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  1. Kazzarazza

    Is 489 the new 475

    After having a relative (daughter) being caught up in the Cap and Cease 475 visa debacle after approx 7 to 8 years of false promises and lost money, it appears the new 489 is exactly the same visa. Why then, were the 475 applicants not automatically offered a place on the 489 if their original application still met the criteria. Our daughter now wants to apply again and has been advised to go for the 489. How can we be sure that the 7 months processing time doesn't get blown out to 7 years again and she loses thousands of dollars a second time. Are there any guarantees with this visa?
  2. Kazzarazza

    Subclass 175, 176, 475 new discussion thread

    Unfortunately it's not that simple for most people, for a variety of reasons. Their occupation may no longer be on the list, they are older so lose points there, some are no longer employed in the occupation they originally applied for due to recessions and downturns. I'm sure if they were eligible they would have done so by now
  3. Kazzarazza

    $6,895 partner visa fee... WTH?!

    6 months ago I would have agreed with you. But in that time I have come across 4 Australian guys, with no connection to one another, who have married and brought across their new wives from the Philippines - one with 3 kids. Meanwhile our daughter has now been waiting since Oct 2008 for a skilled visa, which she was qualified for at the time of her application. Call me cynical but......... the whole immigration system sux!
  4. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    They haven't processed all other visa classes in Cat 5 yet, Arshad. 475's are still waiting too. Our family member applied October 2008
  5. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Does anyone know if the Australian sponsor gets contacted first, or is it usualy the applicant?
  6. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Are you serious?? Really?? Wonderful news. Wow, that is the best Christmas present EVER. Fantastic, awesome - I'm speechless. Celebrate hard xx
  7. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    There are also 496 and 475's left. Our daughter has been waiting over 6 years now since Oct 2008. Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    You may not get any contact from a case officer grahamsyuk. As you have pre-loaded your PCC and medicals, and if your evidence and checks are all in order you could be lucky enough to go straight to Visa grant. Fingers crossed.
  9. Kazzarazza

    Old people better off in UK(than Aus)

    Had my mother over from UK, who picked up an illness, either on the plane or on her way over ...she went to the QEH, here in Adelaide ...she was shocked 1 by the quality of care she received 2 it was FREE Think that's more to do with the reciprocal health agreement, rather than the cost of living :wink:
  10. PS. We also spent 3 years living and working in Tasmania and found that to be as cold and depressing as some of the responses on here, though it was in the 90's so may have changed - a bit
  11. Hi Iscashe, you didn't strike me as someone who is jumping into this blindly and have obviously already researched the visa types. I don't know about the process for nursing registration but was wondering where in Oz you might choose to live. We've been in Adelaide for over 20 years and still consider it Australia's best kept secret. Contrary to popular belief, it does not rain and rain and rain all over the country. We have a Mediterranean climate here, perfect outdoorsy climate for approx 10 months of the year and very family friendly. The beaches are great and there are lots of great diving spots close to the metro area. Also, our dog breeder has recently bought 2.5 acres with 3 bed brick house and shedding for $350k, just a 40 minute drive to Adelaide city centre, 15 to 20 minutes to northern suburbs, 40 minutes to beach. If Adelaide is on your radar, join http://www.pomsinadelaide.com as well. There are loads of nurses on there who have already made the move. Best of luck, Kazza
  12. Hi aj101, If you're already in Reynella you should definitely join the PIO sister site www.pomsinadelaide.com and post on there. Most people hop over there on arrival. I reckon 75% of the members are based down south too, lol. Hallett Cove, Port Noarlunga, Christies, Aldinga etc. Good luck - I'm sure you'll make some good friends
  13. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Maybe the CO's have been tied up with processing the High Risk applicants. Now they are clearing them, they may have time to start with the rest of us. Here's hoping
  14. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    So...... if Cat 5 consists of thousands of applications from 2007 to 2012 and they process in date order, can we assume that 2008 applicants (176/475/496 etc) should be hearing something very soon?
  15. Kazzarazza

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Congratulations, that's great. They must be processing again. I'll get our daughter to check hers. Thank you.