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    For Sale: Toyota Corolla 2009 for $10950

    As the Toyota gone? good luck with your move back. We've just returned. kind regards Troy
  2. Troy&Kim

    For Sale: Toyota Corolla 2009 for $10950

    bummer have you got pics
  3. Troy&Kim

    For Sale: Toyota Corolla 2009 for $10950

    Do you still have Toyota? cheers Troy
  4. Hi all, we we are moving back to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast Queensland in March arriving in Caloundra around the 27/28 March 2015 and want to know if anyone as got a rental long term or for about a Mounth from them dates, or a spare room etc until we sort things out. Any my information would be greatly appreciated cheers Troy & Kim
  5. Troy&Kim

    Sunshine Coast or Auckland

    Hi all, we moved back to the UK last year from the sunshine Coast Qld, but we're moving back next March. The thing is my daughters move to Auckland and she saying how good it is. my wife is in two minds on what to do. She's a nurse and theres always plenty of work on the sunshine Coast, where's as the seems to be limited jobs in Auckland. would like to hear from anybody who could give us some info on Auckland who as lived there, comparing the two. I know salaries are much better in Oz but apart from that that's all I know. cheers Troy
  6. Troy&Kim

    Where would you go in OZ & why?

    Hi PIO, After returning back to the UK from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland last year, we're planning moving back to OZ later this year. Would like to know, if you were to go back, where would you choose to live in Australia and why? cheers
  7. Hi PIO, We're in two minds as to moving back to Australia as we're finding it hard to settle back here in the UK. It messes with your head big time, well it has for us. Would like to know if anyone has returned back to Australia and if it's worked out for them second time around, and why did you return???? Would like to know how things are different for them from there first time. cheers Troy & Kim
  8. Hi PIO, Happy new year to you all its a long while since I've been on here. The last 2 years have been stressful, but had some great times to. we move to OZ after trying for 10 years to get there. We move to Queensland in October 2011, myself and my wife a daughter, my son had already been living in Brisbane for 6 months. My wife had a job to go to before we arrived. all was going great, then my daughter lost her job, my wife's mother died all with 3 months of getting there. So my wife went home late January and so did my daughter as she missed her boyfriend. To cut a long story short. My wife came back, and all was well apart from missing our daughter. We was in the process of buying a house, which settlement was late September, 2012, only for the owners on completion day not being ready to complete, which really upset my wife as we was looking forward to emptying our boxes and making a home for us and family to come to. We had to pull out of the purchase as the owners couldn't give us a date to complete, plus we had to get out of our rental as it had been released. While this was happening, while my wife who is a nurse working in aged care was having problem with her foot. Was swelling and very painful to walk on. She had a scan and after seeing a specialist, she needs to have a major operation. This would involve 3 months in plaster plus up to a year of work depending on her recovery rate. after being told that it could cost up to $30000 plus with physiotherapy, we decided with much regret that if we had it done in Australia it will ruin our chances of buying a house later on. So we moved back late June to the UK 2013 having spent 20 months in Oz. The problem is, my wife a got a scan this week, specialist later this month, but our permanent visa runs out the 1st week of July 2014:arghh: and I'm not sure Kim will have her operation or recovered by the time the visa runs out. The question I would like to know is. What are our chances of extending our visa? as I'm 46 and Kim will be 49 by the time our visa ends. Any information regarding this will be appreciated, as we're worried sick that our dream will be ruined. sorry for waffling on as my wife tells me, but thanks for reading!! Cheers Troy & Kim
  9. Advice on shipping companies for OZ to UK. Any recommondations Just had a quote from Wridgeways. We was "Shocked" to be honest. We're only taking approx 20 boxes comparded to the 102 items we brought over. That included large furniture etc. Any advice would be welcome Cheers
  10. Troy&Kim

    cheap Car insurance

    Hi PIO, Could anyone give me so good car insurance companies to use, or a good insurance search. cheers, Troy
  11. Hi PIO, Cound anyone give me some good insurance companies for a car, also a motorbike. also, can anyone tell me what you have to do before your motorbike arrives. registration etc, i'm a bit unsure of what to do. I've got the import sorted, but where to go from here i'm not sure. I need 3rd party insurance to get back to our house, but I went to the RACQ the other day and they were not very helpful. any information would be appriciated. cheers, Troy
  12. Troy&Kim

    Holiday website

    Thanks for all your replys, your stars, kim
  13. Troy&Kim

    Holiday website

    Hi PIO, Can anyone give me a good website to search for holiday accomidation on the sunshine coast. We have some great sites in the UK for seaching for cheap accomidation. Just need a site so we can have a place to stay for a few weeks when we arrive on the sunshine coast before we find a rental. cheers, Kim
  14. Hi PIO, Were moving to the Sunshine coast from the UK in late October and having been looking at rentals. Has anybody manage to get a rental before they arrived? Is it easy? or is best to wait till you get there. Trouble is that they only do viewings on certain days, then there might be 10 different couple wanting the same place. To be honest we would rather have one ready for when we arrive. Any information would be greatly appreciated. cheers, Kim
  15. Troy&Kim

    Link for importing motorbike

    Thanks for your replys. cheers, Troy