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  1. Richard Gregan

    Vetassess Priority Processing

    We have just had a positive result for one of our clients whose skills assessment was submitted via Vetassess's new Priority Processing Service. The application was approved in 6 days. That's certainly an improvement on 12 weeks! All documents must be provided at time of application. If there is anything missing or not provided to their satisfaction then the application reverts to standard processing times and the priority fee is refunded. Regards, Richard PS Priority Processing is for Vetassess General occupations only.
  2. Richard Gregan

    Almost a year! Skills assessment

    Yes, it can take 32 weeks in some cases! They now assess via seasonal assessment rounds, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter rounds. Regards, Richard
  3. Richard Gregan

    Plumber needs advice around VETASSESS for Skilled Visa

    Points test advice is optional. It's fine to leave it to immigration to assess your employment evidence. There's always a chance they may ask you to go to TRA for points advice, but very rarely happens in my experience. Just make sure your employment evidence is solid. Regards, Richard
  4. Richard Gregan

    Registered Nurse NEC with 70 points

    I would suggest 190 state sponsorship as a better option, as 65 point 189s aren't being picked up at present. Regards, Richard
  5. Vetassess have finally confirmed a new venue for UK-based Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics (ANZSCO: 342111) This is now: The Practical Refrigeration Training Centre Ltd, Unit 2 Withams Mill, Plumbe St, Burnley, BB11 3AW, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Those waiting for practical assessments should contact Vetassess. Regards, Richard Gregan MARN 9905168
  6. Vetassess have finally confirmed a new venue for UK-based Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics (ANZSCO: 342111) This is now: The Practical Refrigeration Training Centre Ltd, Unit 2 Withams Mill, Plumbe St, Burnley, BB11 3AW, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Those waiting for practical assessments should contact Vetassess. Regards, Richard Gregan MARN 9905168
  7. Richard Gregan

    Vetassess technical interview

    Check out the trade fact sheet for your occupation on the Vetassess website. This will give you an idea of the competency areas they will be asking you to describe your experience in. Also the sample topics in the candidate guide, also found on their site. Regards, Richard
  8. Richard Gregan

    anmac professional reference assessment

    Ultimately, employment advice from an assessment authority is just that: advisory. In terms of teaching applicants, you can submit your employment evidence directly to immigration and make a claim for the points, without obtaining points test advice from the skills assessment authority (although you still need a positive skills assessment obviously). However, it should be noted that an immigration case officer reserves the right to ask you to go back and get employment advice if they feel they would like the additional advisory. For this reason, most people try to pre-empt this possibility from occurring by getting employment advice before applying for the visa. it comes down to individual choice. I always advise people to go for it at the same time as their skills assessment, as then they are covered. However, in situations where you are adding subsequent work experience AFTER a skills assessment e.g. you worked for an additional year in Australia, then there should be no need to get additional employment advice for this. You just 'add it on'. Providing you've factored this into the EOI and you have employment evidence then the case officer should accept it. Regards, Richard
  9. Richard Gregan

    AITSL Assessment

    For partner points, you still need a skills assessment, and that means AITSL. Regards, Richard
  10. Richard Gregan

    Metal machinist interview

    You can download the Fact Sheet from Vetassess which will give you a good idea of the competency units they will ask you about. Regards, Richard
  11. Richard Gregan

    Metal machinist skill assessment by vetassess or TRA

    You can 'opt in' to Vetassess providing you are willing to attend a technical interview in a participating country. Regards, Richard
  12. Richard Gregan


    There's no doubt the 12 week window to register in person is a bit of a pain. AHPRA likely put this into effect due to a large number of unregistered applications sitting on their database. Regards, Richard
  13. Richard Gregan

    Skills assessment no transcript AITSL

    2012 was a long time ago. Applicants must be able to verify the number of placement days undertaken as part of the course.
  14. Richard Gregan

    TRA skill assessment

    It comes down to the college-based content. If it was a purely site-based NVQ2, then it would be very unlikely to be approved. Regards, Richard
  15. Richard Gregan

    Skill assessment

    Anyone can apply to Vetassess theoretically (non-OSAP applicants can apply providing they are willing to travel to a participating country) but you'll need to meet their requirements (found on their website), and you'll need to submit a document assessment, including pay evidence, and then sit a Skype-style online technical interview with a Vetassess assessment officer based in Australia. I'm not sure whether this would be much quicker, and in terms of costs, it will cost you a good deal more than $1000AUD. Regards, Richard
  16. Richard Gregan

    AITSL Assessment

    According to AITSL, 'Assessment for Migration and ACECQA recognition are separate and different. Each have different requirements. It is important to understand that a successful assessment for one does not ensure a successful assessment for the other.' So just because a qualification has been approved by ACECQA, this has no bearing on whether it meets AITSL migration assessment standards. Regards, Richard
  17. Yup. We outline your options, and apply once you've approved the proposed course of action. Regards, Richard
  18. As stated, you need to check when your skills result expires. You may need to do a fresh skills assessment. Regards, Richard
  19. Richard Gregan

    Skills assessment no transcript AITSL

    You really need to push it. AITSL are unforgiving. Regards, Richard
  20. Richard Gregan

    TRA skill assessment

    TRA should go by the date on the qualification award certificate. Regarding the qualification, yes, they *might* accept an NVQ 2, but in many cases they don't, so this is a risky one I have to say. However, if you accept this, and accept the risk as a $1000AUD punt, then there is only one way to find out for sure, and that is to apply. Regards, Richard
  21. Richard Gregan

    AITSL Skills assessment

    AITSL definitely do not accept Montessori qualifications. From their website: I have Montessori qualifications. Can I use them as evidence of initial teacher education? No, Montessori qualifications are not recognised by AITSL as meeting the professional criterion as it is considered a specialised method of teaching. --- I would advise you do a masters. Regards, Richard.
  22. Richard Gregan

    Do you need Points Advise for a 489 COOK

    Point advice is optional. A case officer has the right to ask for it, but providing your employment evidence is sound then they normally won't ask for it for trade applicants. Regards, Richard
  23. Richard Gregan

    Information regarding 190 Visa

    Thee is no legal requirement. It is only a moral one, but this loophole is bound to be closed at some point. Regards, Richard
  24. Richard Gregan

    Skill Assessment

    I would advise you to apply again as you need to update your work experience. You can apply for a priority assessment. In terms of re-issues, EA ask applicants to email them directly to inquire about this. Regards, Richard
  25. Richard Gregan

    Need advice 'Skill Assessment' - Metal Fabricator

    You can drop me a PM if you like.