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    Flights for dogs over Christmas?

    Will do, have sent off the email as of yet no reply
  2. carlos66

    Flights for dogs over Christmas?

    Thanks for the info guys, I think I'd better send them an e-mail to see what to do :smile:
  3. carlos66

    Flights for dogs over Christmas?

    Well I have just realised that after 30 days in Quarantine our dog will be released right on Christmas Eve! He is going to eastern creek and needs to be in Adelaide, what I would like to know is will we be able to arrange a flight for him in this period. He might have to end up hitching a ride with that fat man in a red suit in his reindeer powered vehicle! :eek:
  4. carlos66

    Visa granted today

    Hey we are going to Adelaide too,my sister lives there she loves it. Amanda
  5. carlos66

    Visa granted today

    Hey us too, we also had our son's medicals referred because of son's autism, and have recieved the news today that we are off to Aus, it feels great I'm so happy for you too. Just have the house to sell fingers crossed. I want to also thank everybody for information on here which helped us through the days of doubt especially RonnieRockets post which gave us hope with the medical situation.:biglaugh:
  6. carlos66

    Emigrating with autism

    Hey found this, this answers my previous post about what to do when asked for extra meds for autistic son. What a brill post has saved me lots of weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth! Carl
  7. Well we went for our medicals 28th March, took info for our son from school and medical reports from when he was diagnosed. The panel doctor suggested just sending the letter I got from his SENCO at his school as this explained how able he is to function normally and that his statement would most probably be removed if he were to stay in Uk. They now want another assessment done which is fair enough, they dont know him. The trouble is finding a specialist who can do all what they are asking up her in north east england does anyone know of any and roughly how much it costs, so I know I'm not being ripped off. Carl :confused:
  8. carlos66

    Vehicle insurance

    :cool:HI can anyone explain what I need to do to transfer my motorcycle full NO CLAIMS BONUS and if this will be valid in OZ,,, CHEERS CARLOS
  9. carlos66

    OMG SS 176 visa granted today!!!

    Great news all the best. Carl
  10. carlos66

    Medical x-rays query

    Hi Lisa, the doctor did Carl first then Reece who is also 15 then sent them both down for the x-rays he then did Taylor then me so it was just us girls in the room hope this helps Amanda:cute: oh and by the way you get undressed behind a curtain and ladies get to have a sheet over them then he partly opens the curtains. I had to do a breast exam since I'm over 40 but was asked if I needed a nurse, as Taylor was there I felt fine, I also felt very comfortable with the doctor.
  11. carlos66

    Medical x-rays query

    OOps just realised you applied this year, thought I was going to save you money there!:wacko: Amanda
  12. carlos66

    Medical x-rays query

    Hi Lisa, its Amanda Carl's O/H Just thought I'd let you know we have just been to Manchester today for our medicals with Dr Brendon Smith, really nice and friendly quite funny too, our daughter Taylor, who is 11 now but was 9 when we applied. Was told by the radiographer that she didnt need an x-ray as they take it from when we applied, but as I had seen on this site, that no, they still need an X-ray because they are now 11. I asked her about it, she was aware of this and advised me that Dr Million had been in touch with DIAC very strongly about the lack of advice that they were giving to agents about this matter, and that no we didnt need an x-ray for Taylor, yet to see though if we are called back for her! Oh and by the way if you are E Health x-rays cost £90 which sort of took up Taylor's £75 I thought I was going to pay! Good luck with your plans Amanda x:cute:
  13. carlos66

    Old passport numbers

    Hi, Was wondering if anybody knows how to access your old passport numbers, question 13 in form 80 is asking us to provide all passport numbers we have ever had! Well they were just destroyed not thinking we would ever need them! I knew I should have trusted my hoarding insincts and kept them! Amanda
  14. carlos66

    UK disability living allowance

    Hi Lisa, Well I've just spoke to my sister in Adelaide in a right tiss about it, and I must say she's put my mind at rest. She assured me that autism over there isnt supported like it is in England so he probably wouldnt be entitled to anything at all anyway over there in the way of disability living allowance. She said all they are looking for is how much cost to the services he will be, which medically he over here hasnt, other than in gaining his diagnosis for the purpose of gaining support at school. Hope this puts your mind at rest, I can let you know how we get on if you like. Amanda:cute:
  15. carlos66

    UK disability living allowance

    Thanks for that, I'll speak to our agent on Monday:wink: