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  1. well, my ex did it, and was simple was in 208 mind ... easier to change pads than do an application mind.
  2. not tricky, if you read it and do it correctly, we had no experience and did our application very straight forward .... just simply read the paperwork and questions correctly. for the record, and agent said my ex partner didn't qualify. so do not always trust agents!!!
  3. Chris N Lora

    Importing car from Australia to UK - My Advice :)

    mine was really easy too do, I contacted the DVLA, i filled out relevant paperwork gave vin number etc , got back paid 10 quid for new speedo facial i dont care it shows km .... that was it MOT, registered extended test etc . I was not leaving a 2018 mitsubishi pajero behind they stopped making them
  4. Chris N Lora

    Importing car from Australia to UK - My Advice :)

    Not really, its quite easy to do yourself if you do it correctly .... its cheaper to take the car back than sell it and lose funds ...actually it is still worth a lot .... it is worth 2k less than I paid for it.
  5. Chris N Lora

    Importing car from Australia to UK - My Advice :)

    A mitsubishi Pajero stopped making them.
  6. Chris N Lora

    Best way to buy a car?

    Make sure you do research, in NSW if the car has over 160.000km or over 10 years no warranty, watch wholesale sellers etc ... do your research, just like back in UK , you have popular brands and unpopular .... I have japanese cars, because reliable and better IMO however in london I had a mondeo and Vectra didnt trust other makes there. If you are going to rent a car, might as well buy a cheap old banger for 2k run it into the ground ... hire cars are dead money.
  7. Chris N Lora

    Getting in with citizenship

    https://uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/PassportsWelcomePage.html you do not need a valid Australian passport at current, here It shows the process. when you get a chance call the passport service over here they are helpful.
  8. Chris N Lora


    https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1023.pdf Use this form to update the DOHA, its no big drama, normally if it is over 90 days they expect, speak to an agent of DOHA. ... this is what I used.
  9. Chris N Lora


    depends, did you take out the CIO, or against you?. normally only given to a person who is subject to Domestic violence or stalking, I suggest you inform the DOHA, as the interaction with your local force is never a good thing and let them decide.
  10. Chris N Lora


    Thank you for reporting, I don't think it is, beneficial keep spamming the site, begging people to sign a petition, as frustrating as it is there i a massive pandemic, and some members ignore the facts DOHA staff are at risk also. it says up to 27 months for 90% so chill.
  11. Chris N Lora

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    The Police Pension I am referring to was the Met, It was instilled in me as a young one, I was 16 and a trainee brickie, I hated it my mum, said finish the course so you always have a trade. I did as told, I couldn't handle the hassle of laying bricks so in 1993 when I was 18, I joined London Transport, and got a good pension from them, and that was final salary, I spent a few years with them then moved on to the Prison service and got a civil service pension, Nouvos I think it was called then I spent my last 9 years in the UK in my old role... I cant recall what I am entitled to ( I get my yearly statement again soon, but it was in told about 18 years worth, plus I was paying 20 pounds a week into a private pension since I was 18 was told by my mum (an accountant) to do, I still pay extra today, as well as NI contributions for the future. My pension I pay into now is First State, I was not pre 88 pension here so not good ... I could of gone with State Super but I have been with First since I got my first job in Australia, I am a citizen now but I am not sure on my future currently, now 44, and making my last career move, I was moving back to the UK for a role , but what with all the crime, I got cold feet and felt I would regret leaving Australia.... I can retire at 50 and be ok, but I don't want to , my pension when I retire will see me ok, my mum died in 1998, and I was left her house in London, and I had my own place in Chingford London I rent both of them out in London and have done so for 8 years now, I have set up well by always forward planning, easy things, ie, I would rather save buy a cheap $5000 car than be tied to a bank loan for 5 to 7 years to drive a flash car. We took the plunge and purchased some land so will finally move out of our rental after 7.5 years ....
  12. Chris N Lora

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    Not really on to a winner with Super, I spent many years in the police in the UK, when I retire, I will get a sum til the day I die, I get a yearly statement telling me my lump sum and amount I will get, I still pay into that pot even though I am longer employed there, I will get a good living wage when I retire, where as it is mentioned the super is a pot when it runs out you go on state hand outs ... my Friend did a few years on London Underground, he gets 195 pounds every 4 weeks, not a lot but it is for life and doesn't run out. To be fair I have always also paid in to my own private pension as well as employee pension in both Australia and the UK.
  13. Chris N Lora


    Please do not waste your time with a migration agent, if you are eligible collate all evidence now, what you will need to upload and just read the application carefully etc. you will be wasting good money by using an agent. Chris
  14. Chris N Lora


    I have two children, and my wife, due to having no valid overseas passports we did a paper application (faster than some online applications) the CO stated a valid passport was not required, maybe you had insufficient evidence to your child hence they asked you. Passports are not a compulsory required ID for citizenship.
  15. Chris N Lora


    I do believe that is St Patrick's day, so no excuse not to have a Guinness Congrats, you journey is coming to an end.