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  1. Hi Rammy Girl, No it hasn't been lodged with DIAC so no number yet - sorry for confusion. For the 892 SS Visa we had to gain sponsorship from NSW first - this is where the paper work is now... Thank you for your reply Zoe :-)
  2. Evening all, We are applying for PR at the moment and our application is with State Govt as we are applying for an 892 State sponsored visa. Its been with them for about 6 weeks so hopefully should hear soon. We are planning on front loading our application to DIAC and have booked our medicals for tomorrow. I have just seen on here that some medical centres wont let you do medicals if you dont have a Case number? We don't!! I didnt think this was an issue just that it was a risk if it took longer than 12 months.... Does anyone know for sure? My visa agent knows we are going and didnt say we couldn't and would think he would know.... If anyone has any experience please let me know, Thanks Zoe :-)
  3. zoeburrell

    163 business visa - deadline June 30th

    Hi, we are here on a 163 too. I agree the whole process was very drawn out! It is my belief if you have state sponsorship then there is not that much to add to DIAC application - perhaps call your agent and ask what else is needed and then organise this yourself? If its just form 80's etc then shouldn't be too hard as i think getting the state sponsorship is the hard part. Go onto immi.gov.au and get the checklist of docs needed for the 163 and go through yourself putting as much together as you can as the end of June will soon be here. I do think having the application submitted by an agent helps - its like having your tax return submitted by an accountant!! If i can help with any questions please just PM me! I am sure one of the friendly visa agents maybe able to help on this site too...
  4. zoeburrell

    Help = advice please

    I have just seen the changes on immi site posted today for all business visas. We are applying for 892 visa. We had last week submitted State sponsorship application as met all criteria finally! I believe there is a 6-8 week wait. All ok until the bombshell that DIAC are changing criteria on 1st July and we do not meet ANY of this criteria. Does it make any difference that we will have hopefully got state sponsorship? Although we wont have put our application into DIAC. Can we hurry state sponsorship along??? We have been here over 3 1/2 years and this is our home and all of a sudden my world seems to be crumbling... this is our home, and our children's home... If there are any agents out there with any advice i would be very grateful.... a very worried PIO member
  5. zoeburrell

    Current Processing times for 892

    Sorry just bumping this up - if anyone had any experience i would be VERY grateful! I am also thinking i may front load medicals and police checks to hopefully speed process up? thank you all for taking time to read this :-)
  6. zoeburrell

    Subclass 892 Business Visa

    Also Caroline - do you have your 892 granted? we are in process of replying and wondered how long the process took? thanks in advance
  7. zoeburrell

    Subclass 892 Business Visa

    Hi Caroline - i dont have an answer am afraid but would also like to know the answer to this - Zoe and co :-)
  8. zoeburrell

    Current Processing times for 892

    Hi everyone We have just put in our application for State Sponsorship for 892 visa from 163 as hope we meet all criteria now! We are told that State sponsorship takes about 6-8 weeks. I was wondering if anyone knew current processing times for DIAC once (all being well) we get State sponsorship? My daughter is desperate to go to Uni next year and cannot afford to send her unless we have PR so the clock is ticking!!! Thank you in advance for your advice :-)
  9. zoeburrell

    Police Checks for my children?

    Hi all I am applying for PR this year but I am trying to be prepared to front load application. My question is about police checks. So we have to have them again as for our 163 they have expired. My Children however are turning 16 and 18 next month. So I have to get them both police checks for Australia (we have been here for 3 years yesterday!). However do I need them for the UK too? They were children when we were there and although my son went back for a 2 week holiday in June 2010 he was still under 16 then. Does this mean we dont need them for him or my daughter? My daughter went back when she was 16 for 2 weeks too! PLease can someone offer me some answers on this - thanks in advance! Zoe and Co x
  10. zoeburrell

    Applying for Permanent Residency

    ah thank you so much, its been a long time coming! We first had started our dream in 2007 when we did our rekkie.... fingers crossed all goes smoothly as we are just loving life here.... Happy New Year to you! Zoe x
  11. zoeburrell

    Applying for Permanent Residency

    Hi everyone We are in Sydney on a 163 Business owners visa and we are coming up to 2 years of me owning a business and believe we meet the criteria (I hope) to apply for PR. In March we will have owned the business for long enough and we need to apply to get PR as my daughter has been accepted into the Uni of NSW and they will possibly hold her place for 6 months whilst we get PR - the international fees are obscene! I am unsure of exact difference between 890 and 892 but think we are going to apply for an 892. Has anyone done this on their own? I need to keep costs down and so if people have any experience then please let me know if you think its possible or not. Or if there are any agents out there that are reasonable in price? All advice gratefully received.... Thanks! Zoe :-)
  12. I was wondering if anyone can help me - what is the procedure for my boss becoming a sponsor to allow him to sponsor people on a 457? If anyone could give me any pointers/time lines/ advice I would be very grateful. I know there are a few steps involved and think the company has to apply first... Thanks and Good luck to all those in the process however far along you maybe - hang in there :-)))
  13. zoeburrell

    Parking fines - chase to UK?

    Hi everyone I just have a little question we recently had some people from UK and whilst they were here they got a parking fine on my car. I filled in a stat dec and gave their name and myparents address in UK. Does anyone know if they will chase them for this $80? I feel bad and maybe i should pay it as it is my car. Dont want them to have a black mark next to their name if it just stays in the system?? Any advice gratefull received... Thanks
  14. zoeburrell

    Pay extra to sit the HSC????

    Hi Fellow PIO Members Does anyone know about extra fees for taking the HSC if you do not have PR. The school my daughter goes to has just been sent a bill for $1000 for me to settle immediately for her to take her HSC exams. The school do not understand this and think its wrong. We are on a 163 Business Owners visa. I know when she goes to Uni I need to win lotto for her to attend until we gain PR next year but was under the impression that as long as school fees were paid there was nothing extra... All thoughts gratefully received!!! Thanks xx
  15. Hi Twinne - in answer to your question yes you do need to have been involved with a business that meets criteria - you can have had a share in it - you dont need to have had full control of it. I cannot help you with the requirements though I am afraid as it has been a long time since we applied and I know they change all the time. one of the many experts should be able to help you though!