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  1. scottntina

    WA grade A electrical licience

    Hi Guys, If you want a heads up on the books, my OH has a set for the A grade course ( 2 weeks in balcatta ).. They would normally cost you £350, but private message me if you want them cheaper. They are the books you need for college of electrical training. But you need to register with Energy safety first. Good Luck
  2. scottntina

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi all you sparkies out there !!! My OH has just finished the college course at Balcatta for his WA A grade licence. The books that you need to buy for this course are now for sale as he no longer needs them. These cost £350 from the college, but we are willing to sell them to anyone who needs them for £200. ( Plus postage if you are from the uk ) You cannot do the course without these books unfortunately, This is the course that you need through Energy Safety in order to work in WA, so if any of you want these then please private message us. Electrotechnology Practices and Electrical Trade Principles AS/NZS 3008.1:2009 Electrical Installations AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules. Thanks Tina
  3. scottntina

    Women ONLY Thread

    Thanks susie... you have cheered me up, it just helps that im not the only one having felt like this, im sure it is normal for all mums to feel like this. And people like yourselves and these forums are a great help, so thanks again. I will be fine, he will be fine, and we will all live happily ever after im sure !!!!! haha (well i will keep telling myself that for now ). Tina
  4. scottntina

    Women ONLY Thread

    Thanks Susie, that really kind. I spoke to him this morning and he is trying to re assure me, bless him. He says he couldnt be happier at the moment, with his new flat, his girlfriend, and he has just been offered a fab new job. I have arranged for us to meet up one evening this week, just for a bit of me and him time. I will probably be a wreck, but just need to know face to face that he will be ok. Its me thats not..haha. To be honest i cant wait to be on that plane next week, knowing that i have cried all i can cry, and all the goodbyes will be over. Its just such a pain inside me leaving my son, he is my only child and i brought him up alone for many years, im very proud of the way he has turned out. He is a great lad, with great morals. And leaving him just feels so wrong, although i know its what i want. Im not having regrets about going to Oz, i cant wait for our new adventure. We will be able to afford to come home probably once a year, and my son will have an open invitation to come out anytime of course. I would send him the flight money in an instant. Just feeling sorry for myself today. It will get better i know, but never had these feelings before, it feels like a bereavement its horrible. But thanks for all you kind comments, its just a mum being silly over her little boy..... hehe.
  5. scottntina

    Women ONLY Thread

    Thanks olly, Yes it is sooo tough, but i think it feels even worse, that i am actually leaving him. Not the other way around. I feel so guilty !! And it s such an irrational feeling, because i know he is just fine, and he is a very happy well adjusted lad. I cant really explain this terrible empty feeling im having. Im sure it will pass, or at least get easier....i hope. It must be a mother and son bond thing. So silly arent we us mums... i will be fine im sure. Its just today is the first time im getting really upset over it. Im leaving for WA next week, and its all been a bit stressful, my house is almost empty, my loely little doggy has gone to her new home. Ive had to deal with farewell partys at work. Its just all hit me i think. I will get over it, and cant wait for our new adventire in Oz, its just getting there without all the heartache thats th problem...hehe. Thanks everyone. xxx
  6. scottntina

    Women ONLY Thread

    Thanks alot... i know im just being silly, and i know your right. Its just hurting so much. And its true, i will actually probably hear from him more when im in oz..haha. Just texted him this morning to arrange a meet up, with just me and him this week. No girlfriend or my OH around. Just feel like a little one on one chat with him before i go. I hope thats gonna re assure me a bit. If i can actually talk between the sobs.... god this sooo hard, its just such an uncontollable feeling of sadness. i will get over it i know, and im sure its the same for everyone. But its only just hit me. Thanks for your kind words. Tina x
  7. scottntina

    Women ONLY Thread

    Hi Girls. Not posted on this thread before, but looking for a bit of re assurance really. Sorry if im gonna make you all depressed. Its just that i am a week away from our great new life in Oz, and am having such a terrible day ( and night...couldnt sleep). Just cant stop getting tearful about leaving my son behind. Its just such a hurt inside.... it must just be a mothers thing, it just seems so un natural to be leaving my son. Its not like he cant fend for himself, hes a very responsible young man (22), he lives with his girlfriend, has a great job. But its just this awful gut wrenching feeling im having about leaving him. He has always very openly talked to me about everything, and although he is very happy for me to go ( well thats what he tells me ). i know im not goin to be on the other end of the phone, or just up the road for him whenever he wants to talk. Im sure its normal to feel like this, and im just having a bad day... i think its just all hitting me thats all. My OH is very supportive, but he hasnt got any children, so im not sure he can quite understand this awful hurt im feeling inside. Anyway...sorry for depressing you all now, just needed to get it off my chest a bit i think. Have a good day everyone .xx Tina
  8. Thankyou so much Susie. Your an absolute star !!!! Will check out all of these. Thanks again. xxx Tina andScott.
  9. Would love to have joined you, but we arrive a week later, but would definately be up for any further meets that you plan... Have fun !!!! Tina and Scott
  10. scottntina

    hubby doin electrical test london today

    Hi The 12 month diary is used in most other states still i think, but in WA its much easier. I think the cost was around 1500. I know this sounds alot, but once you have your A grade then you can apply for jobs which require this licence, and after checking out many agencies and vacancies, they all pretty much require you to have your A grade. The electricians thread on here is very helpful, and will give you all the info you need. But once you have your visa...contact energy safety WA, they are really helpful. And the college courses are held every month. My OH is starting his on the 4th July , just north of perth. Good luck
  11. We are initially staying in Northern suburbs, but all depends on our work situation really. We went last year for a month, and cant wait to get back too. Good luck with your medicals, im sure you will be fine. They are nothing to worry about at all. All very straight forward. Tina
  12. Thanks Susie, that would be really helpful. We are aware of all the other things that are required, but thanks again. Scott has pretty much all that is required thank goodness, although i think he will have to still do the first aid, but we will worry about that once there. The only hurdle we really have is the fact he will have to attend balcatta college for 2 weeks full time, but that has all been arranged. And he starts soon after we arrive. Thankyou for the info, and yes the electricians thread has been very helpful for us over the couple of years. We will start applying to all the companies you have suggested soon, but would be grateful for any other info you have regarding work as a contractor. Tina
  13. Thanks so much, good luck to you with yours, its a lot of time and hassle but hopefully well worth it !!
  14. Hi Susie We will be arriving in Perth 24th June to start our new lives, we cant wait but a little anxious too. My OH is an electrician too and hoping to work on the mines. Do you perhaps know the best agencies to contact for work. He has to attend college for the first 2 weeks that we arrive in order to obtain his A grade, but will be free to apply for jobs after that, Just wondered if you knew the best places to try. Thanks so much Tina and Scott