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  1. thedenster

    Nissan 4x4 For sale - Rockingham

    Thanks for the info, if you could email me the pics that would be great! Jdenham1975@googlemail.com
  2. thedenster

    Reliable Family Car Wanted - Perth

    Hi I am returing to Perth, WA on the 3rd November and will need to source a car big enough for 5 of us! I dont have much of a budget so up to $5000 ish, I appreciate that this wont get me a beauty but it will be used to ferry my kids around so it must be safe! Drop me a message on here if you are looking to sell in the next month. Thanks guys.
  3. thedenster

    Nissan 4x4 For sale - Rockingham

    Hi I am returning to Perth on the 2nd Nov and my wife and family are following me out a month later so I will need a realiable runner big enough for 5. Would your car suit a family? Thanks Jon
  4. thedenster

    A good curry house in Perth...

    That is very true Tony my son, I will be trying that out ASAP!
  5. thedenster

    A good curry house in Perth...

    Hi Guys Your husband is correct. No where in Perth, and I mean no where, does a curry as good as in London. It pains me to say it as I am pro Perth/Aus in everyway but when it comes to curry they have failed miserably! Best I have had here is chutney marys but, like your hubby has stated, still not as good! Save your money and try Thai instead! Jon x
  6. thedenster

    Fastest 176 grant on the board??

    Hi We got our 175 visa in 3 and a half months!
  7. Hi Vicki When my wife looked for work all she did was email each hospital/private facility directly. Every one got back to her and offered her an interview, I think she had 7 interviews/telephone interviews and 7 job offers in the end so she could just take her pick. Im not sure if it matters which type of nursing you do but she is an specialist chemotherapy nurse if that means much to you. In the UK she was a band 7 when with the NHS. Hope this helps a bit Jon
  8. thedenster

    WA grade A electrical licience

    Hi Danny If you have gone through the Vetasses process then you need to do the Electrical Trade Licence course at TAFE (just a name for the colleges) when you get to WA, this will give you the 'A-Grade Licence'. I did mine 2 nights a week for 10 weeks between 6pm and 10pm. It basically shows you H+S, new wire colours and specs, loading on circuits etc etc. The whole course is basically based on domestic wiring with a theory and practical test in week 9 with week 10 for any resits if you need them. Its not a bad course really but does drag a bit if you have been at work all day! You can, as you mentioned do a 2 week crash course but these can get very booked up so if you arent in WA yet then its work booking up before you leave. I cant recall the cost of the 2 week course but the one I did cost about $1000 but if you have a PR visa you can do it for around $150 if I remember rightly. The only other expense is the books you buy but you can get student copies. Assuming you pass the course (im sure you will) then energy safety will grant you the licence for a few hundred dollars. If you intend to be self employed then you will also need to get a contractors licence which was about $2000 more last time I looked. Hope this helps Jon
  9. thedenster

    Engineers urgently needed

    Hi JobsinOz Do you have an email address so I can send you some details please? I am a degree educated engineer and have PR visa already. Thanks Jon
  10. thedenster

    Back in the UK - Hate it

    Hi everyone I agree with all thats been said regarding the returning to UK predicament. My family and I moved to Perth in June 2009 and came back to the UK 12 months later. My wife had baby number 3 whilst in Perth and she suffered from baby blues in bad way so we came home. I didnt want to return as I loved Perth and my wife liked it too but thought she needed to be back in the UK. In hindsight we have said that we should have just came back for a months holiday to realise how dull the UK is. After being back in the UK for just a few months we both realised what we had sacrificed to move to Oz and desperately want to return now. Unfortunately, the wedge of cash we had last time is no longer a wedge, more like a pocket full! We are renting in the UK paying £1200 each month to pay someone elses mortgage. We are ready for the return to Perth but I need to secure a decent job before we leave so we will be financially secure. It is a palava but we know both sides of the coin now. I realise what people are saying regarding the schools too but I dont think they are 'rubbish'. Its only when you come from UK schooling that you think the schools are perhaps archaic but this is only because they spend early years concentrating on social skills rather than academics. My daughter was 5 when she started school in WA and was spending her time finger painting whilst when in the UK she had been at school since 3 and used to get homework in the week! In Oz she went on a program for gifted children and was advanced a year but she was still ahead. As some of you have mentioned, the Aussies still produce their own Doctors, Lawyers etc so it all catches up eventually, you just have to slot into THEIR system! Good luck to all those ping pong poms, maybe our paths will cross some day! Jon
  11. thedenster

    WA turns to the UK to find workers

    Hi Yeh, I have been trying to apply to Rio and BHP direct but am not having alot of luck at the moment. I have worked at a few Rio Tinto sites as a contractor when I was living in Perth but I was working for a contractor who supplied water to the sites (Osmoflo). I am desperate to secure a job FIFO so my family and I can get back out to Perth (we had to return to the UK as my mum was ill and eventually passed away). We have no ties here now so would love to get back ASAP. We have all the PR etc but financially I need to secure the job first, so all help would be greatly appreciated. I have an old friend who used to work for Rio and he seemed to think that alot of the time it was more who you know. Thanks again Jon
  12. thedenster

    WA turns to the UK to find workers

    Hi That would be fantastic, I would be extremely greatful. Thanks again Jon
  13. thedenster

    WA turns to the UK to find workers

    Hi there Does your hubby have any internal contacts to whom I could forward my CV? I have PR but really need to secure a job before I leave the UK. All ideas greatly recieved Thanks Jon
  14. thedenster

    A Way Into The Mines!

    Hi bowow Are you in WA?
  15. thedenster

    A Way Into The Mines!

    Hi all I am a 36 yr old male. My background is in mechanical/electrical engineering through 15 yrs as a maintenance engineer with Ford Motor Company. I am now working for Bombardier Transportation in the rolling stock industry. I have a vast engineering background and a degree in Electronics. My family and I moved to Perth Mid 2009 but returned to the UK 12 months later because of a relative being ill. We have no ties in the UK now and wish to return to Perth this year but I am trying to secure a job first, preferably a FIFO role. I also already have a PR visa. Why is it soooo difficult to get an opportunity in the mines when apparently they are crying out for skilled people? Any contacts/ideas would be greatly recieved. Thanks guys and gals Jon