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  1. Scarby

    Garden thread

    Thanks for that, we have kids so will avoid them!
  2. Scarby

    Garden thread

    Thats really helpful, thank you! Will have a look round at what is in everyone elses gardens:)
  3. Scarby

    Garden thread

    Some lovely gardening photos! We have just moved into a house in Perth and garden needs some TLC, can anyone give me some tips on what plants/flowers would grow well there? thanks
  4. Scarby

    Pet Friendly accomodation WA??

    Thats great will check them out, Thank you!
  5. We would like to visit Albany/Denmark in Dec/Jan time but the kennels are booked up, I have looked at Big 4 campsites but they dont allow dogs in the school holidays so wondering if anyone knows of pet friendly accomodation? Thanks
  6. We would like to go away December/Jan South of Perth but cant get our dog in the kennels for that time have looked at the Big 4 campsites but see they dont accept pets in the school holiday times, any ideas of campsites holiday houses that will take pets? Thanks:)
  7. Scarby

    Dog kennels

    We have used Baldivis Boarding Kennels, its about 10 minutes from Rockingham and seems to be fine, (we have a Murphy too!)
  8. Scarby

    My 10 year old is devastated

    I do understand where you are coming from, we talked about coming to Australia for a long time before we actually moved over so the kids had always known that we would one day move, our then 9 year old was apprehensive about going but we explained it as an adventure and if we didnt like it after a few years we could come back, when our visa came through our 6 year old daughter sobbed that she didnt want to go because "they dont speak my language"! little things like that can stress out kids and when we explained to her she was fine with it, we have been here nearly a year and the kids all love it here, they instantly made new friends at school and we put them in similar clubs they had been in the UK so they could make friends with similar interests. Hope this helps.
  9. Scarby

    Online Contact Lenses?

    Thats great thank you!
  10. Scarby

    Online Contact Lenses?

    Hi, I used to get my contact lenses online in the UK, does anyone have any recommendations of which companies to get them from in Australia (we are in Perth), any info appreciated. Thanks
  11. Scarby

    Batten down the hatches

    Glad its not too common then!! Seems so loud, hope it passes over soon:(
  12. Scarby

    Batten down the hatches

    This is our first Perth winter, is this usual weather?!
  13. Scarby

    Batten down the hatches

    Me Too! Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!
  14. Scarby

    Batten down the hatches

    Hubby works for Western Power so is fault finding tonight in this, it seems so loud without double glazing too, not liking this weather it all!