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  1. sharron pickett

    Questions about electrical work in Australia

    Hi Wooba, I can probably help with a lot of your questions. I was a sparkle in UK, then USA for 11 years, (NV), now a contractor here in Brisbane. Feel free to PM me, Steve.
  2. sharron pickett

    St. George's day

    Happy St. George's day everyone.
  3. sharron pickett

    Birmingham to Brisbane

    Any ideas what the demand for electricians/ AC is like around there, I'm a contractor and currently in Brisbane and looking at expanding to Sunshine Coast thanks Steve
  4. sharron pickett

    Car Insurance in Australia

    Yes, I just had to prove mine to get the discount. Bring it with you! I had to get my previous agent to do a letter.
  5. I could be wrong, of course, but I was under the impression you had to have 4- years as PR before you can apply for citizenship. I'm not sure 457 time counts. But check it out first though.
  6. sharron pickett

    info Needed, Converting SA Electrical licence to QLD

    Hi, I did the same thing about 4 years ago, flew out to SA and got my licence there. I applied for the Qld licence a short while later, and had no problems. I used a friends address on the GC. Moving forward 3 1/2 years, we finally moved to Qld. Got a job and everything was sweet until.......I applied for my contractor licence. They wrote back and asked for evidence of gap training because I had done the SA route. So, a weeks course at skillstech, (another $900), 2 written exams and a practical! I've got to say though, I needed the refresher and looking back, it was a tough week 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri but worth it. I was told this course can be spread out over a longer period if you have time on your side, you would need to contact Skillstech about that though. Hope this is useful. Steve
  7. sharron pickett

    Australian bank account without monthly fee?

    We've had our account with NAB for 1 1/2 years. 1 year before we arrived here and never paid a penny. I can defo recommend them.
  8. sharron pickett

    Where to go

    Simple, 1 word Brisbane!
  9. sharron pickett

    A week ago we landed! First impressions!

    Welcome to Brisbane Kelly, you have been busy, that's a lot to get done in a week. We arrived on 29/4/14 and are now in a rental in Indooroopilly. We have fallen in love with Brisbane and I'm sure you will too. looking forward to following your adventures. Sharron.
  10. sharron pickett

    Electricians In Australia

    Hi all, I am about to apply for my EC licence, and wondered if anyone has advice on the best place to get the Broadform liability insurance that is required for Queensland. thanks in advance, Steve.
  11. sharron pickett

    Be there next week! (Brisbane)

    Thanks for the heads up on the Custard Apples, so good, at $3.50 each they bloody well need to be! I went to a market here at weekend, after living in the USA for past 11 years I have to say the fruit and veggies are the BOMB here, I'm a veggie so I love all vegetables and am in Heaven, everything I buy has so much more flavor, the colors are also much more vibrant, I love living here, I just feel alive and like its home. Been here 2 months this week and although left my son in USA would be very happy to stay here forever. Can't fault anything about it so far, everyday feels like I'm on holiday, lovely weather, people and scenery, Brisbane is an amazing city and just breath taking .
  12. sharron pickett

    Hi Everyone, Quite Nervous About OZ

    Welcome, don't be nervous, people are super friendly here... Check out Meetup app they have tons of groups from socializing to fitness and everything in between. We moved here 5 weeks ago and love it. It's a great country so come and enjoy
  13. sharron pickett

    Be there next week! (Brisbane)

    Hi Thank you, 6 weeks today and very happy, things have gone amazing, we're settled in a nice apartment in Indooroopilly, furnished it and our son started school last week and lives it, hubby started work today so it's all come together, we love it here, weather has been fantastic, setting up has been easier than we thought, and compared to Las Vegas it pretty cheap. The fruit and veggies are amazing, people so friendly, I love the running, already have Brissy Marathon booked and a Tri in October. After all horror stories I read before coming, this place Rocks, I love Brisbane and it feels like home. Thanks for the invite, going to add to my calendar ??? one very happy family ?
  14. Currently, we are living in Taringa and now we are looking for a long-term rental close to Brisbane or surrounding areas. Preferably 2 bed. If anyone knows where we can find one, please leave a reply. Thank you.:notworthy: