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  1. celeliza

    Subclass 461 / 457

    My residence was activated in Sept 2011 and I was on a WHV/Work Permit before that. I'd be waiting until late 2016 or early 2017 to get a NZ citizenship.
  2. celeliza

    Subclass 461 / 457

    Project Administrator is currently on the CSOL as stated on the immigration.gov.au website.
  3. celeliza

    Subclass 461 / 457

    Hi there, I am a UK Citizen and currently living in NZ with permanent residency. In 2005/2006 I did a working holiday in Australia for a year and loved it. Now I want to go back and live/work there (hubby not too keen atm). I have been in NZ for over 4 years now and am ready for a change. I have two visa options: 461 Subclass - NZ family relationship (as I'm married to a NZ Citizen). 457 Subclass - Temporary Stay and sponsored by an Aus Employer (which I will have to seek as a Project Administrator). My question is, is there a pathway to apply for PR after being on either of the above visas? Also, I would like to find out if I would be able to get maternity pay/leave while on these visas? If you have any pros and cons on these visas, it would be helpful to know more! Thanks for your help Claire
  4. Hi there, My husband is a NZ Citizen and I'm a Pom with NZ residency (can't apply for NZ citizenship until Sept 2016). Just wondered if my husband would be eligible to any maternity benefits such as Baby Bonus or Paid Parental Leave in Australia if I go on under a partner of SCV visa? Or will I at least get something if I get a job over there? He is currently house husband and I have a job. I think I may not be entitled to anything if I end up pregnant in Australia while working on a SVC visa? Just collating some research at the moment... On the other hand, I have been looking at permanent migration (employer sponsored) so the processing times takes ages!! Any thoughts? Thanks, Claire
  5. Hi everyone, I will be waiting out until 1st July when Skill Select takes effect and I’m hoping to submit an EOI. I am eager to try my luck for the second time to migrate to Australia. Back in 2008, my Skills Assessment came back positive but never made a visa application as I lost out by 5 points (age). I thought while I still have my Positive Skills Assessment and got nothing to lose; I thought I could submit it with my EOI with a chance of securing employer sponsorship. I contacted VETASSESS to find out if my Skills Assessment would still be valid. According to them, I was assessed under the previous assessment criteria - pre-2010 (qualifications only). I was told to contact DIAC and ask if they can confirm that they will accept my Qualification Assessment or I am required to apply for a Skills Assessment under the current assessment criteria (qualification and employment). I have emailed DIAC a few times but I am not getting the answer I had hoped for. Does anyone know if DIAC would accept the Skills Assessment, going back as far as 2008? Thanks, Claire
  6. celeliza

    Moving to Aus from NZ (Pom & Kiwi)

    Hi, I have been looking at possible options to move to Australia and obtain PR (if we can). I apply for the subclass 461 visa if my kiwi fiance sponsors me because he is an NZ Citizen. I know it will be a temporary visa but once in Aus, we could then apply for the subclass 119/857 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) if I nominate an occupation from the SOL List outside the 4 main cities. I would have to find an employer first if they are willing to sponsor me. This is a Permanent residence visa. I know you can apply if I have a qualifying visa i.e subclass 461. Anyone experience this route before? Thanks, Claire
  7. Me: UK Passport with NZ Permanent Residency. Fiance: NZ Resident & Citizenship/Passport. I am trying to get some options and see if there is a possibility of moving to Australia. Many years ago I attempted to apply for an Australian migrant visa alone and after it became difficult, I tried my luck to NZ. I still feel I would like to give Australia a go but my kiwi Fiancé isn’t too keen (never know!!) I can see that a lot of kiwis are moving to Australia for various reasons. I understand New Zealanders do not require a work permit and wondered how would it affect me? Would my fiancé need to sponsor me? Would we obtain permanent residence straight away? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Claire
  8. celeliza

    Working Holiday Visa in NZ

    Hi Can anyone tell me how long can I work for an employer during a working holiday visa? Thanks, Claire
  9. celeliza


    I will be applying for visa 475 regional visa so cannot live and work in Perth Metro. It's so hard where to go! Suppose I could go to Mandurah as it's not that far away from the city. Really I just need to prove I have lived for 2 yrs and worked for 1 year before I apply for PR and move anywhere in Aus! Thanks for the advice to those who replied.
  10. celeliza


    Hi everyone! Hope anyone can give me some advice about these cities. I am a single girl in my 30's and will be applying for a state sponsorship with WA soon. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend which areas is more suitable for young people? I visited Mandurah few years ago whilst on a WHV and I liked the place but found to be more touristy type of thing. Just want to make a good impression when I fill in my application form!! Cheers, Claire
  11. Hello, I am so keen to move to Oz and I am hoping to apply for temporary business visa (457) but firstly I would need to find a sponsor and I don’t know where to start! I have been working in the local government as a Support Officer for the last 10 years. Do I need to contact all the authorities and potential employers and ask if they would consider taking someone in from overseas? Also, is it worth taking a chance to apply jobs vacancies online? If you have got any advice or tips, I would love to hear from you (please PM me if you wish ) – it would be really helpful. Thanks, Claire
  12. celeliza

    TAS sponsorship

    Hi guys Has anyone applied for TAS sponsosrhip for provisional visa 475?? And how long did it take to be accepted?? I am thinking about applying as it's my only hope to apply since my SOL occupation was removed from SA. Cheers, Claire
  13. celeliza

    SOL Occupation

    Hi I was originally planning to apply for SA sponsorship but now they have recently removed my nominated occupation "project administrator" off the list. However ACT have just updated their list and "project administrator" is one of them. It also said on the list alongside specialising in engineering, architectural, surveying or capital works. Do they want applicants within these sector?? The problem is I haven't worked in those areas and I don't know if I should apply anyway?? I have discovered "office manager" is on their list too. I'm waiting for my skills assessment from VETASSESS for "project administrator" and I don't know whether it would mess up the application if I apply under "office manager"? Thanks, Claire
  14. celeliza

    IELTS exemption

    Hi everyone, I may have to take an IELTS test to gain extra points for my visa. I'm in the process of making enquiries with various test centres to see if they would be happy if I don't take the listening test due to my profound deafness - this is called exemption which I can apply with proof from my doctor. Has anyone been in this situation before? If I do get exempted and pass with 3 modules (not listening), I assume DIAC will still give me "25 points"? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Claire
  15. Hi Has anyone applied/or got a visa for Employer Nomination Scheme for Project Administrator?? I have discovered that I'm 5 points short and will be applying for my skills assessment (2nd time round) soon. I have been told I could take the IELTS test but I'm not confident enough. This visa sounds ideal but would love to hear from anyone who have been successful in this visa or in the process of applying under that occupation. Cheers, Claire