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  1. Thanks very much! Yes, we’re in Oz so good to know it doesn’t make a difference. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone. We’re buying an invistment property in Queensland which we’ll negatively gear. My wife is an Australian citizen; I’m a permanent resident. Does anyone know if there are any tax disadvantages to my ownership of the property (as a PR Brit) versus hers (as an AU citizen)? Thanks. Mark
  3. Hi. We now live in Oz - me as a permanent resident and my wife as an Australian Citizen. We still have a decent sum of money in the UK. Not planning to bring it over anytime soon (hoping for a better exchange rate at some point!). Any advice on the best thing to do with the money, to get the best return poss with no risk? Cheers.
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good property conveyancer on the Gold Coast? Thanks. Mark
  5. Thanks. Yeah, they're showing some love and highlights for the rest. I think this one is just on Foxtel though. Jupiters looks to be a good shout.
  6. Hi Everyone, The first England game is this Sunday at 5am! I think it's on Foxtel but we don't have it at our house. Does anyone know any pubs etc in Brisbane or Gold Coast where we can watch it? Thanks. Mark
  7. Congratulations, Jen! Really pleased for you - you've been a stalwart on the site and it's great to see it finally happening for you.
  8. Thanks! No, I didn't need to specifically request it. We'd been married for over 3 years, we have a daughter with Australian citizenship and I lived in Oz for three years before. Maybe that helped? Good luck with yours!
  9. 100 visa granted today! I checked and the date we lodged was actually 4th Sept. So 7 months, more or less. I ended up speaking to our case officer and she was so, so lovely. Amazing how you forget there are real people behind the distant, administrative process. I don't post a lot but my wife and I have followed this and other threads a great deal. You've been a real source of information, support and reassurance. Thank you so much!
  10. Haha! Yeah, saw that you were the only one! Hope yours is going well.
  11. Hi Tracy. Here are our details: Applied for visa on 10th Sept 2015. CO is JM. Thanks!