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  1. Rachael R

    Whats 3 things you'll miss/wont miss about Australia

    Miss The Summer My friends I have made, Beach, Big W, Not Miss The driving, or lack of it, Fly's, bugs, No choice in the shops, Chicken salt, Been here 3 years in April and I really miss Tesco and Asda, Can we please get and supermarket that sell's food we want!:wink:
  2. Rachael R

    Adelaidians going back to UK

    We are also heading back to the UK next year, been here 2 years and a bit and have lots of friends but still feel I do not fit in. :wink:
  3. Dyslexia is not disease! you are right. I have it, it has never stopped me doing anything. I got told I had it in 1986 and now I am 41 and very happy with it. I do not blame my old teachers. I did as well as everyone else at school, I just did things in a different way to everyone else.:confused:
  4. Rachael R

    Visa help please.

    Thanks for that.
  5. Rachael R

    Visa help please.

    Hi, what I mean is when we were granted the visa's you only have five years to use them, we need to go home for a while but then want to come back. We were told that if we leave Australia for a long period there is some thing we need to do to our visa other wise we cant get back without re applying.
  6. Rachael R

    Visa help please.

    We are already in SA and we are thinking of going back to the UK for a while to be with family. We have been here for one year and have a 176 visa. We would like to go back for 2 years. Can anyone please tell me what we need to do?
  7. Rachael R

    Feeling isolated and lonely

    Why not perth? Where are u?
  8. Rachael R

    Feeling isolated and lonely

    We are not in perth we are in SA and i no how you feel. I to sometimes feel very alone. I no i am not because have OH and 4 kids but its very hard. I think for me its my first christmas here, and I do not think SA for us. Was thinking of moving to Perth. Hope you feel better about thinks soon.
  9. Rachael R

    paint sprayer info plz

    We are in SA. Been here for 8 mths and they are so behind the times. We owned are own car body shop in the UK and my other half has been panel/painting for 23 years and they do not like it because he knows more than them. He was getting $25 an hour S..T! He can also train people to panal and paint. They do not use water base paint at many shops here they do not no how to.
  10. Rachael R

    Is 6 months long enough to know ?

    Two of my boys were very badly bullied at there school, so moved schools and they are now alot better. I think its harder for them because its the first christmas away from everyone. We are thinking about making the move back in the new year.
  11. Rachael R

    Is 6 months long enough to know ?

    We have only been her for 8 mths and all 4 of my kids want to go back. They do not like it here and that has made it hard for us. I dont think it matters how long you have been here you no if its for you or not.
  12. Rachael R


    Good luck with your move, hope all goes well for you.
  13. Rachael R

    Help moving to adelaide

    We stayed in a fully funished place at fairview park and had a hire car. My OH worked in the city its not to far away, about 35 mins. good shops close by.
  14. Rachael R

    Adelaide: A better Britain?

    Thats not very nice is it! We have only been here 8 mths and in that 8 mths most of our things got here broken or not at all. The 3 jobs offers were good till we came back and they were no more! The job my OH got he broke his hand and work because of his boss did not mending things in the work shop so because of that we could not get a rental. My kids have been very badly bullied at school. Its been very hard for us so do not be so quick to tell people to back!
  15. Rachael R

    Your move to OZ was it .........

    We came over to SA to validate the visa and my Rob got 3 job offers, so went back and packed everything up and came back. still not sure if it was the right thing to do or not.