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  1. dazbevo

    Bsac dive club

    BSAC WA - British Sub Aqua Club of Western Australia - B2536
  2. dazbevo

    Bsac dive club

    bsacwa founded last week.... pm me for details.....meet at rosie o gradys
  3. dazbevo

    working in oz wwith nneb

    Can anyone tell me if i need to change my NNEB childcare qual to work in a child care centre in perth
  4. dazbevo

    Toolmaker/CNC Machinist

    Hi, Cheryl sent you a couple of links on Facebook I think. Did see a few things advertised through the Western Australian etc. Not sure how suitable they are, but they seemed to be the right sort of thing. A bit of door knocking once you're here might be a good idea - it might also be worth checking out agency work? Would be a start, Daz
  5. dazbevo

    Secret Harbour?

    The Surf Beach is great for the waves, and then a little further around to Port Kennedy you have beach where you don't get the waves, but it is ideal for fishing etc. And they are builidng a pub (Tavern) in Secret Harbour so I'm told- supposed to open later this year, Daz
  6. dazbevo

    Tradies - Job Leads

    Ergon Energy - Careers - Job vacancies electrical vacanies in queensland daz
  7. dazbevo

    Plumber needs job

    will do! daz
  8. dazbevo

    Plumber needs job

    Hi Chris, gas permit for installation only took 2 weeks at Challenger in Freo was about $500 with book and course notes etc-this course has changed a bit now and may take longer.It also can be done at MPA Skills in Perth Gas servicing permit i'm doing mid july takes about 2 weeks also, this seem to be a similar price.I'm doing this at MPA Skills as Challenger were not offering any servicing courses PLumbers Licence was done at Challenger this was the rip off course,$500 to do handskills test at tafe, then about $1200 with course notes ,regs etc to do a week in a classroom covering plumbing in WA. Add to that $100 to do site blue card hope this helps Daz
  9. dazbevo

    Plumber needs job

    Okay, so I got the visa, and the plumbers licence then the gas permit also the blue card, so how do you get a job in Perth NOR or SOR if you dont have WA experience. Did a month for free to gain a bit of WA experience November last year while validating the visa and gaining tickets,dont see how a plumbers not a plumber because he doesnt have ,yes you've guessed it WA experience!! Anyone one out there in WA who knows of someone or needs an extra plumber please get in touch as I need a job thanks Daz
  10. dazbevo

    Tradies - Job Leads

    gone a bit quiet this one!!!!!!!!!!! is there no jobs out there anymore????:no:
  11. hi, we also used asa and activated in oct 08 and moved here may 1st, we found then very good also my brother and his family are using them for their state sponsered visa now cheers daz
  12. dazbevo

    Gas Fitter

    hi Chris, not to sure how things work with you doing vettasses , but the migrants plumbing course takes a week and i think was about $1000 with course notes etc the gas took me 2 weeks full time at challenger tafe but i've been told that course has now changed and takes longer the MPA also run the gas course ,may be worth googleing them ,they are north of the river im due to do my gas servicing course with them early june so will keep you informed you will need to book on the migrants course with the PLB in osborne park daz
  13. dazbevo

    Gas Fitter

    hi, we moved over last week, and was a corgi plumber back in the uk,been to tafe and converted quals to get plumbers and gas fitters permits (2 seperate courses) on a previous trip have to tell you work is tight and you will be lucky to get a job offer while in the uk as there is a lot of guys lookinhg for work here also have you got yourself booked on any of the license courses? plumbers not to bad as long as you have all your evidence and references gas bit harded may take you anything upto 12 months to get a gas permit good luck daz
  14. dazbevo

    Plumber or gasfitter whats the difference

    hi my understanding is that to get the required formal training hours as a gasfitter,the only way would be to have city and guilds or NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Gas Fitting the ACS doesnt forfill the training hours and any plumbing quals wont count towards it i think plumbers that do gas will struggle as most of our training hours will be plumbing bias daz
  15. dazbevo

    3 broadband wireless dongle free!!!

    hi, do you have any idea of the coverage in WA, ie Mandurah/Secret Harbour daz