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  1. My dog just jumps in the pool when shes too hot.
  2. The Bray Family

    Thinking about going home.

    We have been here nearly 3 years my kids had problems settling its very hard for teenagers to find the right friends.My son was 17 when we arrived i lost count how many times he was getting on a plane back to England his still here and would now never go back.He has an aussie girl friend and daughter now.My daughter is just starting to get some close friends but not the close friends she had in England and still misses England alot. It takes time to restart and build your life here a few months is not long enough.I have a larger mortgage here but the endless sunshine a great people make it all worth it.You have to think about the reasons you came here and remember nothing has changed in the uk since you have been away.
  3. The Bray Family

    Families in Mango Hill and surrounding QLD

    Alaska After reading your post why don't you look at private schools most kids here go to private schools some are very good value
  4. The Bray Family

    It it better for a dog to be left behind?

    Rehome her. we brought our lab out she was so stressed by the flight and quarantine.she had completely lost her voice and had sores on her legs. My vet in the uk had tried to talk me out of taking her i wish i had listened.she now hates being left when we go away on holiday and she hates the thunder storms here.If i had known i would of left her behind but shes part of the family and i didn't want to leave her
  5. The Bray Family

    North Lakes?

    Try http://www.scarboroughholidayvillage.com.au/ they have cabins for rent they are very nice not sure what kippa ring motel is like but kippa ring is not the best area in redcliffe
  6. The Bray Family

    Coming back- why so many??

    I think people come here thinking they will work less and have a better standard of life. But you have to work just as hard here to make ends met as you did in the uk.And without the support network of your family and life long friends.i love it here and have no intention to go back but thats not to say one day i may change my mind.We have to work hard but i have a better house and life style than i had in England. My daughter is in private school could not of done that in England. Today i have been to the gym then home for a swim laid in the sun by the pool now that is worth all the hard work we have to do to pay the bills.
  7. The Bray Family

    North Lakes?

    North lakes isn't for everyone some love it some hate. It has a good shopping center nice parks and is well looked after.Schools are ok but if you can afford it go private far better than any state schools.traffic is not a problem any more now there's new roads.The older side has larger plots. All the new plots seem to be getting smaller there's still the odd good sized plot around.
  8. The Bray Family

    Do rentals come with white goods?

    I used a top loader in the rental we have wasn't impressed so brought a front loader.Buy it here as you will then have the warranty if anything goes wrong.
  9. The Bray Family

    advice on Clontarf Beach high and Redcliffe State schools

    If you can afford it i would look at private schools.The biggest mistake i made was to put my 14 year old daughter into my local state school.You also have to live in the catchment for state school.Redcliffe has some very good private schools.
  10. The Bray Family

    What to take??? Sunshine coast

    Get your dyson serviced in the uk before you come they change almost everything we had two serviced they where like brand new went through customs no problem
  11. The Bray Family

    North lakes qld 4509

    My Daughter went to the state school for nearly a year you have to pay for there books and sport.She now goes to a private school which costs quiet a lot more but is worth every penny her grades have been a lot better than state school.The plot sizes in north lakes are very small they seem to be getting smaller and smaller so not much space and very close to your nieghbours.
  12. The Bray Family

    North lakes qld 4509

    Hi I live in North lakes traffic is a nightmare.State school is very large about 3000 pupils.Shopping centre is great really handy.the estate has grown so much even in the 2 years i have been here traffic is a real issue at the moment can take 15 mins just to get of the estate at school times. hope this helps
  13. The Bray Family

    Is the grass greener?

    The grass in QLD is very green its not stopped raining for weeks
  14. The Bray Family

    40th Birthday...help

    I went on a cruise for my 40th was a really good deal and the kids club is fab on the ships.
  15. The Bray Family


    My friend lives in Robina her children go to varsity lakes shes been very pleased with the school.