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  1. Amy

    Nursing diploma top up

    Yes I am Adult branch. Online to pup might be manageable. Is it set modules so you know? thanks Amy
  2. Amy

    Nursing diploma top up

    Thanks, I did have a read on that, I'm guessing you would need a temporary visa rather than permanent to go over and do that, but it's extremely expensive. Need that lottery win! thanks Amy
  3. Amy

    Nursing diploma top up

    Only in house training I'm afraid. thanks amy
  4. Hello everyone. We looked into moving to Oz a few years ago and never actually went through with it. Now, 6 years on and a five year old in tow we have decided to go for it. I'm now devastated to find out that my nursing diploma is insufficient. My question is, having been out of education for some time (11 years) I'm a little rusty. I was wondering if I needed to to specific modules to top up to the required degree or if I can do modules I am more interested in such as principals of upper GI endoscopy? Really wishing we had done this years ago now but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Thanks in advance Amy
  5. Amy


    OMG! Why do I read these spider threads! Can't bear the damn things! As for that picture, ewww! made me feel sick. Think I'm going to need hypnotherapy if we ever get there. Well done for spraying the critter, think I may just manage to do that (i'm sure a bizare dance and multiple high pitched screams would have been included though!)
  6. Hi all! I'm a staff nurse currently working on a general surgery ward. We're currently saving like mad in order to begin the process but whilst researching I've come accross several agencies that help nurses get away from this FREEZING weather and get to the sunshine. have any of you used vital international / vital recruitment? They seem like they would be very helpful but just wondered if any of you had some first hand experience with them? Thanks in advance Amy :wub:
  7. Amy

    Im new and a little lost

    Hi Jane. I wouldn't miss the pubs too much, both Cleethorpes and GY have got quite aggressive on a Friday or Saturday night. I only venture there if I get dragged! Besides it's all save, save,save at the mo. I live about 30 seconds from Havelock and grew up near by too. I'm 29, do you think I'll know any of your gang? PM me if you'd like. Amy xx
  8. Amy

    Im new and a little lost

    Hi Jane. I'm in Grimsby, you're not missing much! We've just made the decision to make the move but think it's gonna be a while before we can get the ball rolling, want to get some savings behind us first. Hoping to get to the Gold Coast eventually. How's life in Sydney? Much better than the grey skies of Grimsby I bet! Amy xx
  9. Amy

    Which suburb near Southport?

    Thanks you guys. I'll definately take a look at those areas. Yes we will be renting, going to put our house here in the UK up for rent so will have no free capital. Getting a bit ahead of myself as we're only just starting the process but I try to be ultra organised and want to know exactly where we are heading. Probably would only manage about $400 a week, at least until OH finds work but just want to get an idea of what we can get in what areas. Thanks again, any other suggestions welcome. Amy xx
  10. :unsure:Hi all! Wow, what a great thread, some really good info on here. My name is Amy, the OH and I are just at the "thinking about it" stage (think our decision is made though!). I am staff nurse working on a busy general surgery ward for the last 3 and a half years. After a lot of research I'm really liking the look of the Queensland campus in Southport. Are there any other surgical nurses out there who could offer a bit of advice what the wards are like, do you enjoy your job? Are they just as busy? Are you given the same sort of responsibilties? etc. Any other info you can think of will be useful. Guess I just need a bit of reassurance before saying "yes lets go for it". Also, which areas do all you Southport nurses live? I've been having a good look at the surrounding areas but you can't beat a real life opinion. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all! I'm a nurse looking at going for a job in Southport. We've been having a good look at some of the surrounding suburbs but want some real opinions from the real people who live/have visitied these areas. Only problem is OH drives but I don't (hoping he'll get a job quite quick as a greenkeeper so he won't be able to take me) so will need somewhere with good transport links to Southport. Any opinions and ideas will all be greatly appreciated. I've seen some nice looking places to rent in labrador but seen some bad reports on POI although the area does seem to be improving by the sound of it. Please help with any advice on the burbs! Thanks in advance to all you knowledgable peeps! Amy xx:notworthy:
  12. Amy

    Defacto partner nightmare!

    Sorry, been off line for a few days.Good luck with everything SCJ. All the best for your new life! Amy
  13. Amy


    Thanks Howard, we are both british nationals and I THINK my qualification and job give us enough points, so hopefully thats one less thing to take into consideration Thanks again Amy
  14. Amy


    Hi all. I'm a staff nurse in the UK hoping to come over on a 175/176PR with my defacto partner. Can anyone tell me if he would need to do the IELTS test please? Thanks in advance amy
  15. Amy

    Pet friendly rentals?

    Thank you both. That's put my mind at rest a bit. Amy xx