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  1. Our medicals were referred for almost 4 months. We had medical 3/3 and visa was granted 5/7. Longest referral in history I think. Been in Australia almost 3 years now.
  2. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Oh my it's been a while but Hello.
  3. janice1uk

    Xbox 360 Issues

    Our Xbox works fine with games bought here in oz.
  4. I contacted airline and they said it was fine as long as you checked it in. Can not be carried on board.
  5. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Thanks Julie and Rudi, I can't wait to go now but having good days and bad. I'm so busy getting things sorted during the day then spend my evenings worrying and getting upset. I keep asking myself if we are doing the right thing. Container coming week after next and then have car to sell and off we go to our new life.
  6. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Well my last Xmas and new yearin the uk and it was the worst ever thanks to my mum. She went out of her way to spoil things. She has a very funny way of showing us how much she will miss us. One thing for certain when I have my down days in oz I will remember my last Xmas in uk and that will confirm we made the correct choice. So now we have brought our flights forward can't wait to get on that plane. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. X
  7. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope Santa brought you what you wished for. X
  8. i have been emailing and ringing seaven seas for 4 days now to get prices for these and still nobody has returned either my calls or emails. Great customer service.
  9. janice1uk

    Going Bankrupt?????

    I think everyone has their opinions and everyone circumstances are different. I think as long as you come to an arrangement to repay your dept and don't just walk away you will be ok. I would seek advice as there are other options available to you other than going bankrupt. I wish you the best of luck in your new life.
  10. That's great news. Congratulations and best of luck.
  11. janice1uk

    Electricians In Australia

    can anyone shed any light on this. We move in Feb and are just about to submit application. This is a right pain in the arse.
  12. janice1uk


    I got an ipad2 for my son for his birthday here in the uk. I got a pay as you go sim will just change it over when we arrive. My son loves his ipad and wouldnt be without it.
  13. janice1uk

    Shipping children's toys

    We are using Seven seas to send ours they are very reasonable.
  14. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    I know how you feel. I suffer with my back and it agony. You need to try and move even if only a little bit to stop your back from ceasing up. Make sure you take plenty of pain killers. Feel for you.
  15. janice1uk

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Well its been a while but im back to say HELLO.