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    Families in Mango Hill and surrounding QLD

    Hello, we live in North Lakes and love it here. I have quite a few friends in Mango Hill also, two of them who have enrolled at the new school. We love living here, and I would recommend it as a fantastic place for a family to live. My son goes to North Lakes State College- we were originally worried about the school being so big, but the school has great results (beats more of the local state and private schools) and because of its size has great facilities (swimming pool, sports hall, theatre, library etc). If anyone wants any advise please feel free to ask me any questions and I will help you as much as I can. I have been here for 3 years and work as a relocation agent and my husband is born and bred in Brisbane and works in realestate- so we can offer a fair amount of advise between us!
  2. I am a fellow pom who moved here 6 months ago, I have two children and recently myself and a friend have set up a website with a forum on for other mums in the area; we arrange meet ups. If you have just moved to the area or are moving please check it out; Meet Up Mums - The place to meet and talk to other mums
  3. Hello just thought I would clear up a few things- I used to be a letting agent before we moved over to Brisbane. Your tenant have signed a 12 month legally bound lease at an agreed rent- the rent can not be reduced unless a new contract is signed. A tenant is permitted to 'quiet enjoyment' of the property, therefore you are not able to conduct viewings until the last month of the tenancy and notice should be given to them. After all this is now their home. If it was agreed at the start of the tenancy that sales viewings could still take place then it should have been added to the contract by your agent. You need to clarify whether this was done. If it was not done then all you can do is put the house on the market nearer the time. You could also try and speak to your estate agent and they may be willing to advertise the property but not conduct any viewings until a later time (I would say your property is likely to go 'stale'). You can not sell your house until the end of the tenants lease unless you can find an investor who will keep the tenants in the property. Whilst I can understand its frustrating, at least you have managed to get some tenants- there is such an oversupply of properties in every area due to a struggling sale market that rents have dropped. In my opinion I would drop the matter, keep your tenants happy, and put the property back on the market a couple of months before you want the house back, and conduct viewings within the last month. With regards to someone else staying perm. at the property, the letting agent needs to look into this as they would be breaking their lease- his name should be added to the contract if he is living at the property.
  4. sister_soph

    Emigrating whilst pregnant!!!

    hello we moved when i was pregnant, I did a lot of research and wore a lead shield whilst it was completed, I was assured that there was more radiation on the plane itself. We are now in Australia and our second baby is due in July. You need to make your own mind up, look into the levels of radiation and you will be surprised how low it actually is.
  5. sister_soph

    Application put on hold

    I did have the chest xray, they use a shield over your tummy and a lower level of radiation, I was told that the baby is actually subject to more radiation on the plane than than the scan by the doctor. Worth checking into it- we are now in Australia and my baby is due in July. I was granted a perm. spouse visa so have been able to continue my health care here with medicare
  6. Hello i'm Sophie 26, I moved over to North Lakes, QLD with my Australian partner about 6 weeks ago. We have a three year old boy (three next wk anyway) and i am expecting baby number two early July. I have joined a few play groups in the area but I do not have a car yet (waiting for mine to be shipped over) so i have been a bit limited to getting around and meeting people and haven't started a job due to being so pregnant! Would love for any mums in the area to contact me who feel like meeting up for a coffee and letting the kids play!
  7. sister_soph

    receive uk maternity pay in oz?

    Thanks for all your advise and information - apart from Scamp1976- 'that is crime- and you know it'. If I was planning on doing a crime, i wouldnt ask for advise on here, I would just do it! Not very helpfull. Anyway I have spoken to all the helplines today, you can not receive MA in Australia there are other countries you can but Australia is not one of them. I can however receive statatory maternity pay which i should be entititled to (im just waiting to confirm it with my employer). SMP can be taken anywhere in the world. Hope it helps some others too!
  8. sister_soph

    Recession Blues...and Spouse Visa help!

    hello further to that my application took 3 weeks to come ( i did the medical checks and police check and sent it all off together), I got granted a permanent visa, we were not asked for any further information or given a telephone call, they just emailed me saying it had been granted! A Very easy process! By the way we are not married but been leaving together for 5 years with one child and one on the way!
  9. sister_soph

    receive uk maternity pay in oz?

    Hello I have just had my perm visa through for a defacto visa and am 21 weeks pregnant, I am hoping to move over to aus this month (my partner is now already out their). I was counting on been able to take maternity leave (prob just the government one as am due to finish work this week so wont be able to get it from them!) and to continue to get paid into my uk account whilst i am in Oz, so that I could take 8 months off in Oz. Is this something I can do? Anyone any experience of this?
  10. sister_soph

    pregnant - advice on xray and visa etc

    Hello I am pregnant and have had the xray- i was advised that with the shield the percentage of radiation that the baby gets is smaller than what the baby would get on the plane- obviously its up to you, but i did a lot of research before I had it done- they wont grant you a visa without xray.
  11. sister_soph

    Pls help with spouse defacto visa app!

    Wonderinf if anyone could be so kind as to give us a hand with a couple of questions on the spouse visa app- trying to send this off this weekend. Number 9- Have u or any dependent family members previously been to australia, held or currently hold a visa for travel to australia; I have been to oz twice on just a visitors visa when i book the flights, i therefore have no ides of a visa label no. or visa grant number- number 41- are any of your family members included in this app for migration under 18 years of age? (we have a two year old son so presume the answer is yes) 42- do you have the sole legal right to determine where each child shall live or to remove each child from their home country; if answer is yes, you must attatch a certified copy of the court order etc (Do i leave all this one, the son is mine and my boyfriends child so we o not have any of this!! I think thats it for now, i could guess these answers but we are applying on a short time scale (I am due a baby in july so need to get over asap!!). Any help would be kindly appreciated
  12. sister_soph

    Got Spouse Visa!!!

    great news, although i have been quoted an estimated turn around time of 3 months, a bit worrying seeing im 16 weeks pregnant.
  13. sister_soph

    Spouse visa advise- pregnant and confused!

    please can anyway shed any light!!?
  14. Hello just wondering if someone can clear up a few things for me. My boyfriend is Australian and has been living in the UK with me for the last 4 years. We have a two year old son, and another baby on the way! Our baby is due in July and we plan to move in April (talk about stressfull!) to Brisbane where my partner is from. I have been reading up on the spouse visa which i seem to be eligible for; my question is how does it work with the health check (ie i cant have a an xray). This has all been a bit last minute so i am hoping our visa will come back in time: our other option is that i go over on a years working visa or holiday visa and apply for a visa when i am out their but will i still be entitled to the same health services ie regular maternity checks etc. Please help!!!!