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  1. Markandsharon

    Meet up in Point Cook - coffee??

    Ok pm your mobile or if your on fb am also on there ! I check fb more then here. Thanks Sharon x
  2. Markandsharon

    Meet up in Point Cook - coffee??

    Hi ya there are a few of us who get together a lot when we can too.We are all very lovely !! We often go to the coffee club. Let me know if your up for meeting up. Thanks Sharon.
  3. Markandsharon

    Living in Point Cook

    Hi ya err no there is no pub but lots of places to eat and drink. Point cook is massive, youl will need at car. The houses are stunning. The town has all you need. As for school there a few new ones being build. I love it here, all depends where you choose to live. The catchment area are so tight and the schools very stricked on where you live. My girls are 9 and 7 and go to point cook. They love it. I was Told to stay well clear of careen ballick school. Was told 4 times in one week and 3 of them was Aussie lady's , they said if you put yur kids in there youWILL be moving them out to another school after a few months.I listened some people I kmow didn't .shame really as the houses in alamanda are sooooooooo stunning but **** school. And school must come over the house. We had had to do. There are 2 other schools too. I haven't heard a bad word about point cook college, but at the end of the day you need to come see it and get a feel yourself. It's a very big school too. Teachers , head, everyone is very helpful and friendly. We have been so very lucky since we have been here. Good luck with it all thanks Sharon xxx
  4. Markandsharon

    Living in Point Cook

    Hi gina I have been here in point cook for 8 weeks and love it. If there is anything you would like to know let me no. I have two daughters ages 7 and 9 they go to point cook school. They love it. We love point cook. Where are you coming from too. Take care sharon xxx
  5. Markandsharon

    choosing your footy team

    Never mind we all have our problems lol Tottenham for our family , going to get settled before we choose our Aussie side , I hate saying that as a footy side should be in your blood not just the side that's winning at the moment ,
  6. Markandsharon

    At last! we are here....

    loving the update , how easy was it getting rental place , you spoke of an "us " resume how did that go thanks mark
  7. good luck and keep us posted how you get on , i arrive in melbourne on the 27th may , so lets hope theres plenty of work in the industry in oz , :biggrin:
  8. Markandsharon

    English Hairdressers??

    Yeah defo stay in touch .. If not for hair but to make friends too. Are you in oz or still in the uk. We fly to Melbourne on the 25th may , so excited !! Woo hooo xx
  9. Markandsharon

    English Hairdressers??

    Hi am a English hairdresser so sounds like I will have the same problem when we move to point cook in may!! I very fussy about how hair is cut.. Ihad my own salon for 3 years so I know what is expected of a good hair cut and service !!
  10. Markandsharon


    can really recommend milcom did my aqf and got my licence through them , its a trip to sydney but welll worth it i arrive in melbourne in may , so can let you know how the industry is when i get there thanks mark
  11. Well I went for Victoria , won't be there till end of may , I have a few things in the pipe line works wise , but most places are interested in you til you arrive . I can let you know how the industry is when I get there Thanks mark.
  12. Markandsharon

    how long once sent off passports to be returned?

    Hi ya Our passports took 3 days and was back very fast, a lot faster then we thought . Xx UOTE=shazney64;1011821]How long roughly has it taken for the paasports to be returned once sent off for stamps? We are cuting it fine we have flights booked for 30th March and our furniture has already been sent, but still not got passports sent back. We provided special delivery return also didnt know if it helped but was a small price to pay. thanks sharon xx
  13. Markandsharon

    Western suburbs thread (Melbourne)

    Would love too, but I done arrive till end of may !! Would love to meet up when we arrive and make some new friends Sharon xxx
  14. Markandsharon

    Ballet schools in point cook ??

    Hi Elaine Thankyou that will be a great help as both girls love there sports and being outs side although Yasmin hates ballet she more of a footballer. Ellie will be over the moon. Many thanks Sharon x
  15. Markandsharon

    Western suburbs thread (Melbourne)

    [ Hi Tracy are you on facebook.? Am Sharon Garmonsway . Hope to have a phone as so as we can when we arrive !! Will be the end of may , so excited lol xxx Am 34 marks 35 Yasmin is 9 and Ellie is 7 . QUOTE=tracy123;993481]Our family is in Tarneit Just send a PM and we can swap numbers etc