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  1. cartertucker

    6 Months back in the UK....

    Sorry, I missed this post....So busy with life! Did you make the move back to the UK in the end?
  2. cartertucker

    6 Months back in the UK....

    Thought I would give those that are interested a little update... We have been back in the UK for 6 months now, we are truly happy to be home Settled back in great, Hubby has steady work & we are busy building his roofing business back up We are really glad to have had our Australian 'adventure' it has taught us so much, most important of all, that what we have here in the UK is actually pretty good & we now appreciate it so much more... :cute:
  3. cartertucker

    Sad news from UK

    Very sad news indeed, a huge loss to all that knew her Im so glad she got home, but if only it could have been for much, much longer. Rest in peace dear, kind, thoughtful 'fizzybangs'
  4. cartertucker

    It makes me shudder!!!!!

    It makes me shudder too! But the way I see it, is if you have the 'bug' to emigrate, you need to do it yourself, to find out if its for you or not It certainly was not for us, but having done it, we are so settled back in the UK and are no longer searching for something else, all we need is right here....At Home <3
  5. cartertucker

    Anyone else felt like Oz wasn't for them so early on????

    I think we knew very early on, but decided to try our best to settle But the longer the time went on, the more it made our mind up....We wanted to go home We lived in WA for just a year, but coming back to the UK was the best thing for us, glad we tried it though
  6. cartertucker

    Pest inspecion confusion??

    Hi... Can anyone help with pest inspection questions please? If a report states that there may be termites in areas they cant look at (ie: under floor coverings, in concealed eaves) What do we do? It states the risk level as moderate/high!
  7. I am looking to get myself & my Family health & dental cover, also ambulance cover (after getting a $850 bill for calling an ambulance recently!) Can anyone please recommend some companies please
  8. cartertucker

    I think I give up

    They will learn.......an expensive lesson! :rolleyes:
  9. cartertucker

    Moved back home to get away from the heat in queensland

    Love our changing seasons... Love being home in the UK :wink:
  10. cartertucker

    MBTTUK? Why I’m happy to be here....

    Oh yeahhhh....:wink:
  11. cartertucker

    Back almost 2 years.......Our storey

    Excellent post....:wink:
  12. Please could someone give me links to the best places to buy 2nd hand cars in WA :wubclub:
  13. cartertucker

    New Mod Onboard

  14. cartertucker

    Help from Tradies please ~ Worried

    We have validated our visas & are due to be moving to WA (Nor) toward the end of this year (Sep+) However, after our validation trip (In Feb this year) my Husband, who is a roofer, has serious concerns about working outside on a roof in the blistering heat :shocked: We knew that Australia gets hot.....But actually experiencing high 30's was a real reality check :wacko: Would be great to hear from anyone that emigrated & now works outside....As the concerns are really making us have a good think :idea: Many thanks :wubclub:
  15. Being home.......Priceless! We knew from early on in WA that it wasnt for us, stayed almost 1 year. Been home for 2 months and feel so content, have a fantastic new appreciation for everything here now We just love the UK, its where we are meant to be :cute:
  16. cartertucker

    Who's who?

    Hello 'Harpodom'! :cool: Its 'luvly jubbly' to be home <3 Thanks for asking :cute:
  17. cartertucker


    Ahhh, yes, the good ol' stalker....(aka: those that need to get a flicking life!!) Mmm, the reason I stopped posting on PIO if im honest Appreciate all M2M help, she is a great MOD, but I really couldnt be bothered with it anymore, so stopped posting Glad to see this section though, hope its helping those that need it the most :cute:
  18. cartertucker

    Who's who?

    Hello! :cute: Name: cartertucker Arrived in WA Nov 2011 (Family of 5 plus bump!) Departed WA Oct 2012 (Family of 5 minus eldest Son-hoping he will be home in 2014) Total time 11 months
  19. cartertucker

    Moving to WA and back home again = Expensive....But........

    Hi....Only just came back on PIO....So catching up with this old thread now! :GEEK: We have moved to a new area, I think it is just easier for us to start a fresh new life (again!!) I think you need to ask yourself if you loved the place you moved from, would you be happy living there again? The place we have re-located to is a place that we often visited & thought looked a lovely area, people are very friendly too, great old fashioned pubs, lovely restaurants & shopping centres (obvs depends what you like in an area) Of course getting jobs & school places is always a worry, as its the un-known, but, from our own experience, I was able to take my pick of 3 schools for my son & my Hubby has got steady work coming in, whilst we are building up his business again, so all good for us Wish you all the very best :cute: You exaggerate! :biglaugh::embarrassed::biglaugh:
  20. cartertucker

    I am Home. !!!!!!!

    Welcome 'Home'... :cute:
  21. cartertucker

    6 Months back in the UK....

    Well, what a journey we have both been on! Remember you from the 'WA where are you now thread'! Glad you are also happy to be home ~ Fresh appreciation eyes are fantastic hey :wink: Must be hard to think of waving your Daughter off, whats making her return, if you dont mind my asking? (feel free to PM me if you would prefer)
  22. We are trying to decide between Qatar or Emirates to fly with...:unsure: We will be flying with a young baby, a toddler & a older child :cute: Has anyone flown with either & what were your opinions please? :wideeyed:
  23. As a Family, we are really glad we have all had this experience, we have learnt so much :yes: But, in the words of 'Dorothy'.....There is no place like home! :wink:
  24. cartertucker

    Home next week!

    Wishing you & your Family all the best
  25. cartertucker

    Qatar or Emirates for a Family? (with baby, toddler & older child!)

    Thank you so much, will have a look at your blog, just what I need right now...:cute: