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  1. Hi, before I spend $300 on seeing if my UK GTP teacher training is accepted to register with the Teachers registration Board which has a high possibility of being a negative outcome, has anyone got an update? When we moved to WA in 2011 the GTP wasn’t recognised so I couldn’t register as a teacher here even though I had QTS in the UK and years of service. I moved over into the TAFE sector but now looking at options to get back in to schools. Also if I have to do the AU grad dip which is now 2 years, has anyone gone through this and got any RPL credits? And I’ve also got a bucket full of AU cert iv/diplomas now too in VET education so maybe this might be taken in to consideration? I will contact the uni’s to see where I stand but would be good to hear from anyone in a similar position. I taught Home economics and Hospitality at secondary. Hope to hear from someone soon ? Thanks WA / SOR
  2. Dobbsy

    Regional 475 to PR

    JUST WANTED TO TELL THE WORLD..... AFTER 5 YEARS (2 IN THE UK & 3 IN WA) WE NOW HAVE PR !!!! hee hee! Yes 5 years ago we started the migration process. We couldn't get a PR visa as they didn't recognise my GTP Teacher Training qualification. I worked as a Food Technology & Hospitality secondary school teacher in Derby, UK. Anyway after a lot of hard work from Maryanne at TRUE BLUE MIGRATION we managed to get a regional sponsored 475 visa in WA and we came across as a Vocational Teacher (adult education). Our visa conditions meant we had to live for 2 years and work regional, which was fine as we were only 1 postcode away from where we wanted to settle anyway. It was really tough for the first 18 months, finding the right employment. Literally taking a huge backwards step to make ends meet. But hey ho.... waitressing for a living wasn't that bad, not when the dolphins swam up to the boardwalk most days. My husband hasn't got a trade, so he too found it hard to get a job that could support all 4 of us. He was never really out of work, just took a while to get a better paid job. Our daughter was 13 at the time, and to say she struggled to settle would have been an understatement. She didn't want to move in the first place, so for a long time we had a black cloud over our adventure. So, with limited money, having to work many unsociable hours, an old banger of a car, getting to grips with our new way of life and a drama queen teenager you may ask us was it all worth it? My husband and I had a good life in the UK, lots of loving family and friends and I had a good secure career. It was when my husband got made redundant we decided to take the risk... and boy what a risk. But we wanted to 'live', no regrets, experience a bit more of the world, and most importantly give our children the opportunity to grow in so many more ways. Nearly 3 years on in this beautiful country, with many good and not so good bits (just like anywhere in the world) we have embraced Australia and its people and even though we have often questioned 'when will it all fall in to place for us?' we have never once said..... "lets move back'. I miss my friends and my family so much at times, I cry myself to sleep, and they will never be replaced. But we have met some lovely people along our Journey who are now 'proper friends' who we can relax with and enjoy good times. So for all of you guys out there who want to follow your dream, don't give up. It may take a while for it to happen... but then the best things in life are worth waiting for !!!!! and YES its worth it....... I feel alive ! (and thank you to all the members who have given me advice on this site over the last 5 years! :wink:) Timeline: 100,000 years ago - August 2011 granted temp 475 visa, moved to WA Oct 2011 absolutely skint on a shoe string, Applied March 2014 for PR (very straight forward on line application and $724), Case Officer August 19th 2014 - Visa Granted Sept 1st 2014 !!!!!!!!!
  3. Dobbsy

    887 anyone else?

    Hello...We have been in beautiful WA on a 475 visa for over 2 years now..... and have just submitted our application for the 887 Permanent visa. I have spent hours collecting and scanning all the relevant evidence.... and it didn't ask for it lol....I have a receipt, so at least I know the initial application and payment have been sent through. I am assuming once its my turn in the queue a case officer will request it then? Is there anyone else out there who is applying for this visa? We were automatically granted bridging visa's!!! oh how exciting/nail biting times ahead! :biggrin::smile::err::nah::tongue:
  4. Dobbsy

    Certifying documents

    I That's great news. Thanks. Also do you know the current processing times?
  5. Dobbsy

    Certifying documents

    Hi, We have just met all of our visa criteria so we can now at long last apply for a permanent 887 after living and working in a regional area for 2 years. The application is asking for certified copies but am I right in thinking that if I colour scan in the originals these do not need to be certified? Also my aussie police check certificate is over 2 years old, will I need a more recent one, or would this do? One more thing. I did the IELTS test back in the UK 3 years ago as I needed to make up 5 points for our application, but now on the form it is asking for all adults have proof that our English is up to standard. How can my husband prove this? we are both UK born/educated so were our parents/grandparents etc. Will he need to do the English test too? even though Im the main applicant? Any help would HELP !! lol thanks Michelle WA
  6. Dobbsy

    475 temporary visa to 887 PR

    Oh how exciting for you.... thanks for the advice.. good luck and keep me posted on your progress :biggrin:
  7. Dobbsy

    475 temporary visa to 887 PR

    Thanks, yes, just wanted to check I hadn't missed anything :biggrin:
  8. Dobbsy

    475 temporary visa to 887 PR

    Thanks :biggrin:
  9. Dobbsy

    475 temporary visa to 887 PR

    Hi guys, I have lived and worked in Mandurah WA (regional area) for 18 months now and my family and I love our new lives here. We want to apply for a permanent visa which I believe is the new 887 visa. Has anyone gone through this process? do we have to wait for the whole 24 months before we can apply? Is it pretty straight forward? any advice would be great as the immigration site still confuses me after 4 years of studying it LOL !! :hug: ps: anyone new to the site thinking of moving to WA, yes its different to the UK.... but that's why we love it!!!! Life is what you make it!
  10. Dobbsy

    BENZ Travel/Hoodaki

    :confused:Has anyone booked through Hoodaki / Benz Travel? I have just found flights with them LHR - Perth one way,and they have taken £100 deposit and have now sent a CC transaction slip for the remaining £2900.00 The reviews don't seem too good... and I'm not sure if to part with the rest of the money now? Part of me is saying that people only write the bad stuff if they are angry??? arghhhhhhh can anyone shed any light please???:eek:
  11. Hiya, I taught at Secondary school as a Food Tech teacher, but also taught BTEC Hospitality to the older students. Vocational studies are usually 'work related' studies... like Hairdressing, Beauty, Bricklaying, Business and in my case Hospitality, therefore I was able to apply for a vocational teachers visa. Hope that helps. Dobbsy
  12. Hiya, Yeah... we are up for that. We are in Secret Harbour at the moment staying with my sister, but are moving to Meadow Springs as soon as we find a good rental. We have been here 7 weeks. We are from Nottingham, have a 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. We are both working.... so if we are free... then we will come. Thanks, look forward to it. Michelle, Jay, Megan & Will :biggrin:
  13. Hi, we have just moved to Secret Harbour - staying with my sister, but will move after Christmas, as we are on a 475 visa and have visa restrictions. Therefore we are looking to live in 6210 post code, a little further south towards Mandurah... Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Madora Bay etc??? We are from Derby/Nottingham area, are 39/40 years young and have two children (daughter 13 & son 10 which are now enrolled in Secret Harbour schools).. My husband is a footie fan and having withdrawal symptons already!!! he is also looking for someone to play golf with.... I enjoy the gym/classes and have joined The Club at Port Kennedy and am trying to work on my tan.... but it keeps raining !!!! LOL. Anyone out there with children of similar ages and/or common interests???? :biggrin:
  14. Dobbsy

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Yeah.. roll on summer!!!!! ????? where is it???? hahahaha just pegged the washing out.... and it started to rain..... felt like I was back in the UK???? not opposite a paradise beach in Secret Harbour!!!!! Kids started school yesterday... Hubby started work...... please come out sunshine..... !!!
  15. Dobbsy

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Good luck.... just to let you know once we had lodged our application to WA... it was exactly 4 weeks later that we got a CO..... a lot sooner than anticipated....so get ready for the STORM!!!! hahaha.... we lodged May 10th this year, CO June 10th.... Visa granted August 2nd..... Whirlwind...... moved out here 26th October!!!! so in 6 months time it could be you... hope it all goes quick and smooth for you... its a stressful and emotional journey