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    It's so hard to pack!!!!!

    Hi there, I remember being the same almost 2 years ago now! The best advice would be to pack a little bit of everything! I put in some smartish trousers and a shirt and was glad I did as I got a job pretty quick! I had bought a new suit but air freighted that and it arrived just after I got my job and has still not been worn. As far as chucking things out goes, if you are shipping stuff then try to bring it with you unless its worn out. I have found clothes here to be more expensive and the choice is a bit limited. I stocked up on kids stuff in the next sale and was glad I did. Good luck with it all.:cute:
  2. Luella2

    Moving to a new rental property.

    We got the house and the landlord has given us 2 1/2 weeks - the agent said we were worth waiting for! Ducted heating, air con, dishwasher and garage here we come
  3. Luella2

    Moving to a new rental property.

    Hi Kate and Freckleface thanks for the quick response. I think you're right and it is quite reasonable, looking at it from a landlords point of view - we are landlords ourselves back in the UK and were lucky enough to get a 2nd tennant in with hardly any gap! We're loving it here thanks Kate, we recently went back to the UK and while it was great to see family we were v. happy to get back. Hope life in Cairns is good.
  4. Hi we have been living in Melbourne for 15 months now and loving it. We are living in a rental property that we have not been entirely happy with and once our 12 month lease was up we started to look for somewhere new. We have found another rental that we think will suit us better, have applied and think that we will get it. But the agent has just contacted me to ask what date we would like to move in, we need to give 1 months notice on our current property and because the property we hope to move to is available now, the agent said that what normally happens is we split it and move in in 2 weeks. My question is does this normally happen? is it reasonable for the agent to ask us to start paying rent in 2 weeks? I guess it all comes down to how much we want to live there at then end of the day, but it would of course mean paying double rent for 2 weeks and as we have a baby due in May we are being careful. If anyone has any advice/experience of moving from one rental to other that would be great Thanks! :smile:
  5. Luella2

    Manchester M60 radius

    We moved from Cheadle 4 months ago to Melbourne. So far so good
  6. Luella2

    Should we buy?A Dilemma for us.

    Great question. We have only been here 4 months, not too keen on renting but agree that buying is a bit of a minefield and lots of properties overpriced. Will be interested to hear what others think.
  7. Luella2

    3 months in and loving it!

    Hi I saw a job advertised on seek.com it was the first one I applied for and they rang the next day, went for a chat and contract was signed by 5pm. Think it was a lot of luck and I fitted what they were looking for. OH applied for a fair few jobs and heard nothing from some. He sent a speculative e-mail to a company in Melbourne didn't even include his CV and they got in touch saying they were looking to hire and could he come in for an interview. He couldn't believe it as he had spent hours on some applications, hearning nothing and then a quick e-mail paid off. Timing and luck I think - maybe not much help and don't know what line of work you're in but there does seem to be plenty of jobs around melbourne.
  8. Luella2

    3 months in and loving it!

    Well been here 3 months now and keep having to pinch myself at how good life is here. Said to my husband omg can you believe how good our life is? as we're sat on the decking having another bbq. I think you take it for granted after a while, the gorgeous scenery and lifestyle. Spent this afternoon ( like last Saturday) at the beach by the lake near where we live. My son went off to play with some little aussie kids, in the water loving it. They were all with their dads who were like no problem we'll watch your kid while me and hubby sat and chatted. We watched our son of course but they were genuinely good blokes and looked after him and made him feel welcome. Had a good chat with them and another bloke rocked up and offered us all free beers! The aussies are so friendly and love to chat and take the p***! Having moved here from Manchester we are loving the slower pace of life. When we first arrived we stayed in Monbulk, back home we were like Where is that??? but it turned out to be the best place with friendly people and we have moved just up the road from there. Would actually love to live back in Monbulk but with limited rental properties available and no station for OH's commute to CBD it's not an option - yet! We have both got good jobs out here I am a teacher and got a post shortly after arriving, OH works in IT and he found work after a couple of months. We arrived with our savings and a determined attitude to make it work. Don't get me wrong the first couple of months are hard at times, it took 3 months for our container to arrive and it was hard living without our stuff. The first time I went to the supermarket I panicked that I could not find my way home - no sat nav with me or phone either and there are weird fish out of water moments. But it's worth it! Aussies say to me your accents strong where are you from? Well I am a proud yorkshire lass and don't plan to lose my accent yet! A part of me will always miss yorkshire, but life here is so good. I would say to anyone wanting to come out to give it a go - you don't know till you try it. Just make sure you save those pounds up and stock up on clothes and cosmetics before you get here - or you'll be like me going without and saying I'm not paying that!! Good luck all:jiggy:
  9. Hi all, Shall we say meet at 12 on Saturday at Cardinia reservoir for a picnic. Hopefully the weather will be good - if not we'll postpone! Let me know if you can make it and I'll look out for you. I'll be around the picnic tables with my husband Pete and Matthew (3). Tina
  10. Hi Julie, Great to hear from you hope we can all meet up this weekend our son Matthew is 3 and is in need of playmates! Have sent you a message. Tina
  11. Luella2

    Crap Currency

    We made the move to Melbourne 6 weeks ago. The exchange rate was a bit gutting but we decided to go - it was now or never! We haven't sold our house though, renting it out as we would lose too much on exchange rate. Some things are a bit more expensive here but we have adjusted accordingly and on the upside there's lots of free stuff to do. Good luck with planning your move.:wink:
  12. Hi all, Weather looking good for weekend was thinking maybe we could meet up at Cardinia reservoir for a picnic? We haven't been there yet but hear it's good. Let me know what you think. Tina
  13. Hi I'm from Brid and my husbands from Leeds. We have a 3 year old and would love to meet up. We've been here for 6 weeks now and have been so busy sorting everything out but now want to get out and meet people. We are in Lilydale which is a fair way out of the city and I'm not sure where we are in relation to you - but it shouldn't be a problem as we don't mind travelling to meet up. Tina and Pete
  14. Luella2

    how are we all finding things????

    Hi Paddy, I got a place on a course at Deakin Uni, it's run by the Dep of Ed and it's a refresher course for returning and overseas teachers. The course is free and I found it really useful. I'm sure there will be several of these running next year, so if your OH can get a place on one it would be worthwhile. I'd already got my job before starting my course but went anyway and was glad I did. There were 50% secondary teachers on it. I think Maths is a subject quite in demand over here so fingers crossed for your OH. My job is in an independent school so I didn't have to do the very long application that is expected for state schools. Someone told me it is easier to get into a private school as they love British teachers. I was v. lucky and got my job after a week of being here but I think it's a good time of year to come out before the academic year starts again in FEb. Send me a message if I can be of any more help. Good Luck Tina
  15. Luella2

    how are we all finding things????

    Hi Michelle, So good to hear from someone who understands! It will be good to start my new job, I did half a day supply today and it was good to get out and meet people as it has mostly been the 3 of us since we arrived. My husband is looking for IT work so fingers crossed he will find something, although it has been nice having him at home. Did you find work quite quickly? The weather's looking good for the weekend and after 30 degrees next week.:jiggy: xx