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  1. Hi All, Has anyone had a decent Solar installation (power not water) experience in the northern suburbs? Would welcome any recommendations for supply and installation; there seem to be lots of horror stories out there. Thanks!
  2. KTG1000

    Employer trying to recover costs

    Hi All, RSMS 187, employer sponsored PR. Employer has contractually bound me to reimburse them for all costs paid for PR visa for a period of two years. Is this enforceable? Many thanks,
  3. Hi All, We are a couple in our late thirties with two kids, 7 and 3, looking to meet similar families in the Duncraig, Hillarys, Sorrento, Warwick, Woodvale etc area's. We've been here for two years now, have a great circle of friends, and are looking for more! If anyone fancies a meet up one weekend soon, then please let us know. All the best,
  4. Hi All, Just taken on a 12 month lease in Duncraig to discover there are no options for adsl or otherwise in that spot. Not good.. Anyone using 4G broadband in that area? How are you finding the performance? Thanks,
  5. Hi All. I need a firm to step in and move us. Going only from Sorrento to Duncraig. From one 4x2 to another... I'm a big believer of recommendations.. Do you know any reputable local businesses that operate in the area? All the best, KTG1000
  6. KTG1000

    RSMS 187 - cost $$$?

    Hi All, I've just got a quote for the agent only fees of an RSMS 187 visa, of $5500 AUD inc. That's for myself, wife and two kids.. (we're presently in Oz on a 457..) Does that sound competative? Thanks,
  7. KTG1000

    457 to PR??

    Hi All. I know of a lady whose 457 to PR is being expedited by her sponsoring employer after only 6 months in the country. They are making a case to DIAC to make the position permanent 18 months before the 2 year current legislation. Has anybody else heard of this? I want it too! I am told it IS happening, and that approval is imminent. For the avoidance of doubt they are not being skills assessed, simply 457 to PR being brought forward significantly!! Many thanks,
  8. KTG1000

    457 to PR?

    Hi All. Firstly, Happy New Year to you.. I need to know the procedure of 457 to PR, i.e. my company want to make my appointment 'permanent' at the end of two years, is it simply a case of them instigating that and paying a fee or do I have to sit IELTS etc to obtain that PR? I'm trying to weigh up waiting for that two year mark, or heading into state sponsored 'skill select' and trying to obtain PR now myself. Many thanks in advance,
  9. Hi All, We shipped a four bed house with John Mason in July from the UK to Perth, WA. We've had a few issues regrettably and ended up with several very expensive damage issues. I shouldn't go into detail here but would be interested in a PM discussion with anyone who has experienced similar with them and what you did (assuming John Mason would listen to you) to resolve the problems. They no longer respond to me by emails.. Thanks,
  10. KTG1000

    UK Extension Lead??

    Hi All. I was planning on simply changing the UK plug on my extension leads to an Aussie plug, thus avoiding the need to change all individual applicances to Aussie plugs. However, Aussie plugs are not fused. I don't forsee a problem as an Aussie house is fused, and the UK appliances have UK plugs and thus are fused. However, the guy in the store told me not to do this. Has anyone done this down under and lived to tell the tale!? Thanks,
  11. Hi All. We used John Mason here in the UK who partner with Wridgways over in Australia. I've received an email from Wridgways this morning to advise that AQIS inspect ALL containers into Australia which I find difficult to believe. Subsequently they want $500 + to cover this fee and they want it now. I've bounced this off John Mason and await a reply. I would be interested in your opinion. Many thanks,
  12. iPhones 4S - UK unlocked. Will it work on Telstra downunder? Many thanks,
  13. KTG1000

    Current 457 processing times

    Migration Agent appointed by my sponsor (employer).
  14. KTG1000

    Current 457 processing times

    3 days and very recently. We fly July 23rd, all shipping sent yesterday.
  15. No medical required.