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  1. olly


    Oh God you are making me hungry for Aberdeen butteries - great for the cholesterol,er, NOT ! When I am there I go straight into Union Street from the airport to get them!
  2. olly

    Start of our journey

    Yes Paul, any of those Nepean Highway beachside suburbs are all pretty good, Mentone being nice with lots of shops. Although the Mornington Peninsula are my favourite beaches, but of course you have the commute which doesn't suit some people. It all depends on how close you want to be to work once again.
  3. olly

    ACT best place to live

    Canberra is an acquired taste, but I have known people who whinged about going there for work, then say they love it and wouldn't live anywhere else. If you can accept that Canberra is far more than a political capital, I believe it can be a nice place for families. If you can dodge the politicians at the restaurants that is !!! There are worse places to live in the world - but that's only my opinion.
  4. Flatsharing with people many years ago. One girl kept doing dumb things. One morning getting ready for work and I hear an explosion from the kitchen. F**** I though what was that? I go into the tiny kitchen and it is covered in tea leaves and tea pouring off every cupboard, the roof etc. I said to the girl: WTF? She replied "I was in a hurry to boil my tea, couldn't wait for the kettle, so put the tealeaves and water in the (chinaware) teapot and put it on the gas stove". Hence, kabooom !
  5. olly

    Start of our journey

    You are right about Clayton, it is not the best suburb, there are is a lot of industry out there, headquarters of big companies etc and also the second biggest ( I think) University in Victoria. There are some okay parts and not so fantastic parts - however, it is very accessible to other parts of Eastern and South Eastern Melbourne due to its proximity to major Roads and Freeways/Tollways (although these can be busy !). Some nice suburbs (and can be expensive to buy though) not far from Clayton include Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Oakleigh, Mulgrave, Burwood, Blackburn, Nth Blackburn. People I know commute from the outer South East to Clayton on the Monash Freeway (from Berwick, Pakenham etc). Good luck with it.
  6. olly

    Advise on Bairnsdale

    It is a nice town, and if you are doing any kind of social work down that way (in East Gippsland) it is very busy !! Not sure what your line of work is, but just thought I'd mention that. My brother lives in Paynesville, which is about 10 minutes out of Bairnsdale, he lives on the Gippsland Lakes, gorgeous spot, affordable and also only a run up the road back to Bairnsdale for shopping and Bairnsdale Hospital. The whole area is very pleasant to live, although a fair way from Melbourne - takes me 3 and a half hours but if you don't need to be in Melbourne, it is a nice country lifestyle (not big city as petals says) but pleasant all the same. I haven't heard any negative feedback about Gipps Grammar, should be fine.
  7. olly

    Gladstone Suburbs...... Pros and cons....

    A family member (we're Aussie) went there for work to Gladstone. Being, as you know, a mining town, it is all geared around that - that is the fact of life. As mentioned above, my family member spent some time in Tannum Sands, which is a nice suburb. My family member also was in a share house in Barney Point I think its called, and there are lots of shared houses with people working shiftwork and renting rooms in central Gladstone. I know people who have moved up from Melbourne to make their money, pay their houses off, put money in the bank and retire early.......if this is their goal then Gladstone will serve its purpose. With every thing in life, it is what suits you at the time. Good luck with it all I hope you find someone that suits you. My family member and her housemates were mechanics and service industry personnel on Curtis Island - she said the Utes pull into the town, catch the ferry across, then come back and all the Utes go out in the afternoon. She also told me that I should move up there and open a good coffee shop/takeaway place and have dinner meals ready to pick up as they come off the ferry, lol !! Maybe better than my job at the moment !
  8. olly

    Friends and Religion!

    People's beliefs don't worry me at all, but when they argue their beliefs are better/more truthful than mine then I have spoken out about that. A friend converted to her partner's religion - her choice of course. When I asked her if he had thought of converting to her religion, she said that he absolutely refused, as it was his religion or, sorry, no marriage. Obviously she made her decision and that is completely her own business. I, on the other hand, would not take kindly to someone saying that they would marry me only if I converted to their religion. I feel that would diminish my beliefs if it was their way or the highway. I think I would take the highway, but that's only my opinion. Others might gladly be influenced to change their religion/belief systems.
  9. Costco has just opened their second store in Melbourne - there is one in Docklands (city) and one in Ringwood (eastern Melbourne). There are heaps of Aldi stores nearly in every suburb now and also Coles (which is being run by the Brits at the moment) are changing some of their stores to accommodate homewares (the 24 hr Burwood Kmart complex Coles has some including clothes). We have much more choice now that 20 years ago, I shop at Aldi then go next door to Safeway at Forest Hill. No dramas. Also there are farmer's markets for speciality items - I especially love the farmer's markets which have popped up in some suburbs in recent years.
  10. Wow, when was that? I think my Uncle left it in the early 70's - they bought property in Pearcedale after that. They got fed up running it as a caravan park, and sometimes all the trouble that went with it (so I remember my Dad telling me). Lots of memories for me from there though, and there were no freeways down there it was quite a long drive back then to Carrum Downs. Yesterday I drove to Mornington on Peninsula Link and drove right through that whole area, remembering how things have changed - I had visitors from England and they couldn't believe it was all farm land where Peninsula/Eastlink is now.
  11. olly

    Aussies views on living OS!

    One of the things that really peeved me off when I returned home to Aus after several years living in the UK/Europe was that there was hardly any recognition of my work experience over there, and I am led to believe that is something that people coming to Aus to live find their experience/qualification are often not recognised/known. I found coming back to apply for jobs after several years in a fantastic job in the UK, it was more or less the attitude "whatever" by some laid back interviewers. I could have jumped up over the chair and shaken them saying "Have you ever actually travelled outside your own city, or your own chair for that matter ?" For me, spending quite a while away, I saw my own country in a different light - the laid back attitude doesn't always mean that is a good thing. The pull of family drew me back here, and it is my home and I love it, but I do see some of the drawbacks.
  12. olly

    Swimming pools - what are your views??

    In Melbourne its a better idea I have found to have an outdoor spa undercover, that way you can jump in a hot tub in the winter and still use it in the summer to cool down. You have to heat it in the winter too, but much easier to look after than a pool, as we had one under big trees and my dad spent most of his day fishing the leaves out. Some people had pool people to look after it, fine if you have that money. At least with an outdoor spa you can cover it from fallen leaves etc. The house I live in at th moment has one which was put on gas rather than electricity, so that helped with heating it. A pool in Melbourne has little use in the winter, too feckin' cold !!!
  13. olly

    magic mushrooms

    Some people died recently here in Aus (Queensland I think?) eating mushrooms in the wild. A cooking show host said don't touch them at any cost as you don't know what they are. Stick with the fruit shop !
  14. olly

    8yr old Boy Critical with Lyssavirus

    Devastating for the whole family, it's hard to believe something like that can happen so quickly.
  15. olly

    New country