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  1. jackster

    Moving back to the UK from GC

    Hi Proview, This was a shock, Ive often followed your posts, your timeline for the process is almost identical to mine (im a Joiner), ive only been in oz 7 weeks, would be nice if you could share some of your experiences,sorry it didnt work out, good luck with the move back.
  2. jackster

    Immigration Downunder?

    hi, we used immigrationdownunder.co.uk also or used to be known as live downunder, jan friar was our agent, excellent service, when we were contacted by the case officer there were no problems with application whatsoever, all that was required to be completed was police checks and medicals,(we were told not to go ahead with these until asked by the case officer) 1 month after being assigned a case officer we had our visa :-). one of the reasons for choosing them was that they had a uk office which we posted our doc's to, and could call easily for info, hope this helps.
  3. jackster

    Reccie next week !!

    hi guys, we're of to the sunshine coast next week, for 2 weeks, stopping with friends, going to try to have a good look around, we have hired a car, going to have a look around the gold coast area as well, and many others, 2 parts to this question,....any suggestions as to areas to look around, and things to do or see apart from the obvious attractions, all suggestions appreciated
  4. jackster

    Visa Approved at last

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!, we also recieved our visa (176) on tues, i,m replying just to say every thing you posted above i could not have put better myself, i aways thought my emotion on recieving our visa would jubilation, in fact it was mere relief, although excitment is kicking in as we are not over there yet, good luck for the future guys , AUSTRALIA IS THE PLACE TO BE. i,m going to hold you to that, hehe.
  5. jackster

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    hi they were not reffered, and the pcc did show on the check list
  6. jackster

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    Name: jackster Date of Visa application: 20/07/09 Nationality: english High/Low Risk: l/r Trade/profession: joiner Visa type: 176 Onshore/offshore: off Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable): Post-14th July Category: 3 Medicals submitted: 11/04/11 Police check submitted:28/03/11 Date CO assigned:22/03/11 Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted: 20/04/11 hi guys, just to say a big thankyou to all the people who post on p.i.o forums, my visa was granted today, this site has been invalueble, good luck to all of you who are waiting,and to you who are just starting the journey,
  7. jackster

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    hi guys just booked meds at brentwoood 11th april, £290 per adult, £190 per child, receptionist also said diac are nomally pretty tolerent as long as you show reciept of payment should you over run on their requested date for med's to be competed
  8. jackster

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    visa lodgement date 21/07/09 ,(ss approved 23/09/09, qld)
  9. jackster

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    hi guys, opened email this morning, one from my agent saying, we have a c/o and has requested meds and pcc's by the 19th April, (guess what i'm sorting out this morning)agent also said to let her know about the above date so she could request an extension if needed (applied ss176 ,21/07/09 ) i'm so relieved and happy, good luck to all who are following :-)
  10. jackster

    form 80 for visa 176

    hi dazla 80, i rang my agent this morning to question her about the form 80, she said until we were ready to do the med,s & pcc,s not to complete the form 80, as it has to be up to date, so we are waiting for a c/o to request this information, hope this helps.
  11. jackster

    form 80 for visa 176

    hi there, we filled in our form 80 when we applied for our 176 visa in 07/09, now we are getting close to being allocated a c/o, our agent has said, if we are thinking of getting our med's & pcc's done she will send us a new form 80 to fill in, i'm a bit confused as to why but will have to do them again,my advice now would be get all the information you need to fill the form in and keep it safe until it is asked for. if anyone has anymore ideas on this i would be interested as well, thanks
  12. jackster

    QUEENSLAND PEEPS - Chit Chat & Catch up!

    hi guys, huge relief today,we are 07/09 qld ss applicants, so we know things are close,my stepsons father signed 1276 form and stat dec to give permission for him to go to aus,there possibily wasnt any reason to worried but relieved to have those signatures. pcc's & meds next.
  13. jackster

    I have a CASE OFFICER!!

    hi proview &WBBB, i to am a C/Joiner heading for QLD hopefully end of this year (v/lodged 07/09) i am looking at getting our medicals done v/soon, am i right in thinking that when attending the medicals you need with you the 2 forms (160, 26) passport, colour copies of passport bio data page, per each applicant, are anymore potos required rgds Jack
  14. jackster

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    hi there, i did my trade test in feb 2009 (joiner)the advice i'd give is revise any parts of the carpenter critera sheet you maybe rusty on, make sure you are knowledgeable on relevant health & safety and safe working practices E:G using a ladder....check ladder is fit for purpose (no damage, correct length) area ladder is to be used is safe an secure ( ground is solid and even,structure ladder is to be placed against is stable, ladder feet and top are secure, area of work is cordened off and appicable signage on display) this is all stuff trades know, but my assessor seemed keen on this aspect of the questions he was asking, hope this helps
  15. jackster

    More Info on Redcliffe pls

    hi guys, we to are hoping to move to redcliffe area or within a 10 mile radius later this year, our son is 13 and we would appreciate any imformation on the state high schools in the area, rgds jackster