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  1. Hi, I have been resident and working in Melbourne since July 2012 and am returning to the UK January 2013. Should I complete a tax return before I leave? If so roughly how much does it cost to get an accountant to do it for you? Thanks
  2. tasormelb

    Can we reuse wooden crate?

    We used Golden Arrow to ship our dog from Heathrow to Melbourne in July this year. They made us a wooden crate and used qantas. We now want to use the same crate to take our dog back to London in January next year and Dogtainers are telling us this wooden crate does not meet IATA standards. Dogtainers are also using qantas. I have checked with Golden Arrow and they assure me the crate is good to come back in, they provided an excellent service and I have no reason to doubt them. Can anyone suggest how I prove this crate is OK to fly back with? Thanks
  3. tasormelb

    Things Haven't Gone To Plan.........

    Oh Kellymoo my heart goes out to you. Please don't be ashamed or embarressed you have no reason to be - your oh is a toad and he should be feeling this way. I'm sorry I don't know the answers to your questions but i just wanted to offer a big hug xxx
  4. Hi, We have had to change plans due to unforseen circumstances and cancelled our booking for a furnished short term rental in Perth. I know people are struggling to find accomodation so I thought I'd post and it might help someone. If you look on stayz the property is in waikiki and is called Oakwood house, the owner is really helpful.
  5. tasormelb

    Career Break - Your thoughts, or what would you do?

    I will speak with HR again tomorrow and explore this further. Well done to those who have got career breaks, it must give you great peace of mind knowing that should you return you have a job.
  6. tasormelb

    Career Break - Your thoughts, or what would you do?

    I have enquired about a career break (NHS) and HR have told me I can only have one if I do not work for the period of the career break. As my manager is supplying references they know I'll be working so I haven't pushed this - should I? Have any of you who work for the NHS been told this?
  7. tasormelb

    Sending excess luggage by parcel

    Thanks for this info I will check out both these options.
  8. Hi, I am sure that when it's time to fly we will find that our suit cases will be well over weight as I'm struggling to decide what we need to send in the container and what we need to keep to use. If the container has already left how do you get around this. I think I have read on here somewhere before that there are companies who send parcels over for you and that this is cheaper that excess baggage payments. Does anyone know any companies that do this? Thanks
  9. tasormelb

    Is PE compulsory for Yr 10-12?

    Thanks JK2510 and and Bob1 - my 16 yr old son is doing cartwheels around the living room. He is very fit as runs daily on our treadmill at home but is totally rubbish at footy and rugby and was worried that he would get laughed at/teased. Its one less worry for him.
  10. tasormelb

    Is PE compulsory for Yr 10-12?

    Hi M2M, Is this the case for any other states or just Melbourne (interested particularly in Perth). Thanks
  11. tasormelb

    Think carefully.....wish we'd never come here.

    Hi Lancashire Lass, I'm so sorry to hear this. I can completely understand how you feel as my husband has just been diagnoised with a benign brain tumour. Although it's non cancerous it will continue to grow so he to will have to undergo major brain surgery at some point it the future. We are due to move to Oz in July and now don't know what to do. My husband is desperate to continue with the move but I am worried about lots of things. I PM'd Petals who was very helpful. All the best, if you want to PM me to share thoughts and just generally off load please feel free to.
  12. tasormelb

    Change of plan - we're off to perth. HELP!!!!!

    Thanks for all the advice. I will certainly look at Rockingham as an option. Are there any areas I should avoid there? I have done some research today and there appears to be some beautiful areas. The job I have been offered is fantastic. It's with Silver chain, the ladies that interviewed me were lovely, and I am really looking forward to working with them. I am a palliative care nurse in the UK and feel so lucky to have the chance to continue this in Perth. I have been reading about the trouble people are having getting a rental and am not looking forward to this. I know it will help that I have a job but we are bringing our little dog so this may make it harder. Do you think a short term rental of 4 weeks will be long enough for us to get sorted, and have you got any suggestions of where to stay? Thanks
  13. Hi, I would be grateful for advice from people who have made the move to Perth or visited. We have PR and have been to Melbourne twice and were intending to move there in July, however I've found it very difficult trying to secure a job (I'm a nurse) the only people who seem to be hiring are private hospitals and this is not my ideal. However I have been offered a fab job in Perth with an excellent package from a large charitable health care provider. The employers seem to want to help us make this move as smooth as possible and help us settle in. They asked me if I want to live NOR or SOR as they have several bases around Perth (I will be working in the community). I have previously looked at Baldivis so said SOR, do you thinks this is a good choice? We have 2 teens 13 and 16yrs. We live in a small village which doesn't even have a shop but want to live in an area will more, perhaps a few shops, on a bus route and with a train station, within 30- 40 Mins of CBD and 20-30mins of a beach. Daughter is mad about horses so riding is very important and will need a decent high school. 16yr old wants to be a science teacher so will return to High school so hopefully he will be able to go to Uni. My base will be Jandakot, oh will be looking for unskilled work such as warehouse, forklift driving. What areas do you suggest I look at? I have a hundred questions as have spent years researching Melbourne but now have 3 months to research Perth. Ahhhhhhh! :arghh: Thanks
  14. tasormelb

    Finished work today and 2 weeks to go

    I am glad you are feeling better today. I can understand how you feel. I swing from excitement to terror about leaving, this emmigration buisness sure is a rollercoaster! We plan to leave for Melb in July but I am having serious wobbles this weekend. I have had a lovely couple of shifts with some lovely colleauges at work and wonder if I will be so lucky with a new job. I also keep looking at my faithful old dog who will have to go to live with my Mum as she can't fly due to health reasons and hating myself for leaving her! I am wondering at the moment if I am strong enough to leave all I love!
  15. tasormelb

    working as a nurse for a private hospital in Melbourne

    Thanks for your responses Blobby 1000 I am a palliative care / cancer nurse. Bordy I have PR but it is proving tough to get a job offer from the Uk. People have said just arrive in Melb and you will be OK, a job will follow but I find this approach very scary. I have a good job at the moment and am afraid of being unemployed for a length of time. What is your experience of the job market in Melb for nurses recently?