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  1. my youngest son is coming out 3 weeks after them to stay for good so he can carry any paper work for them, he has permanent residency. gonna try and speak to an agent tomorrow just for general advice - their partner visa application is dead straightforward, its just the bridging i need clarification on
  2. Cheers my dear! I am so excited at the prospect of them coming permanently, my youngest son arrives to stay for good at the end of May and my eldest is over on the gold coast on a WHV and loving it. It was so hard leaving them all behind and i'm glad they are making the decisions to come over themselves now :biggrin: Donna
  3. they are thinking of sending their worldly goods via a shipping company in boxes so their luggage would only consist of clothes anyway. my daughter has work rights straight away and they would be living with us initially to help keep their costs down. I am very biased because i would love them to come but i dont want to give them misleading info Donna
  4. Hi All - its been a long time since i've needed to post on here and so many rules for immi have changed My daughter was granted 176 state sponsored visa as a dependent on our visa application back in 2010. She came over to Australia for a month to validate her visa back in 2010 and her visa does not expire til 2015. My husband and I made the permanent move to Perth in 2011 but my daughter decided to stay in the uk with her boyfriend. He is now her fiance and they have a 6 month old baby girl and have lived together since feb 2011. They are coming for a 3 week visit at the beginning of May this year and my daughter has got evisitor visas for her fiance and the baby - she doesnt need a visitor visa with her PR status. They were intending to use the trip as a reccie to see if they wanted to move over here on a permanent basis. At the last minute her partner has decided that he wants to make the move now and not go back to the uk when they visit in May!! Will they be able to lodge a partner visa application while they are over here? if so it looks unlikely to be granted during the 3 months that their evisitor visa lasts for so would they be able to get a bridging visa before it expires? its going to cost them a fortune to go back to the uk and come back at a later date and they would rather spend the money getting settled now. they have no ties in the uk - they only rent a house and own their car outright so they could actually sort themselves out in the short time they have left before they visit. I just dont want to build their hopes up if its a big no-no, can anyone help?? Thanks Donna :cute:
  5. Hi! Its been a long time since we went through the visa process and there have been so many changes! My daughter gained her PR aged 20 on my husbands 176 SS PR visa back in January 2010 and validated with the rest of the family in June 2010. We made our permanent move in February 2011 by which time she had got engaged and decided to stay in the UK with her fiance. They had a baby in October 2012 and have been looking at making a permanent move to Australia as a family. They have been living together for 2 years. What visa route do they take for her partner and new baby and does anyone have an idea of the application fees for both of them? Are they able to apply whilst in Australia or do they have to apply from the UK and wait for visa grant before they can travel over? My daughter hasnt lived in Australia yet, only stayed for 1 month in 2010. Thanks for any replies Donna :cute:
  6. <p><p>We are good thanks Kelly. Bought a house on 5 acres in Chidlow in the hills and love it <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Dan has just give his notice in at work and hes set up his own business doing stone and granite benchtops so its all exciting stuff! Im working at a wildlife sanctuary in Chidlow, its really laid back and nice people too. Where did you settle in the end? I hardly come on here anymore, just to keep up with stuff for my sister who still has her application in. Hope its going well for you - sent you a friend request on fb. Let me know how its going. Donna S xx</p></p>

  7. <p><p>Hows things?</p></p>

  8. Diz

    Visa grant today!

    At long last! Congrats to you both xx
  9. Diz

    So...Who shipped very little?

    We brought a 20ft container packed solid! OH has several thousand £'s of tools so well worth it (jeyes fluid to death!) kmart, target and big w are great for all your everyday household stuff- bedding, towels and kitchenware. I bought my dyson for $450 on the net from over east, half the price of the stores in perth. Im astonished at what people throw away here- we use the freebies section on gumtree and quokka - there are masses of tvs, fridge freezers, sofa, outdoor tables and chairs that would do til your container arrives. We got a brand new double bed for the guest room only 5 minutes wawy from where we live! I still buy masses of clothes and books from the uk, most of the companies i use do free or really cheap shipping to oz and its usually here in just over a week. Theres nothing i really miss or cant get over here and the best thing ive discovered is the irish bacon in coles- best bacon butties ever! Good luck with the move Kelly, drop us a line when you get here Donna x

    <p>Yes, very frantic! :wacko: Hubby hasnt secured a job, but has a few contacts</p>

    <p>Great news on your mortgage :wink: Good luck with the house hunt</p>

    <p>We arrive in Perth at the end of November </p>

    <p>Say 'hello' to Andrea & Family from me, hope you have a good barbie :cute:</p>


  11. <p>Bet things are frantic for you at the moment! You are certainly gonna have your hands full <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> did your hubby have any luck securing a job before you come over? Dan was lucky, he started work 3 days after we arrived. We got our mortgage approval this week so we are out on home opens this weekend. Weve also got andreas family (sebbers) coming up on sunday afternoon for bbq so should be good. What date do you fly over? Keep in touch, donna x</p>


    <p>Hello...Sorry ive not been in touch much lately ~ Soooo busy, my Daughter is now 10 months old & is getting a little sister in February!</p>

    <p>We are leaving for WA in November!!!</p>

    <p>Kelly :0)</p>


  13. Diz

    Great news from the kempe family !!!

    Trust me....its worth the wait! My little sis is soooo happy hairdressers are back on wa list too, just gotta pass her ielts and shes on her way! Well pleased for you....massive congrats guys xxx Donna x
  14. Diz

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Do all the hairdressers here have state sponsorship already? My sister is a hairdresser family sponsored 176 from May 2010. I think if she takes her Ielts she can the apply for WA ss and change to category 3, is this right? Donna x