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  1. LONG LIVE TIMATIC !! This way I'll save a lot of time and money IMMI website says it should be okay if I keep both passports http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/95documents.htm#g It's only the new passport won't have the same number as the expired one - the old one was before Egypt started to issue MRPs, and as the new one will have totally different serial ...
  2. Timatic ... don't know what it's but hope it helps. Can I ask you another favour Loja ... could you also ask your beloved Timatic what might happen if I cannot renew my passport on the way back to Australia ?! My passport would be still valid for about two month by then. Though I honestly honestly intend to renew it ... I'm only wondering what might happen just in case Maaaaaaany Thanks Roky
  3. A sample from airelines terms and conditions ... it says that traveller should have a validty as accepted by the travelled country ... (in wich case my home country, which will let me enter no matter how long my passport is valid for) Wondering why would the airlines still require me to have 6 months validy in my passport !!
  4. Arrrrgh ... not really happy to hear this .. but thanks for the info Loja ...
  5. Hello Everybody, Well, I haven't been here in a long while, so as a quick update, I'm an Egyptian, and have got a PR. I'm not an AU citizen yet; so I'm still using my home country passport. My passport expires in December this year, and I intend to go overseas for a few weeks to visit my home country and come back in October. By then my passport should be still valid for another 2 month when I come back to Australia (furthermore, I intend to renew it while I'm over there). I rang IMMI the other day and they said they would let me in if my passport is still valid -no matter for how long. Yet they said I should check with the airlines too. I heard that the airlines won't carry me unless my passport is valid for at least six month AFTER the return date !! would that still be true even if I have a PR Any thoughts on this ! Roky
  6. Caz, Oz2512, Ozmaniac, and Gill, I didn't expect this thread to grow that quickly and grap your attention ... And it never annoys me that the thread develops into more related issues. Before I extend my questions, I wanna thank all of you, especially Gill. :hug:and yes, I've made it to Oz. The last six months haven't been the best six month of my life. I came on 176 sponsored by ACT, and struglged alot to get a job ... every thing here is a government based , and the government hire citizens only ... Back to the original topic... Actually I wouldn't consider CPV visa at all ... I can't afford that cost by any means. But what about the temporary two years visa ? I read about it but can't get the point of it as long as they have to apply for the contributary one sooner or later ?? Best Regards Roky
  7. Hello All, First of all I'd like to express my gratefulness for this forum for helping throught my visa processing. Now, as I am in Australia as a PR, I wonder if I can bring my parents to live here in Australia, and I have an unmarried 22 years old sister, are they gonna let her come with my parents ? ... I've checked the immi website, and found three types of visas and couldn't really get the difference between them. Obviousely one of them has an extreemly expensive 2nd installment (what is the 2nd installment anyway :mad: ? I didnt' have to pay any for my GSM visa). I also noticed that there was a Queue calculator ?? it seems complicated to me ... I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light or give a brief about this matter. Regards Roky
  8. Chasm ... Don't even think of moving to Canberra if you are not a Citizen. If you look in seek you will find that 5% of the jobs don't require Australian Citizenship, but when you ring the emmployer they will tell you that they, of course, require citizens, and they didn't write this in the ad because it's a logical thing :mad: Secondly, the local government (jbos.act.gov.au) have a very small number of IT jobs ... like four or three every month, most of them are technical support positions. Yet some of them require you to have security clearance. It's true that the employment rate of IT people has increased the last couple of month- this was discussed in many newspaper articles especially in the Australian. But honestly, here in Canberra most of the new jobs are contract based (3 or 6 months contract) and all are for federal government dept; so no way you can do without a security clearance. You know what ... even private companies, require their employees to be citizens in order to involve them in a government based projects ... I might be soooo negative about this .. but I've been told the same thing before I came here and I didn't listen. It's my fifth month over here, and this is getting me nowhere. Makeup your mind ... Roky
  9. Dear EMS1, I think the situation isn't goingto be as bad as to be Deported, but -personaly- I would say that this could interfere with your application for citizenship ... as you didn't stick to the terms of your visa ... This is my own opinion Roky
  10. Well EMS1, I've heard of this "moral obligation" before. But, to receive a state sponsorship you need to sign a statment declaration that you are gonna live and work in this state for the first two years after your arrival ! a statment declaration form ... signed and witnessed ... isn't this legal enough !! nik_kershaw ... though Queanbeyan is federally within NSW, but it would geografically considered in ACT. I'm having a job in retail as well, but the main problem is ... when I get my citizenship -which is in four years from now- I'll then have lost most of my IT hands-on experience. Because, as you defenitely know, that IT is always moving and changing , and if I get off track for a while, it's very hard to get back on ... This is my dilemma. Roky
  11. What can I say, Katc You drew a full picture of the whole situation. especially the selection criteria thing that was totally new for me. Thanks very much for the interview Training link you provided, I appreciate your concern. Also, if you could provide any guide with responding to selection criteria , this could be of help to me in the far future. Chapeau Roky
  12. Katc78, You can't imagine how happy I'm to read your post now , whilst I'm in the middle of struggling with this problem. I started this post before I arrive Australia to ask whether this should be a real problem ... and Now I've been here for about 6 weeks and I'm LIVING this problem. One point to consider is, it's usually harder for a new migrant to find a job than a native person. So, imagine how harder it is for a migrant to find a job while job opportunities are really few. I totally agree with you that ACT government doesn't require citizenship nor security clearance, but , they don't really have many jobs to offer , because the state itself isn't as big as to hire big number of people. Seconldy, graduate programs are for real graduates, not for skilled migrants from overseas ... even if they have higher qualifications, graduate programs won't accept them. Further more, ACT government claimed that there's still a small number of private companies that would be happy to hire non-citizens. BUT , most cases these companies do projects for government, which will require the contractor to be a citizen also. It's very dark and complicated to me now .. I even tried to work in retail but could not find many opportunities availble because the city itself doesn't have a big retail market Finally, I would like to point out that applying for security clearance (though is merely a bureaucratic job) but it is confined to citiznes only . I would really appreciate any advise you could offer, and I would like to thank you again for replying to this very old post. I'm really longing to hear your reply Roky
  13. Dear Gill, As usual, my little words will never express how grateful I am to your help. From your post, I can understand that there might be some people do work outside the state that sponsored them ... wouldn't this affect their eligibilty when they apply for citizinship four years later ? Actually, I wouldn't work outside the ACT unless legaly entitled to, because I've signed a statment that I commit to live and work there for two years, and this statment was witnessed by an officer in the Australian embassy in Cairo. So, I was wondering if it's possible to make a complaint or appeal, claiming that the state sponsoed my though they really don't have job vancancies for me. In other words, they mistakenly had my occupation in their shortage list though they hardly have any job vacancies for me. Thanks agan Gill, I look forward to hearing your reply Roky
  14. Yes wanderer, I've a 176 visa, but does it mean I can live wherever I want .. even if .. I signed a paper stating that I agree to live in the ACT for two years Actually we can't consider the citizinship requirment as a discriminiation, because these jobs are usually defence or federal department jobs. Secondly, the dept which is responsible for migrants nomination and settlement in the ACT are already aware of this problem, and they claim that there're many private sector jobs availale. My main concern is find a way to get out of this trap that I but my self in. Regards Roky
  15. Hello Cazz, I finally made the move to Oz, but it wasn't the great one, I had to apply for ACT sponsorship just to get my visa quickly, but it seems that it wasn't the right thing to do. I'm here three weeks ago, and can hardly find any job vacancy to apply for, all the jobs in ACT require citizinship. So how do they expect me to work in the ACT while I'm a new migrant ?? Thanks for your reply. Roky