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  1. markntracey

    British Subject Visitor Visa

    Thanks Ali, i'll let you know
  2. markntracey

    British Subject Visitor Visa

    Thanks Ali, she's arriving in 2 weeks so its too late to do that now. We've been through the home affairs website again and pretty sure we've got the right one. it took them over a month to grant it and they have a copy of her passport so i would hope if it was wrong they would have emailed. Mum was just worried after watching a programme and someone being sent home from India upon arrival, now i'm panicing as i applied for her visa for her. Fingers Crossed Thanks Again Tracey
  3. Has anyone else applied to a visitor visa to come to Australia that was for a British Subject? My mum was born in Dublin but has lived in UK for 62 years. She has a british passport but it states that she is a British Subject not a Citizen. I've got her a subclass 600 visa but having a little wobble in case she arrives and gets sent straight back home. I've called home affairs twice and they basically told me that i have to work it out myself. Both kind of implied it was probably the right one, but that they can't say for sure. On the application form i didn't see anything for British subject only Citizen or British overseas national. I've filled out the application form as honest as i can including a copy of mums passport page and it was granted. Thank you Tracey
  4. markntracey

    Chocolate & Tea Bags

    glad bistol is ok, i will be bringing a turkey one back with me ready for christmas :-)
  5. markntracey

    Chocolate & Tea Bags

    My brother came over in June and was told you can't bring Hellmans Mayo in. Others are ok just not Hellmans. Will just have to keep paying $6 in woolies
  6. markntracey

    Getting our rental sprayed?

    As far as i'm aware, you are entitiled to a spray once a year compliments of your landlord. There's usually a sticker on the inside of a cupboard door (usually sink but could be pantry) saying when it was last done. Just ring Estate agent and ask for it to be done. i did and they sent someone round promto.
  7. markntracey

    Shipping Electrical Items

    We brought everything too and plenty of adapters to keep us going til hubby got round to changing plugs. (16 months later and still using adapters on some things lol)
  8. We have to do a self assessment for the uk and also declare it with your end of year tax here. You can take off things like agents fees, ins, repairs, and if it's on a mortgage the capital, but not the interest.
  9. markntracey

    HELP!!! Our worst nightmare....

    Markntracey, we spoke with him last night and said the same thing - if he finds himself a flat now with his friends and then see how he gets on with it, while we are still here.. My OH says I molly coddle him (I disagree) so time will tell! Doesn't matter how old they are, they will always be your little boy lol, i think they seem more vulnerable than girls and you have every right to molly coddle ;-) Tracey
  10. markntracey

    HELP!!! Our worst nightmare....

    If he moves out now, he has a good 8/9 months to rent a flat with friends. You can sit back and watch from a close distance as to how he copes. It maybe what he wants or he might just need to have a bit of fun with his mates and a bit of independance and new found freedom. It will also give him time to realise the responsibilities of being independent. He may just see that it was much easier with mum doing the washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning and that he was better of financially living with you. It will give him time to decide either way. You need to respect his decision even if it's not what you wanted to hear and go ahead with your plans without feeling guilty. Maybe let him know there will always be a ticket availbale should he decide to follow.
  11. :animal-frog::biglaugh:
  12. i spoke to a lady who's neighbour was taken to court with a bond dispute and the magistrate laughed it out of court and basically told the landlord he was wasting his time. He said wear and tear is expected and the bond was released. So keep faith there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck
  13. markntracey

    Flights to the UK

    Maybe he was just trying to make me book with him there and then. The flight centre came back with $7500 but with a stopover. They advertise if the cant beat your quote you fly free. ha ha i'm sure there are lots of claws in the small print. I've sent her my flight details and she thinks she's found the same flights and will confirm first thing in the morning (unless they go up over night) Thanks Nigel
  14. markntracey

    Flights to the UK

    Thanks Nigel, i must admit to do only flic through the small print but i did notice there was a $14 booking fee inc with the last quote but i'm a bit scared to book with these sites so i'm waiting for the flight centre to get back to me with their best offer. Maybe i will try a couple more. Fingers crossed. It's such a game of pot luck. When i first enquired last october i was quoted about $8000 and told they would only go up. They were obviously wrong but you can only chance it so long unless you're prepared to lose. i've just checked out the reviews for Zuji and travel.com.au and they are very poor!
  15. markntracey

    Flights to the UK

    They've now gone down to $6822 but...i've just found the exact flights with zuji for $6739.19 do i hold off and hope they drop more or snap them up:unsure: and now www.Travel.com.au $6450.67 :biggrin: