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  1. Hi Caroline We lived in Point Cook for a few months when we arrived and I wasn't impressed with the area. The have concentrated on building houses and have forgotten that people need to get around (very limited public transport). There is no train station and its a nightmare to get onto and off the freeway at peak times. Schools are also zoned but I can give you a list of the schools and you can contact them and they can tell you the zoned area, its also very difficult to get daycare/kinder places as they don't have enough spaces for all the kids in the are. If you are on Facebook you should check out the Point Cook Residents page, its very interesting. Don't want to put you off but its best to know before you get here. JVM
  2. jvm

    Wyndham Vale & weribee

    Hi Rob Don't know if you've moved here or not but we've been here a few years and live in Wyndham Vale ( Manor Lakes). We love the area here and it has everything we want for our two young kids (5 and 6). Its close to the freeway for access either to Geelong (25 mins) or the City (30 mins). Construction has also started on a direct train line to both the above places. I know people have been telling you about break ins etc but to be honest you are going to get that in any area here in the west. Let me know if you need any other help. JVM
  3. We got quoted 4,000 but because it wasn't full we got some money back. We were quoted cheaper by other companies but chose Crown as they use Crown over here in Australia and not a 3rd party. Also they dealt with all the quaratine/customs costs as they include that in the price. Val
  4. We used Crown and they were outstanding, we had a 20ft container for our full house and when we didn't fill it all they gave us money back and they covered everything including fees at this side so we didn't need to pay anything when the container arrived. Everything was packed and nothing was damaged at all. I'd highly recommend them. Valerie
  5. jvm

    Good schools in Point Cook?

    Hi Maz We've been here 5 mths now and still loving it. Joe's working in the north of the city with a plumbing firm and enjoys what he does. I'm not working as the kids are still young and will think about when they go to school. A bit of advice for you, when we arrived we spent about $25k in the first 2 weeks and that was us bringing everything over from the UK. We had to buy car, fridge freezer, tv etc so try and bring as much as you can as its quite expensive. We're looking forward to moving to Manor Lakes and we have some friends who are moving there too once there house is completed in Feb. We're not fussed about renting and just want to have something thats ours. Take care and keep in touch Valerie x
  6. jvm

    Good schools in Point Cook?

    Maz To get our rental in Point Cook, we didn't have references we just had to email copies of passport, utility bills and proof we had a mortgage in the uk. Also try and register with estate agents and tell them your situation as when you view you will be competing with many other applicants. Also the more rent you can pay in advance the better chance you have of securing a rental. Glad you have decided on Manor Lakes for a rental initially we will meet up when you arrive. Also is your furniture on its way? Did your mum and dad get there visa too? keep in touch Valerie x
  7. jvm

    Good schools in Point Cook?

    Hi Maz As far as i'm aware Manor Lakes is catchment to schools in Werribee and I think they run buses too. Also I thought one of the schools in Manor Lakes was up to year 12, maybe I'm mistaken? You will be able to get a rental in Manor Lakes no problem, if you look at this address Properties for Rent | wyndhamlakes.com.au hopefully you will find something. As far as getting a house built with a pool, you would need to speak to builders about land size. You might be able to buy something already established with a pool but to be honest we haven't seen many houses with pools! Sorry to disappoint the kids. Take care and let us know if you need any help or advice (remember Joe's a plumber too) Valerie x
  8. jvm

    Good schools in Point Cook?

    Hi Maz Congratulations on getting the house sold. You must be looking forward to your new life over here. Don't really know much about the schools but my friends kids go to Point Cook Primary and they seem to like it and I know some other people are taking there kids out of other schools to go there. I also think they have a high school, do you want me to look into it for you? We are in the process of buying a house in Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale which is a new estate about 10mins from Point Cook. At the moment its just getting developed but over the next few years its going to be massive. It also has new schools and a shopping centre which is going to be huge. We just can't justify the price of land in Point Cook, its just went through the roof, its ridiculous! Take care and if you need any more help, just let me know. Keep in touch and we'll need to meet up when you arrive Valerie x
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    Not funny, Tina!!!!!!!!
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    Land in featherbrook

    Hi Laura Thanks for letting jump on to your thread. Laureen, I too am from Motherwell and live in Point Cook and am friends with Laura! Where abouts in Motherwell do you live. We are from Carfin and have been over here since March and love it. We just rent at the moment but are hoping to buy in the next few months! When are you hoping to come over? Valerie
  11. Hi all I have recently moved to Point Cook and have started selling Tupperware. I would like to ask all the ladies (or gents) if they would be interested in placing any orders or if they would love to host a party. :wink: Its a great way to get to know your neighbours! Please feel free to PM if you are interested. Any help would be grateful. Many thanks Valerie
  12. Maz Can't register or book courses until you are here! Red Card courses are on certain days of the month and fill up pretty quickly! Plumbing Commission will ask your oh to go into the office to speak to him! He will need to bring all his qualifications too. Everyone is really nice and friendly and we have met some nice people! It helps when you have kids as everything is aimed for them! Anything else just ask. Valerie
  13. Maz Don't bother applying for jobs until you are here, we sent about 80 letters/cv's to companies while we were in Scotland and only got 1 reply but they didn't have any work. Bring your oh's tools are they are a fortune over here. My oh brought a toolbox on the plane so that he had the basics to start of and our container was delivered 2 weeks after we arrived so he had some more. I don't know what sort of work your oh done in Scotland but the best chance of a job over this side of the city is with a house builder and to do that your oh will also need to get a red card course booked and he will also need to register with the plumbing industry commission. My oh has a job doing gas repairs but its based in the north of the city. Also a bit of advice a plumbing wage is not enough to keep a family of 4 but if you are going to work you will be ok. We're renting in Point Cook just now and like this area but we also like Hoppers Crossing and Werribee but won't be buying for a while yet! Anything else you need, just ask. Valerie
  14. Hi Maz I was just thinking about you! Sorry I can't help you with schools as my kids are still too young. I do know Point Cook has some good schools and its an area developing at a quick rate! When are you hoping to come over? Does you oh have a job to come to? As you know my oh is a plumber and to be honest work here is hard to come by and its not that well paid and its also entirely different to the UK. He will need to register and then attend college so please keep a couple of dollars spare (ie $1000). If you need any other help email us and keep in touch. Don't be to shocked with what I have written as we are loving it here and the lifestyle is great but it is a lot harder than the TV programs make out. Valerie
  15. Kriss Thanks for your reply, we're here now and have been for 8 weeks and loving it. Are you coming over for a holiday? Val