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  1. If you want to leave windows open at night in the summer then security screens are very useful and definitely a feature. Places of high density living such as coomera will always have a risk of break ins. It can be easy pickings. But anywhere does, in any city in any country.
  2. steveNem

    RE: Gold Coast

    I think you would be better off Northern Gold Coast so you can commute to Brisbane for work if you need to. Its not that easy to get a job on the Gold Coast. My husband tried for 3 years and had to work away before that just to work. We live in Upper Coomera and to be perfectly honest I wouldnt recommend it. Its not overly bad but isnt all nice either. We are looking to move to Helensvale which is a more established area, reasonable house prices and everything you could possibly want in a central area including activities for kids. You would be best North Gold Coast for any commute. I have heard lots of people say the Southern End of the Gold Coast is great for families also but you would be looking at a long drive to Brisbane if you needed it. Also consider schools. If you are looking at public schools then they are based on catchment areas. Its really difficult to get into a state school when you live out of the area. Another reason we are moving to Helensvale. Maybe look on line for the kind of school you would like and then base your house search on that. Unless of course you are going private then there are no catchments. Gold Coast is a great place for young kids. We have a 4.5 yr old and a 10 week old and moving here was a great decision for us. We are from North West England and our son didnt get to experience playing in the sand or on the grass till we moved when he was 8mths old!
  3. Hi Ruth We are also in upper coomera and have been there 3 and a bit years. We are looking at buying at some point this year and will probably move to Helensvale. We have a 4 year old and one due in a few weeks. Once bubs is here we would be happy to meet up. We have spent so much time trying to find work and get settled we neglected the making friends side of things. oh and Smith family, you shouldnt have too many troubles finding work as a SW lots of non govt organisations also employ social workers. I work in Mental Health admin and we have loads of them! Good luck with your move.
  4. steveNem

    Opinions on Upper Coomera

    We currently live in Upper Coomera and have done for 3 years. We hope to move to Helensvale in the next 12 to 18mths Some parts of Upper Coomera are ok others not so good. I tend to find that the areas off Billinghurst and around the Shopping Precinct there have a bad reputation. Lots of break ins etc. We live off Roe Street nearish the Coles. It is handing having a good Drs surgery, shopping, pools etc all in the one place however as previously mentioned traffic can be horrendous! We have to drop our son off at daycare a few hours earlier than we would like due to getting stuck in all the school traffic in the area. There are lots of private Schools here. Both main roads in and out tend to totally jam at peak hours and we have to plan around that. We are fortunate in that we have good neighbours around us but have had some shockers as well. People are people wherever you go so you will always risk bad neighbours, barking dogs etc. I have had on a few occasions had to call the police due to various criminal activity and once foiled a group of lads doing break ins in the street (thank you pol air for helping out!). There is lots of development up and coming in the area around the Train Station etc. Lots of new houses. Some so close together you can put your arm out the window and touch your neighbour! Personally its not for us but Im glad we gave it a go. I would say do your research, there is a lot on line about the good and bad areas. Good luck!
  5. I have found that he is sick more. HOWEVER, we are in our second year here and he started daycare just before winter. The first two to three months we were here he was sick CONSTANTLY!! It was god awful. We were living with other kids who were at school and kindy and they bought stuff home that didnt affect them at all but it did our little one. We have just been through our first winter in daycare and been sick pretty much all the time again. Endless colds, runny nose, fever etc. We seem to be through it all now. He has always been a healthy child. I would say though that when you get there they are suddenly exposed to all sorts of new viruses that they have not encountered before. They are bound to get sick. I dont think its any different to the UK only that winter is shorter (in QLD anyway) so less chance of illness. I think all kids get sick regardless really, they just pass it round each other at varying degrees.
  6. steveNem

    Tumble dryer

    We bought ours with us. We have used it a lot over the last month or two with all the rain and we have a very messy nearly 2 year old so lots of washing to do. We have noticed an increase in our electricity bills but not a huge one. We tend to put the washing out in the morning to get a bit of sunshine then stick it in the dryer. It wont dry completely anywhere else at the moment.
  7. steveNem

    Any Aussies Moving back to the UK!

    I an an Aussie and have just moved back after 14 years in the UK. Honeslty I feel more British now than I do Australian. I find myself on this forum and seeking out other poms on facebook. Its weird I feel quite displaced. We are not currently looking at moving back to the UK but who knows. Been here 1 year next month and its been really tough. I still havent found work and hubby has been made redundant and is hoping to get some contract work and find something more permanent. I guess we are lucky in that we have a very young son so we dont have to pick our forever area to live just yet. Winnie = I am also from Western Queensland (west of Toowoomba) where are you from?
  8. steveNem

    Moving baby's essentials back.

    When we moved over here we borrowed a travel cot and he slept in that for nearly 3 months till our stuff arrived. We did without a change table and just used a bed (oh my poor back!) and a high chair was a cheapie from ikea. The ikea basic costs £15. If you cant wait for your container ship over a few essentials in a box. We did that and I am so glad I did. I couldnt afford to pay out for all new stuff just for a few months. Good luck!!
  9. steveNem

    Gold Coast

    Highland Reserve in Upper Coomera? Has its own school and new houses with good broadband.
  10. steveNem

    Excess Baggage

    Excess baggage charges are crazy! Singapore airlines wanted to charge us nearly £400 to take a travel cot. Needles to say it got left with the inlaws. We shipped a few boxes of winter stuff and baby essentials before we moved (stuff we couldnt wait for the container and couldnt fit in our bags). We shipped just over 70kg and it cost us around £250. This was with PSS. I couldnt recommend them enough. It was so easy and stressfree. Delivered door to door.
  11. steveNem

    Sedating or drugging children on flight?

    I am not sure if we would or would not to be honest. When my mother travelled to the UK with us as children she gave my twin and I this medicine as prescribed by her GP. It had the opposite affect on both of us and we were hyperactive for a long time during the flight. My mother said it was the worst thing ever! I am glad that most of you have no issue near children on a plane. Pity the man who was sat near us in the bulk head where the bassinettes were didnt feel the same. The whole flight he complained to us mothers about the noise the children were making and that the plane was 'not a playground' and they should sit and not move. It was awful to see this non stop abuse. HE is part the reason why mothers sedate their children. Its so bloody hard!
  12. Great advice Lambfamily! When you start again you literally have to start all over again. I had a well stocked spice rack at home and had to start all over again here and it took time. Along with all the cleaning supplies simple things like pegs, we had to buy a washing line etc. Rentals need money up front at well. On that wage you should be more than fine and the fact he will start working straight away is a bonus. Good luck!
  13. We used PSS to send a few boxes of extra bits mostly toys and baby clothes and stuff we needed. They were great and the boxes arrived just fine. Good price too.
  14. steveNem

    I am back..HOME

    Welcome back Salma! I have been wondering how you have been getting on and thinking of your family at this awful time x. So pleased to hear you sounding positive and great news about hubbys job. Fingers crossed things continue to fall into place for you x
  15. steveNem

    House rental nightmare in the UK

    Defo speak to the agent on the phone and demand to speak to someone in a senior position if you are not happy. We had a real problem when we were still in the Uk where our tenant put her abusive, jail bird boyfriend in our rental. She never even lived there just paid his rent. When they broke up (after his 5th prison sentence whilst living there) she stopped paying rent and tried to sell this big sob story, even though she swindled us! Its an awful situation to be in and you have my total sympathy. I wouldnt sell over this just yet I would demand action and an inspection. Do you have a reference from your tenant? Just to be sure she hasnt done this before.