any 1:1 help in school, but he does need extra time to process stuff and is the bottom in his class however is making progress. We were so worried about the medicals - we told everything to the panel dr and he was brilliant - told us what information we should get before he would even submit the medical - it was referred for 3 weeks and we were granted our visa on Tuesday - so there is some hope - it all depends on how severe the child is and how much support they will require in school - good luck xx
  15. jsnowling

    Anyone know of any family friendly hotel in singapore?

    Magnetic6 and Janeubu thankyou for all the information - sounds great! has really inspired me to go now - will definitely look up the hotel julie