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  1. ilovemilkymoos

    Medical insurance advice please

    Check out iselect or canstar.... Good comparison sites for private health insurance!
  2. ilovemilkymoos

    If your a night owl in the uk

    Jeez.... Thought I was reading my own post there! I'm the very same! My missis has been converted now since we moved to Oz, she would always stay up late, get up late! Since moving here, she's in the gym now by 7.... And loves it!
  3. ilovemilkymoos

    Sydney meeting in July

    Great stuff robin, myself and the missis will pop down for a bit! Count us in!
  4. ilovemilkymoos

    How many of you...

    Myself and the girlfriend left our long term jobs in ireland (10 years each) ,sold everything we owned(except our house) , got married, flew to Oz with no jobs lined up, got jobs , got a new rented house, new furniture, car within 8 weeks..... We're both delighted we made the move, and even more so because we took a huge risk ..... But if you can't get employment in Oz then u really don't want to work!
  5. ilovemilkymoos

    Sydney meeting in July

    Any update on next weeks meet up? Dry July is officially out the window.....
  6. ilovemilkymoos

    Sydney meeting in July

    Hi juliedec..... I hope I know shroom by now.... We're married to each other!!!! We're both from Kildare, been in Annandale about 2 months! Keep in touch and let us know when u arrive, always glad of a meet up!
  7. See here.......... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/socialising-get-togethers/152810-sydney-meeting-july.html
  8. ilovemilkymoos

    Sydney meeting in July

    Ah Jasus, myself and the good lady would definately be up for this.........but we're adamant on Dry July...... The liver needs a rest from all this sensational Ozzie beer............. Might change her mind tho, always nice to meet up with people in the same boat and discuss war stories...........
  9. ilovemilkymoos

    British Backpacker Jailed in Cairns

    Well if you do the crime ya gotta be prepared to pay for your actions! 2 months in jail might give the pup some manners!
  10. ilovemilkymoos

    Omg visa granted today!!!

    Well done... i remember getting ours....it was such a BUZZZZZ...... Good luck with the big move........
  11. ilovemilkymoos

    Sydney 30 Somethings!

    wahaaa....... looks like Sydney is the place to go for all us 30 somethings..... Myself and the wife are landing on the 9th April, it'll take a few weeks to settle in but would be up for meeting once we find our feet! I'll keep my eyes out for this thread in a few weeks!
  12. ilovemilkymoos

    Changing visa application from 475 to 175

    AFAIK if you want to change visa class you must re-submit a new application. New application, new visa charge..... back to the start of the Queue!
  13. ilovemilkymoos

    175 lodged feb2012

    18 months is grand, took 28 months to get ours!
  14. ilovemilkymoos

    Flights booked, one way ticket to Oz....erghhhhh...

    It a bank holiday in Ireland, not sure bout the UK! Paddys day weekend and all that!
  15. ilovemilkymoos

    Flights booked, one way ticket to Oz....erghhhhh...

    HAHA......... congrats! We booked our 1 way tickets for a Monday morning too......... but it turned out to be a Bank Holiday Monday........... ah Sh*te......... We're off the 9th April............