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  1. ScottieandDani


    hi very few snakes have been seen in brookwater over the past 5 years hope this helps!! great place to live!! scottie
  2. hey ive just arrived and looking to buy 2 cars a sedan and a smaller car for the wife.
  3. have you sold anything yet??? scottie
  4. ScottieandDani

    One way flights booked for 13TH Jan 2013.

    hey we are coming into Brisi end of Jan 3 adults and 2 infants. we are look to find somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks, as we have a house in Greater Springfield. hotels are well expensive any suggestions??? :biggrin:
  5. <p><p>Hey guys we used doree bonner in the end and they we're pretty good! Guys this end were good too! Bet u can't wait to get here! Have u got a job to go to here or will u jus look once you're all here? How's sunny Swindon?</p></p>

  6. <p><p>hey quick question who did you use for your re location? we ahd quotes from dorre bonner at the mo.</p></p>

  7. ScottieandDani

    emigrating to brisbane next wednesday

    How are things going??
  8. ScottieandDani

    Some advice regarding finances

    Hi we are looking to come out to Oz this December and need to change up over $150K. the rates are very bad sterling to Ozdollar, but exellent back the other way. I would change it up and then seek financial advice in the uk. I have been an advisor for 20 years over here but stopping to go to Oz. not sure if you want income or growth but there are rates of 6-8% pa. hope this helps Scott
  9. ScottieandDani

    Do we Take our Sky+ Box with us??

    Thanks Stevie, i do have fibre optic cable into the house so does that mean my internet tv will work??
  10. ScottieandDani

    Do we Take our Sky+ Box with us??

    cheers thanks for the advice
  11. ScottieandDani

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    ok if you think mate!! would be good to catch up still though if you would, to pick your brains etc.... let me know Paul cheers
  12. ScottieandDani

    Do we Take our Sky+ Box with us??

    hi there we have multi room sky here in the uk do we take them with us?? and is there HD in oz yet??
  13. ScottieandDani

    Insurance claim with Letton Percival

    thanks for the heads up!! we will be using them!!
  14. <p><p>Cant wait!!! nearly there!!!</p></p>

  15. ScottieandDani

    Any 163 temp business visa people out there

    Sounds interesting Mate!! We will be living down on the gold coast so we are about 1h 45m away from the business. How much are you looking for the business? and what sort of income would i expect? cheers Scottie