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  1. LaLa

    Looking to meet people brissy

    Hi Gbye grey sky, Please can you give me details of the Poms group in Bayside? I live in Thornlands. Happy New Year !
  2. LaLa

    75yr+ medical for tourist visa

    Ok. Well I think I'll just get him the 3 months and go from there. Thank you.
  3. LaLa

    75yr+ medical for tourist visa

    Thank you George. Maybe he should just go for 3 months then. If he wishes to stay for a bit longer do you know if he could get another 3 months visa or extend the tourist visa while out in Australia? Thank you.
  4. My 80 year old father wishes to visit Australia for between 6-12 months. I have just read that he will have to have a medical before he can be granted a tourist visa. I have spoken to his GP and he said he would be fine to travel to Australia. But now Im a bit worried that he wont pass the medical as he has very mild dementia, history of heart problems plus other health problems but they are all stable and treated with medication. Has anyone had experience of this aged medical examination? How strict is it? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  5. Thank you very much for your replies. I will try and contact the person you suggested. We thought about my husband going back over to gain his citizenship but as you said I'm not sure this would possible as we have been out of Australia too long.
  6. Yes his visa runs out same time as ours. he has already had his visa extended as we had to come back to the uk. The embassay in brisbane extended his visa to match our dates. I think I was sponsored by husband.
  7. Thank you for your reply. No my husband is not a citizen we are all on a pr visa. He is short of 5weeks to be able to apply for citizenship.
  8. Hi everyone, I would appreciate your help with my dilemma. My family and I moved to oz in 2008 but had to return to the uk in 2010 ( just short of 2years) as my parents fell ill. Unfortunately my mother died of cancer last year. We now live with my elderly father (80 yrs old)in England. He had a heart attack last year but has recovered well. he also has mild vascular dementia and is registered disabled. I am my fathers carer. Our pr visas run out next year and don't know whether we will able to renew them. if we can't renew them would there be anyway to get a visa for my father to come and live with us in oz? He would be happy to move there with us. His doctor has said he would be able to manage the flight and move. He does have a another child but they do not speak and haven't done for years. He also has step children but they rarely contact him. None of the other relatives in the uk would be prepared to look after him. He depends on me for meals, drinks, medication and transport/outings. He is financially independent and owns his house. It is a hard decision to make as my family are desperate to get back to oz but we want to care and keep my father happy until the end of his days. Any advise please? Thank you : )
  9. :spinny:Hi, I moved to Brisbane in Oct 2008. I didn't get my teacher registration number until January 09. It takes a little while to process all your documents. I would advise you to get your registration as soon as you can as employers don’t really want to know if you don’t have one. I was put on a provisional registration which means I have to work for a year before I can gain a full registration. I found it hard to find a job in Brisbane so I decided to look further a field. I ended up getting a job in a private school in the Sunshine Coast. If you want to work in a state school you have to complete a form and they will find you a job in that area (if there are any vacancies). Private schools normally advertise on-line or in local newspapers. You could make a list of schools in the area you want to teach in and send them a cover letter and your CV. The best time to start looking would be end September onwards as the school year begins in January. I used these sites to look for work: www.teachers.on.net www.seek.com.au I hope this helps. If you need to know any more info just let me know. LaLa
  10. Yes I know all those places! :spinny:I live 2 minutes from St Helier hospital, just off of Wrythe Lane. Im moving to the Redlands area in Brisbane. I went to Brisbane last year to have a look around. It seems to have places to suit everyone! I am a primary school teacher but I am on a career break as i've had a baby and would like to spend more time with her. What do you guys do and where are you planning on living?
  11. Im from Sutton too. I''l be in Brisbane on 22nd October. Small world!:smile:
  12. LaLa

    Spouse visa granted..at last!!!!

    Thank you for your replies!:yes: I sorry but i am unsure what a vetassess practical test is. Try a search for it or maybe start a thread with that question someone will be able to tell you.
  13. Thanks for your replies!:v_SPIN: I got my visa yesterday so I am going to send my documents to QCT this month. I am going to Brisbane in October and was hoping to teacher at the start of Term 1. I think I may have left it a bit late for that as I probably wont get registered in time. I am looking to live around the Redlands area so I could teach about an hour away from there. Could anyone tell me the best place to look for teaching job? I have looked on mycareer, seek and teachersnet.com. Would it be worth going through an agency such as smart or protocol? I was thinking of sending my CV to all schools near by but I don't know if that would be worthwhile.
  14. My visa was granted this morning hooray!!! I am soooo pleased. Now I can get my life in order (or try to) ! Can't wait to leave 'sunny surrey' for Thornlands Brisbane!! woo hooo! My time line April 2008 Medicals and police check 22nd May 2008 Front loaded application handed into Australia House London 21 August 2008 Visas granted :wubclub:
  15. Thanks for that info thats very helpful!!!