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  1. angie7

    Our Queensland tour

    Hi What did you think of Mossman? I was thinking of having a look to move there in the near future, any comments/thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  2. angie7

    New to Townsville

    Does Townsville have a cinema with Gold Class?
  3. I'm sorry you feel discriminated against but the Australians I have met don't care where a person comes from just as long as you are a nice person, they couldn't care less. Australia is made up of a lot of nationalities, so calling an Australian a convict is an attack on some people , others are proud of it. In general they don't use the term "POM" as a derogatory term but a way to explain the person was a "Brit" Australians don't use the term "Brit" they use the term "Pom". I think the "political correctiveness" of the times is making us all a little bit too "sensitive" and "precious."
  4. Don't know about Townsville but immigrants are accepted anywhere in Australia . For study and nightlife have a look at Sydney or Melbourne, they are bigger cities and have excellent hospitality schools, not sure about mechanics courses. These courses will be done mainly in TAFE not so much Universities. Hope you have a good time in Australia regardless of where you end up.
  5. angie7

    North qld wants to split

    I think it would be great FNQ could then keep the money from the mining and not have to rely on state labor to allocate them money for infrastructure etc. Anna Bligh has put water restrictions on FNQ ? FNQ has plenty of water. Labor has no idea
  6. angie7

    What would you do differently?

    Townsville is a regional town and they do have issues with the indigenious population. You sound like you need to move to either Sydney or Melbourne.
  7. angie7

    Townsville V Brisbane??

    Thanks for the info . I was actually thinking of Padua. Where is Clairvaux MacKillop ? At the moment my son is attending Marist College Eastwood a great school and he loves it , he is in year 8 (2nd year of highschool) We pay approx $935 a term (3 terms) that's everything included. It works out cheaper than alot of the catholic schools around here because that's all we pay we don't have any extra add ons like sports fees etc they are all included in the fees. Fees will go up next year because he'll be in year 9. Thanks again for the post Angie7
  8. angie7

    Townsville V Brisbane??

    I cant' give you exact amounts but in NSW (Sydney) you pay 3 terms Qld you pay for pay 4 terms. I have a friend in Cairns and her daughter is in primary school and she was paying more than i was for my son the same goes for my cousin who lives in Brisbane their fees were more expensive than I was paying. I was in the Parramatta diocese and that is one of the cheapest in Sydney. I am now in the Sydney diocese as he is in High school now in the next suburb and I still pay less than my cousins potential high school "Padua" . The cheapest high school I had found was a Catholic high school in Ingham. You can check the fees on the schools websites. The reason we only get our fees charged over 3 terms is that years ago NSW only had 3 terms ( so they kept the fee scructure.) Qld for as long as I know have had 4 it's just the way it was and they have kept it that way but have just given the kids a fourth term putting in holidays around Sept and shortening the xmas hols. Xmas hols used to be about 6 wks + when I was young. I don;t know why they are more expensive but in comparison to mine they are, maybe the broken bay diocese is on par with Qld I dont know. I hope I have elaborated eough . PS. I did do a lot of research on the catholic schools in Qld ie fees etc and I just thought in comparison they were more expensive that's why I am waiting for my son to finish school here cause I didn't think we could afford it if we could't get jobs in Qld as We were looking at Cairns, Townsville and now Brisbane. Angie7
  9. angie7

    Townsville V Brisbane??

    I've been to Townsville and it's great. Haven't been there in summer though. You would have to be careful where you, live like all cities, they have quite a lot of threads on what suburbs are good.They do have some problems with the aborigines too, but that said it's a fabulous place. Log on and have a look at the Townsville Bulletin that's the local paper and you'll be able to get a feel for the place, they had a greek festival not that long ago looks great. Brisbane is Fantastic too 20/30 yrs behind Sydney as far as population goes and that's one of it's selling points. We are hopefully moving to Brissie in 4 yrs when my youngest son has finished school. The school fees in (catholic schools) are a lot higher in Qld than in NSW , don't know why though. Have a look at both papers the one for Brisbane is Courier Mail. They actually call Brisbane "Brisvegas" for a bit of a laugh. Hope all works out well and your descision is the right one, if not you can always move. Take care Angie7 QUOTE=leenlarv;595620]Hello folks. My girlfriend and I attended an expo in Manchester yesterday. We have decided on a move to Queensland (hopefully) and until attending the expo, we had been pretty much set on moving to the Brisbane area. However, after speaking to a Queensland Health rep at the expo, he painted a really good picture of Townsville, suggesting it is really nice place to live. Ive read a few comments on PIO about Townsville, and some of them have been quite negative. So basically, my girlfriend and I were wondering what people's thoughts were, regarding the good points and bad points about moving to and living in both Townsville and Brisbane. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers:wacko:
  10. angie7

    Information on Ferny Grove/The Gap

    Hi , I was just wondering exactly how bad the traffic is from The Gap etc. I have been looking on the courier mail's live cameras and it seems ok, Nothing like Sydneys peak hour(s) it's bumper to bumper and peak hour lasts for at least 3 hours. I look at the live camerat about 8.am - 8.30am .during the weekdays. Angie7
  11. angie7


    I love Cairns and have a few friends up there they say keep away from suburbs in the South. If you like the beaches then try Trinity Beach (did have a problem with teenagers, not sure what's happening there now) Palm Cove, Trinity Park, Kewarra Beach, other good suburbs are Kamerunga, Stratford, Smithfield, Edge Hill, Whitfield. Hope that helps. Great restaurants in Palm Cove too. Angie7
  12. angie7

    Information on Ferny Grove/The Gap

    Thanks Vony. I really appreciate it . I have heard that the western suburbs get really HOT in summer and really COLD in winter is that true of The Gap? Cheers Angie
  13. angie7

    Can't decide where to live...

    Have a look at this website found it today. It might be of use to those who don't know where to settle in Australia . City Profiles - where should I settle ? - settling in Australia
  14. angie7

    sydney and its suburbs

    Hi Laura, Epping,Gordon and Pymble are nice areas some parts are leafy but they are built up. Try looking at North Epping that's really nice its not far from Macquarie Shopping Centre and would be in the school region for either Cheltenham girls high, Epping boys high which are sought after schools. Cheltenham and Beecroft are also nice areas. Most primary schools in the area are good. It's also not far from Macquarie Uni maybe 10 mins. Mostly Asian in the area (but that's most of Sydney anyway) All the areas mentioned have a train station and are serviced well by buses too. Good Luck! Angie7
  15. angie7

    Information on Ferny Grove/The Gap

    How far is Ferny Grove to the city/Bayside by car?