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    Furniture Hire/Rental In Perth WA

    The people to use in Perth for furniture hire are fantastic (Furniture Hire & Sales Australia). If you email lisaammon@fhsa.com.au then Lisa will be able to send you pricing that suits exactly what you require. Cheers!
  2. Recently relocated to Perth, WA. We had to wait 12 weeks for our furniture to arrive from Scotland. We opted to rent furniture and whitegoods for the 12 weeks and found a company called Furniture Hire & Sales Australia. Top quality furniture (Better than my own!) They provide packages, hire short term and long term and were surprisingly well priced. Goodluck! :em3600:
  3. Ali&Paul

    WA state sponsorship, choice of regions?

    Yeh you need to write all 3 choices, it was tricky but they know you'll want to go to Perth, I just put Perth first then the next closest, think it was peel and south west or something, don't worry tho it'll be cool, can't even remember what we wrote but we weren't sure either. Make something up, lol. That's pretty much what we done apart from the perth bit.
  4. Ali&Paul

    Urgent Professional advice pls

    I had a problem with my agent when I was allocated a case officer too, not as extreme as you right enough but I wanted to deal directly with my case officer as my agent was terrible. DIAC probably won't give you your case officers name/email address but what I did was phoned DIAC, explained my situation and they gave me the case officer's Team email address and assured me that any email I sent to this address would get filtered down to my case officer, just make sure you write your TRN number in the subject box and it will get to the right person. Eventually my case officer just started emailing me directly so it turned out ok in the end, very frustrating though. Hope that helps, Good luck Alison
  5. Hiya, We are also moving from Scotland to WA. We used PSS they cost £4100 for full use of a 20 ft container. We had 2 other quotes from crown and Anglo pacific but we got the best vibe from PSS. The quotes were all very similar. Hope this helps Alison
  6. Ali&Paul

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    Congratulations...!!! All the best with the big move! :-)
  7. Ali&Paul

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    Yeh most o my customers are having panic attacks at the thought of a new hairdresser! Well I'm glad I got my visa before they take it back off the list! Lol. We are taking everything with us, although a massive shopping spree does sound fab! :-)
  8. Ali&Paul

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    We land on the 7th!!! Booked flights today! Oh the excitement! We can all cut each others hair! Lol :-)
  9. Ali&Paul

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    Great news! Congratulations! All the best for the big move! :-)
  10. Ali&Paul

    Extra baggage for migrants

    Thanks guys! It was our removal guy who told us about the ANZ thing, he says we need to email them once we have opened the account and ask for some kind of promotional code for extra baggage. We really want to fly with emirates and 30kilo is a lot but an extra 10 would come in handy! :-) Thank you for all the replies. X
  11. Ali&Paul

    Extra baggage for migrants

    Hiya does anyone know how you get the extra baggage allowance? Emirates say they don't do it anymore, is it only certain airlines? Someone told me that you can get the extra baggage if you open a bank account with ANZ, is that right enough? Thanks for any help
  12. Ali&Paul

    Hairdresser Qualifications for WA

    If you are applying as a hairdresser then the first thing you'll need to do is have your skills assessed through TRA, I'm not sure if you'll need to have completed your level 3 though? I think the best thing to do is ring a migration agent, you get a free 15min phone consultation which can be useful to ask any questions. If your TRA is successful then you apply for WA state sponsorship, you then have 3 months to lodge your 176 application, it's a lot of work but worth it! Hope that helps a bit! :-)
  13. Thank you! Can't wait to heat up my freezin Scottish bones! Lol. Yeh hopefully we will all meet up or bump into one another. I will keep you all posted on the progress! :-) x
  14. Thanks lexylou! We are so chuffed and excited to get there! Hopefully be booking our flights soon for Jan! :-)
  15. Ali&Paul

    Cat 5's to Cat 3's Timeline

    Thank you Chris, yes it's definitely a day to Remember! Can't wait for the adventure ahead! :-)