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  1. Hmachanick

    London - pictures from the weekend

    Makes me even more homesick today But gorgeous pics!!
  2. Hmachanick

    Been back in Scotland 1 month

    This is a great post and shows that home is definitely where the heart is. I have to admit I am very jealous that you have found it
  3. Hmachanick

    Shall we stay or shall we go

    Thanks for all your responses, input and for the understanding No-one said it would be easy to move countries lol. We are down to excel spreadsheets of pros and cons and hopefully can make some sort of decision based on that. I would either need to be here to have the baby or back in the uk, as I wouldn't be covered by medical aid in south Africa. Our visa was granted in December 2012 so we have five years from then I gather?
  4. Hmachanick

    Shall we stay or shall we go

    I sometimes wonder why on earth we left the UK. We both had good job opportunities, great support network and lifestyle. So now we sit in perth, which although hubby likes, I really dont. I have also just found out i am pregnant again and tbe idea of a toddler and a new baby scares the you know what out of me... So one of our options is to go back home to south africa after bubs is born here - family, friends, support, chrap childcare etc are all the benefits. Only thing i am not sure of is on a 175 visa, can we come back to oz at some point in the future if we need to escape SA. Ie, is it valid for 5 years? Any advice appreciated here ​and apologies for the whine and moan
  5. Hmachanick

    Melbourne vs Perth?

    Hi, this is the same move that we are thinking of making. Are you definitely going to go for it?
  6. Hmachanick

    Shipping/ removals between states

    Yeah its hard to have to make new friends twice!! We are lucky that we have a few sets of friends there already, but still keen to expand horizens. At least Perth has given me some practice in new friend making I am not sure where in Melbourne we would go to, haven't done much research yet. I have also thought about the UK (found myself wondering why on earth we left) but my husband hates it and would never go back We lived in South West London, how about you? Life is a journey, they say..... not a destination???
  7. Hmachanick

    removals interstate

    Thanks Surfy Brit, will definitely get in touch with them
  8. Hmachanick

    removals interstate

    Also looking into this, would be interested to see what others respond...
  9. We used Transfur to come to Perth, am sure they can do the other way too. They were great and very reasonably priced
  10. Hmachanick

    Shipping/ removals between states

    I feel the same as you... its very quiet and very expensive (not really sure what we are paying for...) We have a lot of friends in Melbourne with young familes and seeing as I just found out I am pregnant again.... the idea of being isolated here is a very scarey thought for me. Also when I am ready to go back to work, at least there will be more options there, whereas Perth is just giving me nothing. However that said, we want to do a trip to melbourne first to see what we think, and if hubby can land a job before we go... When are you thinking of going?
  11. Hmachanick

    Shipping/ removals between states

    Hi Sumbler Thanks for the info, are you also making the move then? I will contact crown too. I had a look at taking the car and it seems Great Southern Rail can do it (without insurance) for 676. We have been here 4 months, how about you?
  12. Hmachanick

    Coffee Mornings - Perth (NOR)

    Sounds great, currently SOR but happy to travel
  13. Hi all I am hoping for some advice on shipping between states (Perth to Melbourne) and hoping someone can help? Is shipping furniture and boxes the cheapest way of getting our stuff to perth? Can anyone recommend any companies? Also, we want to to take our car, on the train I assume? Anyone got any recommendations? Its still all in the initial investigatory phase as Perth hasn't really worked out for us. Any help appreciated!!!
  14. Hmachanick

    10 months in perth pregnant and wanna go home

    Oooh boy, I can relate to this. We have been in Perth 3 months, and just found out I am pregnant (I have a 10 month old too). I am really not happy in Perth and feeling really alone and isolated. We have friends in Melbourne, and could consider moving to melbourne, but concerned we still won't like it there. Worse still, being originally South African, our UK visa expires this year in June.... decisions decisions decisions. I do know I don't want to stay in Perth. ​I hope things work out for you, whichever way it ends up...
  15. Hmachanick

    Travel Insurance advice please

    Hi all We are just looking into travel insurance as we are going to Oz via South Africa - does anyone know of any good insurance companies that cover multiple destinations? Thanks in advance