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    Any Sheetmetal workers need a job....?

    UPDATE: my OH has moved on since I posted this thread, so no-longer recruiting sheet metal workers - SORRY!! (But there are MANY companies in Brisbane area dealing with sheet metal fabrication of different types, so there maybe jobs out there?!) KathK
  2. I live near Springfield Lakes & Ipswich is definitely a do-able commute, maybe 20 mins at most. Its a nice area too. PM if you need any advice about local area, happy to help. Our kids go to schools in Springfield Lakes, one at state primary & the other at the Springfield College.. Kath
  3. KathK

    New British Passport issued.....

    We're not citizens yet - still travelling on UK passports. How do I contact DIAC? Found forms to complete on website, plus address in Brisbane to call in, but no phone no. Thanks Kath
  4. .....whilst in Oz. Do I need to do something/anything to get my PR VISA (orange sticker) put into my new passport? Or do we just carry both passports (cancelled & new) around with us? Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kath
  5. KathK

    North Lakes / Mango Hill vs Springfield Lakes (Brisbane)

    Springfield Lakes is getting a train station in 2012 if that helps. At the moment it takes approx 45mins by train from next suburb. Tho if working in CBD I'd want to be closer. Tho trains are dead cheap here - $12 return to city from Redbank, cheaper than parking costs for sure! Kath
  6. go Sunshine - much prefer it to Gold Coast. Some lovely places north of Brisbane Kathx
  7. You'll find it lots easier with relatives to support & advise you! We had no-one! Kath:biggrin:
  8. Are you working too? How old is your daughter? She at Springfield Lakes State school? My son goes there, my daughter is at The Springfield College. I work p/time, but if you fancy a meet up sometime pm me & I'll give you my mobile/email address. Kath:biggrin:
  9. KathK

    Oz Tax - FOREX loss/$50k + assets ?

    Thanks Alan, but I'm still as confused as ever, even more so after reading the ruling!! I cannot imagine that ATO would give individuals any benefit for fluctuations in exchange rates if they choose to bring in their money from overseas, and then happen to lose out because the ex rate drops from when entering country to exchanging it? Have you ever heard of anyone having to declare profit from forex, and being taxed on it? The woman who rang me from ATO was in response to a callback request, so I assume she knew specifically about foreign issues, so I guess I just go by her word? I've posted the tax return now tho, so its all irrevalent!! Thanks anyway Kath
  10. Forest Lake is not too far from us, not a bad area but don't go too close to Inala - its not so nice from what I've heard! Forestdale is really nice if you want big blocks. Kath
  11. We have been here one year now, in the Springfield Lakes area, and loving it! Most of the friends we have out here we met through PIO, so always happy to meet up with any newbies! Kath
  12. KathK

    Oz Tax - FOREX loss/$50k + assets ?

    Thanks for your reply, but ATO got back to me & confirmed I can NOT declare FOREX losses for our own personal funds (I was hoping we might get some benefit - but no chance, tho like you said if we'd gained it would probably be a different matter!) Kathx
  13. My daughters clarinet was in her hand luggage when we came over, I didn't declare it (hadn't occured to me!) and had no problems with customs or quarantine. Kath
  14. Have used Ozforex to bring all our money over. No charges, better ex rates when I compared them to HIFX for same amounts. All online, with sometimes a call from them to confirm. They also do 'spot orders' so if you are happy to settle on a particular rate, you can book it & it saves you watching rate constantly - I did it twice to get 1.8 in past 6 mths. Kath
  15. I am now working in an Oz bank, & you have to be out of any 'probation' period (usually 3/6 mths) with your job before we'll give a credit card to our members - maybe its something to do with that? Also you are asking for a high credit limit by Oz standards? They look at all assets & liabilities you hold - more in depth than many UK financial institutions! Kath