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  1. Lazy and cut corners was the words he used. Thanks for all your responses. I might give TAFE a call myself tomorrow and see if i can make any progress.
  2. Yes his builders licence. I am ok paying for that (well im not but you know what i mean). Prob is Dept of Fair Trading will not accept his VETASSESS cert as a valid skills assessment for cert III. They are telling us to go to TAFE to get a cert but they want to charge us $1200 or something stupid!
  3. We have showed them the 10yrs experience (inc 2yrs working for a firm here in Oz), all the quals, the vetassess and the white card and they are still saying he needs a cert III document from TAFE! I am going to call TAFE myself tomorrow I think. Funny you should say POMS are substandard workers - my OH has been disgusted by the standard of work over here!
  4. Hi All, We have recently been awarded PR and my husband has decided to set up his own business out here. He haS gone to apply for his Contractors Licence but they are saying that his Vetassess is not enough evidence of him having a equiv cert III (even though the cert they give you says it is proof that you have the equiv of a cert III!) Apparently he needs to go to TAFE or another registered training organisation to get a formal certificate. They are quoting him thousands of dollars to do this!!!! Has anyone else experienced this?? I dont understand why I have to pay for something I have already paid for?! If Vetassess doesn't give you the right documents then why does the bloody immi dept use them???
  5. mj&db

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Thanks! We feel very good! We actually applied on the 3rd May, our case officer was the 9th June.....we got the visa through yesterday. So just under 3 months.
  6. mj&db

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    WAHOO!!! Just got the pre-grant email!! Now just need to go offshore (we are currently in Aus on a 457) to get the visa formally stamped in the passport! So relieved! 457 has been great but knowing you have PR independently just gives me a much better feeling of security and longevity! Now to plan a nice holiday to Bali / Fiji in October....might as well do it in style! ) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
  7. mj&db

    Employment Advice

    I work in recruitment (started off agency side here but now work in-house for a big retailer) and I think you will be absolutely fine. Only thing I would perhaps do is a MS Office course if you are not that good...particularly MS Excel. Any other quals you would do in the UK probably won't be recognised out here (except a degree) so I wouldn't waste your money. You may struggle to get in to a bigger company but there are plenty of small businesses that would probably snap you up. You have your big careers sites like SEEK but the smaller firms don't always use it because it can be $$ for them....they usually advertise on gumtree and in the local paper. Don't be afraid to do temp / contract work either....good way to get your foot in the door. Best of Luck Danielle
  8. Australia works hard and often put in over and above the standard 40 hour week but the difference is when they stop and have the time off they make the absolute most of it! It's not like the UK where you sit indoors all weekend...or just go to the shopping centre. You are down the beach, out fishing, kayaking, speed boating with the kids on a rubber ring (you don't have to be a millionaire to own a boat in Aus), walking around a national park, having a picnic....and so much more.... My weeks are often long and tough but I have the best weekends ever!
  9. Depends on the standard of living you are used to and how many people you need to support. Sydney isn't that expensive if you are sensible about where you live, where you shop etc. If it is just you then $77k will be fine. If you have a family you may find it a little tight...
  10. mj&db

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Medicals yesterday (3 hours of sitting, waiting, moving from room to room) glad they are all done! Should get the results back in 2weeks. Australian Police Checks sent off last Weds....any idea how long they are taking to come back? I saw something a while ago saying there was a backlog? UK Police Checks being sent off next week - luckily the OH had booked a trip home as we haven't known anyone for 2 yrs that can sign our pics over here!
  11. mj&db

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Good news. The Case Officer yesterday confirmed we have met the pass mark (we were panicking the 4yrs of experience before he did an NVQ wouldn't be counted) and have been requested to get health and police checks sorted. Booked in for the health check Saturday, Aus police checks being sent off today and UK next week (when my hubby is back home and can get someone that has known us for 2yrs to sign them!). Fingers crossed we can get it all approved in time for our trip to NZ at the end of Aug! )
  12. We are on a 457 visa through my employer but wanted a bit more security so applied for PR independently on my husbands skills. Good news is today our case officer confirmed that based on qual & exp we had met the pass mark. They didn't say how many points we passed with though. We put in for the full 8yrs (he has 9yrs inc the 2.5yr course he did in the middle) but even if they took off the time for the course that would've brought us down to the 5yr points & right on the pass mark. Now for meds & police checks...
  13. We came out with about £10k and coped absolutely fine. As everyone has said it depends on your standard of living. We stayed in a very (very) cheap hotel when we arrived, bought a cheap car ($5k) and we decided to rent in a cheaper (half the price!!) area outside of the city (Central Coast) and do the commute. We bought our furniture and home bits off 2nd hand off sites like Gumtree, factory 2nd stores or cheapy stores like BIG W, Kmart and Fantastic Furniture. About 6 months in we were both comfortably earning and spending dollars and started to upgrade cars, furniture etc. If you are happy to just live with the basics when you get here you will be absolutely fine. Best of Luck Danielle
  14. Thanks for your comment but I am not sure what you mean by this? What information do I rely on?
  15. Seems there is a few of us. Such a grey area. How can they count an apprenticeship as 5yrs though....?? It only took 2yrs PT on the job for my OH to qualify? And this paragraph on the immi web for carpenters seems to only imply 2yrs.... "This occupation has a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience in Australia of AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on the job training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)" At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification"