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  1. Have a look at this site see if it helps you any. Managing money - Money - ninemsn
  2. the_nanny_uk2

    1 year in Perth

    Fab post Fiona, its so good to hear the whole experience has been so positive for you all. xxx
  3. the_nanny_uk2

    New Show..Relocation: 'Phil Down Under' 22/01 (UK)

    Well I think Phils show trounced WDU totally!!! Far better, for one it doesnt have the most irritating women in the world on it! Well done to the Davidsons for their programme, and what well behaved children you have. Lo ittle angels. Your house is amazing, just the sort we'd want to go over to. Fantastic viewing, thank you. Jo xx
  4. the_nanny_uk2

    Wanted down under

    Am I missing something with the new series of WDU???? Everyone is a NURSE. What happened to the wide variety of trades and professionals going over??? And what is it with having people on who quite obviously havent done much research housewise?? No one seems to know that the 'front lounge' is a theatre room and all completely amazed that the kitchen is open plan to the rest of the house. Errrr hello! get on realestate and do your homework. We had done loads of research in order to make our minds up whether we were going over or not so for some of these people to go over and not know anything just beggars belief. WDU your programme is severley lacking. Jo x
  5. the_nanny_uk2

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Hi folks, Well we've just had to take our house off the market for the time being as pople were wanting us to drop it a further £30k and after already dropping £32k its just not feasible for us to do. Soooo we thought we'd wait a while and see what happens with the market. We were getting viewers but they were wanting something for nothing and not making sensible offers. Downright stupid ones! Bit upset about it all but we'd had it on the market for over a year and need the money from it to fund our new life. The whole tings just not viable for us without it so we'll wait and see if it picks up now. Good luck to anyone else still on the market. Jo xx
  6. the_nanny_uk2

    Eeeek can we afford it?

    Dont pay too much attention to the budget they put on WDU hun, its way out! I asked a few people out there already to send me their household budgets and outgoings to evaluate with. If you look on the WDU thread one of the participants of this weeks show tells you they'd got the prices wrong. The air con was £400 for the year! Not a month!. Do a price check against Tesco and the aussie Safeway online. Jo x
  7. the_nanny_uk2

    Wanted down under

    Yes I watched it today adn it renewed our interest totally. Did you all catch A Place in the Sun Down Under on ch5 at 12.15 too. Its on tomoz and wednesday as well. They are repeats from last years series but very good and informative about areas and housing. It was Melbourne today, Adelaide tomoz and Mandurah, Perth on Wed. Jo xxx
  8. the_nanny_uk2


    Jeesh and I havent even started my visa yet. All this is puting me off BIG TIME. I did read the following last week though which may benefit some people that are not on the current CSL list and were therefore worrying how they would obtain a visa..... Earlier this year, the Australian Government released 4,000 off-list nominations nationwide, which are informally known as 'free kicks'. The off-list nominations are divided equally between the six states and two territories that make up Australia, with each state and territory given 500 of these places to help provide Australian skilled visas and fill gaps in the skilled workforce. What are 'free kicks'? Each Australian state and territory has a list of occupations that they can nominate for an Australian Skilled Sponsored Visa (subclass 176) or a Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 475). Previously, the states and territories were restricted to only being able to nominate occupations on these lists, but with the introduction of off-list state sponsorship, they now have the freedom to nominate 500 'off-list' skilled workers a year. These 'free kicks' give every state and territory the ability to nominate a certain number of off-list skilled workers for an Australian skilled worker, although the worker must still have an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). How are these 'free kicks' allocated? Applications for the 500 free kicks are assessed on an individual basis, and each state is free to set their own criteria. The 100 point pass-mark on the Australian visa points test still has to be reached for the permanent visa, but it is now possible to be nominated in an occupation that is not listed as in demand. Importantly for the Australian skilled visa applicant, the state or territory nomination means a quicker route through the immigration process at a time when many migrants have had their general skilled migration applications pushed to the bottom of the pile. What is the attitude of the various Australian states and territories to 'free kicks' and off-list state sponsorship? Each state and territory has approached the off-list state sponsorship differently. Western Australia is one state that has a proactive policy towards the off-list nomination initiative, being enthusiastic and transparent in its approach. Visa Bureau spoke recently to Genelle Surace, a senior migration officer from the Western Australian Government, who helped answer some questions about their policies towards off-list nomination. Western Australia is one state which is embracing off-list state nomination as a "fantastic tool". What has been Western Australia’s policy towards the 500 off-list nomination initiative? Genelle Surace: "Western Australia has always had a very open policy towards migration, and this is reflected in our attitude towards the off-list nomination. The off-list nominations are a fantastic tool to attract people to Western Australia, who may not be on our list for State Sponsorship, yet still have skills and experience that are sought after by Western Australian employers. It also allows people who have family in Western Australia to apply for State Sponsorship, and under the current guidelines for priority processing from DIAC, have their visa applications processed." WA has the fastest growing population than any other state – could this be a result from a more aggressive approach to skilled migration? Genelle Surace: "Part of the answer to this is attributed to our migration promotions, but with an enviable climate, great job opportunities and long term prospects, Western Australia is a great all-round choice for people to start their new lives in Australia." Has WA had a good response to the off-list nomination, and has it been encouraged to nominate skills that are not found on the Critical Skills List to give other skilled migrant hopefuls a chance? Genelle Surace: "Western Australia has had a good response to the off-list nomination, and is nominating occupations that are not on the Critical Skills List (CSL). When assessing an application for off-list nomination, greater consideration is given to applicants who: Have a job or offer of employment in Western Australia in a SOL occupation (must be related to the nominated occupation); Have established links to the State – having lived, studied or have support in Western Australia; Demonstrate that their occupation is in demand in Western Australia; OR Are prepared to live and work in a regional area of the State. Off-list nominations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the ability of the applicant to meet Western Australia’s workforce skill shortages." However, while Western Australia have taken a very open, positive attitude towards off-list state nomination, the case isn't the same for all states and territories. Look out for a follow-up blog in the next few days where we discuss the attitudes of the other states and territories and the reasons why some choose not to use their 500 'free kicks' at all. So still a wait but gets round the CSL list a bit. ope it helps some poeple. Jo x
  9. the_nanny_uk2

    ***Moving 2 Perth 2009??***

    Could everyone please find the latest list of people moving to Perth and copy and paste it onto a new post then add their own families details. This will help heaps as people can them see at a glance. Slot your families details into the time of the year you are hopefully going out. Good luck to everyone Jo x
  10. the_nanny_uk2

    Leave Tomorrow!

    Good luck hunny, have a safe trip, cant wait to hear all your news. Cor you must be sooo excited! xx
  11. the_nanny_uk2

    Do you think houses are expensive in oz

    Have you thought of getting a plot of land and getting a builder to do a house?? Its a cheaper option. Go on www.realestate.com.au and click on build tab, then you can view the types of builders in your area and see some of the plans hun. Jo
  12. the_nanny_uk2

    Difference between a 175 and 176??

    Hi hun we were originally going on a 175 but now we are both over 40 and lose 5 points so we have to go State Sponsored on a 176 to gain the extra points. Is you are on that states CSL list then you can apply for sponsorship with them. Yes you get to choose your state but do your research on the CSL lists as some states may not have your job on them. Jo x
  13. the_nanny_uk2

    176 granted!!

    Congratulations hun and all the best for your journey Jo xx
  14. the_nanny_uk2

    6 Month Update Sunshine Coast

    What a fantastic update. You deffo dont wzant to come back to Blackpool hun cos its still the dump you left, nowts changed. We cant wait to get out of here. Cant wait for another update from you. Jo xx
  15. the_nanny_uk2

    what a difference a year can make

    Fantastic to hear your positive story hun, you sound so happy with your life over there. Cant wait to join you. Good luck for the next 12mths. xx