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  1. It's good to see the thread is alive and kicking after all this time. I see the processing times have really slowed up over the last few months which is frustrating for anyone waiting. I wonder what the cause is? My better half has just (yesterday) obtained citizenship - thank goodness, she got invited to a ceremony just as we were about to invest in a returning resident visa for holidays at the end of this month. So now she's an Aussie. Always wondered what it would be like married to an Aussie girl. For now I've had to settle for a RRV due to work time spent overseas. All the best Steve
  2. sandch

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Hello All Area: Moreland (Melbourne) Application online: 4 Feb 2014 Test & interview: 25 Feb 2014 Approval: 25 Feb 2014 Ceremony: 1 May 2014 We were led to expect a long delay between approval and ceremony, but I think they're trying to catch up (more than 200 received certificates in this ceremony) Good luck to everyone currently in the pipeline! Steve
  3. Sorry Folks, the domain is moving between providers - by rowing boat I think. It should be available now. Thank you Alan for alerting me to the broken link. And it's a good excuse to catch up on ... oh no ...several hundred posts. Steve
  4. Hello For AOS I suggest you read this: http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/34aos.htm. There is of course a financial risk, but it's a small one if your parents have adequate resources. At the time of application you need to be "settled". In itself 12 months might be insufficient. There's a lot of information about this subject on this forum, do a search for "settled" in this thread to see some of the many posts. The CPV process is a national one, and it seems to be about 14 months from application to being allocated a CO at the moment. I've no information about type 2 diabetes and I hope others may be able to help. It's a matter of degree for some conditions. Best wishes Steve
  5. Happy New Year to everyone! We’re already into 2012 here, and expecting 40 degrees tomorrow in Melbourne. About 18 degrees above my optimum that. Liverpoolloo, we often ask ourselves if it was the sensible thing to do. Financially it certainly wasn’t, but we have created some memories and family ties that money couldn’t buy. As time goes on, it becomes more beneficial, but only as long as one of us is earning Aussie dollars. If that changed we’d be back in England within 6 months or so I think. Because of family ties in England, we’ll always have a challenge, but we’re slowly working towards dual citizenship, the holy grail. Very best wishes to all for a good 2012. :smile: Steve
  6. sandch

    Resentment setting in...

    You cannot know how you will feel or what lies ahead in 5, 10, 20, 30 years. Will the Tweety Pie of the future, the one which wouldn't qualify for residence in Australia at all, look back with anger and frustration at the opportunity which the young employable version squandered when it was so easy to walk away? You've done almost all the hard work. Just under a year? By the time the awful winter's over it'll be six months. Stick at it, get that citizenship, keep it together with your partner; he is thinking clearly. Then you'll have the option of coming and going as you please for ever. Just the thoughts of one who wishes he'd done exactly that. Good luck!
  7. Hello It's intended to be the date the AOS process in completed - bond in place - though it may vary as it depends on user input.
  8. Stay in touch Phoebe, we will all be interested to see what you decide next year. It's a big setback for sure, but you are in good company making the decision to defer, something we would certainly have done if we were faced with the present economy and exchange rate. All the very best. Steve
  9. Sounds rotten Phoebe, sorry. It doesn't mean you can't visit though, and in a couple of years it might be a bit cheaper. Might. Not much solace there I'm sure. Steve
  10. That’s excellent, a very warm welcome and best wishes for your settling-in period. It sounds like you are committed and that really helps. Cheers Steve
  11. Could be. For one thing you need to separate the concept of sponsorship from Assurance of Support. The former is a function of DIAC, the latter of Centrelink. So direct questions about sponsorship to DIAC. If that's resolved to your satisfaction (and I don't know the rules) you then have the question of who is to be the Assurer for the second set of parents. I hope others can comment with more authority. Cheers Steve
  12. I believe it's one year from first registration Mike. (later that day...) The brochure is here: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/assets/lhcbrochures/lhcenglish.pdf and the relevant text is:
  13. I think you might have the wrong thread - this one is for parents migrating to Australia, normally sponsored by their resident son or daughter. If not please add a bit of information about your circumstances so that someone may be able to help.
  14. I recently ordered a DAB radio / iPod dock from the UK Moira because it was nearly half the price of the cheapest local retailer (after taking into account shipping of £22!). It works perfectly here. It found about a thousand stations and set itself to local time when I plugged it in. It seems like they don't all work though based on previous comments – this is a Sony DAB/DAB+/FM model. Cheers Steve