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  1. Thanks Fiona, Unfortunately my daughter is too to go to school ,but i am sure she will make friends in time x
  2. Hello Mandi, We arrived in Clarkson on Saturday, already my daughter is bored and says she wants to go home, is your daughter on facebook so maybe they could make initial contact that way, could you PM me some details please? Unfortunately my daughter has not had a very nice time of it recently and she has crutches following 4 knee surgeries since february and this is preventing her from joining any clubs when normally she is very active so this is making things even more difficult for her atm. Hopefully you and your family have settled in well.
  3. Thank you for the replies, we are using pet air but we are doing the paperwork ourselves, they confirmed that i did not need to fill in the import permit paper, Suzie has her final vet appointment in the morning but i am getting really nervous about everything.....I suppose everyone feels like this, but I just pray our baby gets there ok, thanks again.
  4. Hi, Our dog flys on 19th June, I was looking for some information in regards to the import permit please, I have her import permit and only just got all the paperwork out to have a look at it and realised it consists of 13 pages- does my vet have to complete this???? On the export applications I think it says that vets do not need to fill this in as the same information is covered in the export permit, my head is allover the place atm and I dont want to mess this up at this last stage, she has her appointment on wed for her blood tests and course of external parasite treatment then we have to book her final vets within 96 hours before she flies during this she will get the export permit signed etc so just need to know anyone who has did this all successfully if they got their vet to fill in pages 2-13 of import permit, I cannot believe how much this part is stressing me as I dont want to mess it up and my poor baby does not get in, any info would be helpful.
  5. Thank You Kit Kat, we have PR Visa, so if she gets referred to a public hospital would it be free or is it just a little less to pay??
  6. Hi Mandi,Thanks, that would be great, We will be in touch once we get there, how are you settling in ?
  7. Thank you Petals, $60 seems quite reasonable.
  8. My daughter had a knee operation a few weeks ago, everything was going well with her physio etc now she is back in hospital and had to have surgery again this week due to an infection, The recovery is 6-12month of physio. We are moving to Perth at the end of June so she will obviuosly have to continue with her physio. Does anyone have any idea how much this will cost?
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but my boxes have just arrived from seven seas and i want to start packing, i know they don't like wooden items i.e furniture etc to go but is it alright to send some small photograps that have a wooden fram? Any info would be great.
  10. Thank You I wil try there.
  11. Hi, We are moving to Perth in June (Myself 38, Hubby 42,Son 19 and daughter 17) We have rented a place in Clarkson for our first 4 weeks and was wondering if anyone alse has teenagers in that area that could meet up? both our kids are very sociable and it will be very difficult for them leaving all their friends behind,also any advice on things they can do in this area? They don't particulary like spending time together as they like to have their own circle of friends... Any suggestions to make this an enjoyable time for them as they will get bored very easily, they are both quite active and want to learn how to surf but other than that I am not sure how to keep them busy.
  12. veronica

    oh my gosh book our flights for june 12

    Hi Cowan 86, We booked our flights last night, going to Perth on 22nd June, We are in a similar position, no jobs secured ,booked a furnished rental for 4 weeks, we both have an aunt over there but other than that no friends and we will also have to be careful with money as we haven't sold our house yet, it's all quite scary but hopefully it will be worth it, we have a son 19 and dughter 17 so keeping them busy and occupied may be our hardest task !!Good Luck
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help please? Right up until a few weeks ago we were all set to go to Perth and my husband said what about Brisbane or Gold coast and since researching I feel a lot more excited about going to the Gold Coast as there seems to be a bit more going on there especially for our 17 yr old and 19 year old kids, we agreed we were booking flights and accommodation etc this weekend as we need to get things organised ( i.e one big thing the quarintine centre our dog will be going to!!)as we are leaving in June. What we really need to know is what are the jobs like in the Brisbane Gold Coast area for the building trade? my husband is a contracts manager (commercial) and has been for about the past 10 years although he is a carpenter/joiner to trade. Any information would be greatly appreciated as he now thinks Perth maybe better for work, obviously this is the most important factor as no matter where we go we won't succeed without jobs. many thanks in advance Veronica