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  1. onecrankypom


    Lived in North Lakes for 5 years and have to say you don;t get alot for your money
  2. onecrankypom

    Yes Cranky pom still In Australia

    Melbourne was a great move still travel up to Brisbane to see the Boys feel like i found home here in Melbourne just a few things to sort out been here since April 12 Brisbane seems like a distant memory but This once cranky pom a happy one still things to sort out regarding the boys but Im happy finally
  3. onecrankypom

    Aussie passport

    Possible having to make a trip home in under a week so want to sort aussie passport out dont know any one in melbourne any advice how ican get some to veirfy who i'm this needs to be done tomorrow and have no idea where to turn as i not sure i be coming back
  4. Mordy? cant find that on the map and how do i contact these people
  5. Urgently need a room as flatmate has turned nasty and decided to give me notice only been in melbourne for 6 weeks and really at wits end. Private message me.
  6. onecrankypom

    cranky update nitemare 3 months

    CAl you know where to find me lol
  7. onecrankypom

    cranky update nitemare 3 months

    As most of you know i was heading back to the UK but Late Novemeber **** hit the fan with Ex wife to be lol now she moved back to her parents and taken my boys didn't react the best way in the worse split ever. Spent Xmas on my own and even had the boys denied access to my Australian citizenship cerm and this week i been made out to be a nut case yes i did things wrong but i realized she wasn't worth fighting for anymore. But staying here in Aus to get my rights sorted and meet a nurse from Melb and both agreed to return to the UK in 2 years time together so hoping to give a different city a chance and learn one lesson not to rush in to marriage again.
  8. onecrankypom

    Homesickness destroying marriage

    Have to be honest going through this at present have admit not been the perfect husband in the world and the last two weeks i been so out of character it not funny but having in-laws 5 mins and them expecting me to run around after her like a fly in a bucket really pushed the arguments up for example i slept in till 7am and she got up with the kids at 6am no one bothered to wake me so that was wrong. Can't say i been calm as she decide on Friday she wasn't going away for a week but come sunday she was so arguments fired up then. Trying to save a marriage so rang till she would answer but she turned the phone off and of course she cam e home on monday saying we would talk about it but pretty much she wasnt interested in talk so it got me going and the inlaws are involved which made it worse. Feel like i backed into a corner because she wants to walk away and having two boys feeling i have them sing this all against me so i cant see them really at a point she doesn't want counselling and yeah i know i said we splitting up but woke up ad smelled the roses. no idea where to turn and not working made it worse
  9. onecrankypom

    My findings back in the UK

    Good to hear that family trying to scary me off coming home but Feb the date I leave this nightmare of a country after this year any where better thn Brisbane and Aus looking forward to coming home just hoping my divorce comes through before i leave be a second bonus and a great start to the new year
  10. onecrankypom

    How many people go home with nothing???

    Australia doesn't work out for every one yes returning home a huge cost and people may be forced to leave stuff here and maybe put shipping or a flight on a credit card at least they tried it and not sat in the UK wondering what if
  11. onecrankypom

    Are you a whingeing pom? Do you know any?

    I have to say i'm a whiniging pom never settled for second best and never afraid of hard work but to get made redundant twice in 4 years and end up on contract roles that go no where and then get told that life get on with doesn't cut it with me.
  12. onecrankypom

    going back getting complicated lol

    Already had a few on the way home to night lol
  13. onecrankypom

    going back getting complicated lol

    Moving back seems like a forever in a day just getting all my stuff ready for my Australian citizenship so i can come back when every. Bu t in the mean time the ex to be has decided she telling the in-laws 3 months early so this weekend going to be hell weekend as far as i can see. Secondly will i be able to use my Australian drivers licence in the UK or will i have to take a test again i never had a full licence in the UK and the DVLA website not helpfully only passed in Feb this year. Want to confirm dates for my flights but no idea how long my citizenship going to take and finally leaving part way through next tax year how does me moving and working still effect that
  14. onecrankypom

    At last im finally on my way home

    I know the sense of relief you feeling that for sure counting down to September but hoping the econmey back home picks up walking in the same way i walked in to aus lol
  15. onecrankypom

    Any one else sick of the doom& gloomers?

    If you want work you find it that my through most ozzies haven't been through as many recessions as us Brits have. The last one before the GFC was 1997 for the aussies as for for the DOT com bust and 9/11