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  1. Hi All Just food for thought, please dont take this the wrong way Are you just as bad as the Muslims? When moving to Australia are you wanting to move into a British community? or has part of your choice of area have anything to do with friends or family living in that area? Are your parents talking about moving over to be with you? When in Australia are you searching out English pubs, foods, magazines shops etc? Do you not crave bits of the UK you miss? Australia was founded by the British and has grown over time to have its own identity but your churches, food, languge way of life, family values are all very similar to what you have in the UK. But for some reasons are not enough (for most) Why cant Muslims and other races have the same? why cant they have there home comforts?, the difference is they have darker skin so it sticks out alot more. I agree you need to make an effort to assimilate into your community and you need to make the effort, but if your being told to f*** off and go home etc how long will you keep trying before you give up? All parties are at fault here! not every English person is racist nor every Asian a terrorist. Just my views, I'm not judging nor should anyone else What are yours Geoffrey
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    Western suburbs thread (Melbourne)

    Hi All If you live in the Western suburbs of Victoria, please join the thread... Please tell us who you are, where you are, and what it’s like, any tips? Remember what it was like trying to do research on an area, this thread could be a goldmine for new comers. If your thinking about the Western suburbs please join the thread, this should be the place to ask questions about the place. If you have a trade or service let us know. Lets start up a meet up for the area, I know at 1 point there was a drinks night, if it’s still going are new members welcome? We have some nice beaches and parks lets get some family days going.... PIO is a community web site lets turn the Western Suburbs into a community where new migrants feel welcome, who knows we just might make some life long friends along the way.
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    Whats wrong with the BNP?

    Hi All I know what they stand for, whether i agree or disagree is errelevant. I just don't like the way the government and media are always attacking them. Without free speech i wonder where the media would be in this country? If the 2 main parties listened to the people and got their house in order alot of the so called disenchanted people looking for a change, looking to stick it up the government, wouldn't be or is this just to simplistic a view? I understand the damage what the BNP can cause, in 1996 a woman by the name of Pauline Hanson won office in QLD, (f your interested I've posted a link on who she is) Pauline Hanson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I was driving coaches at this time dealing mostly with Asians (people from Singapore) and alot of them were frightened of coming to Australia, not knowing what to expect wondering what type of people we were, and every new group seemed to have the same fear.instead of talking about Phillip Island and the fairy penguins the same thing came up who is Pauline Hanson and what do Australians think about her???? From 1 person she became a party (1 nation) If i can remember at the time John Howard took alot of flack because he was not shooting her down he let her fall on her face and over time she disappeared. Earlier this year she popped back up running for a seat people seemed to be worried but she didn't get the votes needed. I don't know anything about the BNP (how long they have been around etc) but they have seemed to grow alot more this year, have their policies got better or are the government failing us? I think the government need to sort their house out and get the country moving again and maybe the BNP might just fade back into the background. Im sorry if I offend anyone with my naivety
  4. OK it’s an easy enough question, do you spit or swallow? Also do you find that when you get drunk you can’t help but swallow???? Do you find that just rolling it around in your mouth gives you enough of a taste that spitting it out gives you the desired taste? By the way I’m talking about wine tasting. Adult content....... Alcohol!!!! May offend....... Spitting!!!! For all of you with a dirty mind, please pass by this thread is not for you. I wonder how many people can’t help but take a look :wink:
  5. I found this while I was on the net, simple advice really most I think we already know, but always worth a read. Positive and negative thinking can be very powerful. If you’re someone who always looks on the negative side of things then chances are you’re always feeling disappointed and let down by the people around you. Say you’re going to a theme park and all that’s on your mind is “its a bank holiday, its going to be packed” then you’re not going to enjoy yourself because you’ll be complaining about how packed the theme park is. However, if you go to that very same theme park with this thought on your mind “Yeah it might be packed, but i’ll be able to get on a few rides and i’ll enjoy myself” you instantly transform your mind from negative into positive. Positive thinkers are usually happy people, people who can look on the positive side of every situation are fun to be around because they’re usually always upbeat and happy, and thats the type of person many of us like to be around because we can enjoy ourselves. Negative thinkers are often the complainers, complaining its too hot or too cold, and just complaining about anything bad that happens. If I ask you to look at a news website, the chances are a majority of that news will be bad news. When there is an Earthquake, the news is always focused on the deaths and destruction that, that Earthquake has caused, what the news rarely focusses on are the people that have survived, the people that are pulled from wreckage and reunited with their families. Whatever the mind expects it finds. For example, if you go out during the night and you expect something bad to happen then you’ll be constantly “look” for that bad thing, which is where the saying “If you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you” comes from. It’s quite common for someone to say “Think positive” to someone who’s feeling down, although usually people don’t quite understand what this means so the words aren’t taken seriously. Positive and Negative thinking is contagious. When you’re with someone who is constantly moaning and thinking negative about everything then after a while, you’ll begin to do exactly the same and you’ll start to feel miserable. However, if you’re with a positive thinker then things instantly brighten up and you enjoy yourself a whole lot more. So next time you catch yourself thinking negative about something, stop yourself and think, what’s good about this situation? How can I make the best out of the situation in front of me? Do this for a few days and you’ll begin to instantly notice a difference in how you’re feeling, you’ll no doubt begin to feel happier.
  6. tracy123

    Ramblings from an Aussie.

    When I was in the UK I often wondered why people that spent so many hours on PIO waiting for their visa would just disappear after a short time of living in Australia. In all honesty I thought they were bloody rude. They, like everyone else loved reading recci reports and needed to know if what they were doing was right and was Australia as good as people said etc, etc, etc and here was their chance to give back to the next generation of PIO users...... And there was nothing........ Just the same few that loved their new life banging the drum trying to help others. Well I can tell you I wasn’t going to be one of those people........ Seems I’ve ended up doing the same thing......:embarrassed: How rude, so a big SORRY to those like me, that still come on but don’t post!!! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I guess the main reason is, I love my new life, all those things I wanted to change about myself, I can. I don’t need other people telling me I wear rose tinted glasses because I love Australia warts and all. In all honesty rose tinted glasses are great; if you don’t have a pair get them. To see the glass half full rather than half empty is a great way to live your life, no matter where you call home! I’ve met loads of POM’s in Australia..... Seems they are everywhere...... spooky..... It seems most know about PIO, most have been on PIO and most leave PIO for the same reason! They don’t need the grief off others, they love their new life and don’t feel the need to justify themselves, it’s easier to leave PIO and get on with their new life. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying anything bad about PIO, PIO is a great place for support, to find friends and has as much info as anyone could need about life in Oz etc. Rob and Kate do a great job in running the site and deserve a big thank you.:notworthy::wubclub: I’m trying to explain (badly I’m guessing) why not as many positive people stay on PIO. I’m sure there are many other reasons why, but from what I’ve heard that seems to be the biggest reason. <o:p></o:p> For now, this will be one of my last posts on PIO, life is really good and trying to find time to post on PIO is bloody hard..... Not enough hours in the day! So I’ll try and fit all my thoughts on 1 post.... Hence Ramblings from an Aussie..... :wacko: <o:p></o:p> People ask loads of advice on where to live in Australia, and most seem to only think of the new things they want. If you want life to work in Australia, you need to look at all of the things you love about the place you live, the life you live, what is it that makes you tick? Write them down, no matter how small, write down your life for a week even a month, then highlight the bits you enjoy and the bits you don’t! If you go to the pub every night on the way home for a pint and to wind down before going home, chances are you’ll need that in Australia. How many times did you go to the art gallery? Will you need to live near that type of entertainment, do you catch public transport or do you drive to work, and how long does it take? Do you enjoy that part of your life? Moving to Australia gives you a chance to re start your life but don’t wipe away those things you enjoy otherwise you will miss it, and that could affect whether you stay or go! Look at states that have the things you love as well as the things you would like. Put the things you already do above those you would like to do... To ship or not to ship? Bring everything, and I mean everything, bring clothes hangers, clothes pegs, that old sofa that only has 6 months left before it falls apart. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! WHY you may ask? Not because things are more expensive, but it saves you the stress of trying to find and buy things. When you arrive you have your whole life to sort out, a house, a car, schools, jobs, Medicare etc, etc, etc..... Do you really want the stress of trying to find your dream sofa? Most people rent first so why buy your dream sofa to fit a house that you don’t own? It takes time to find where to shop to get those bargains, give you that time. When you are ready to buy, haggle, don’t be afraid to ask is that the best price! Even then, walk away and look somewhere else, and if that’s the one you want after that, go back and tell them you want it cheaper..... They expect it, and the worst they can say is, sorry that’s our best price! You can even haggle at the op shop! (Charity shops) <o:p></o:p> Try and keep a few thousand in the bank for a trip back to the UK if needed. Sometimes the thought of being able to go back is enough to make you want to stay.... Work that one out? Where if you don’t have the money you can feel trapped.... And that could make you want to leave! <o:p></o:p> When looking at an area to rent take a check list with you, sounds silly I know. Have 2 lists, things that you need out of the area and things that you need out of a house. It amazes me how many people whinge that they aren’t close to public transport, parks, shops, schools, pubs etc. Go into a real estate agent and tell them the things you need and let them help you find the right house that suits ALL of your needs. When you find the house that suits your needs, haggle about the price, if there are plenty of rentals you should get a reduction, or if it doesn’t have a dish washer, air conditioner tell them you want one (if that’s what you’d like) The worst they can say is sorry the answer is no! Once you get a house, go through it with a fine tooth comb, write down every mark, every cob web and every weed, then sign it and get the real estate agent to sign it and copy it for their file and yours. That way when you’re ready to leave you have come back! It’s amazing how many people get stung because a pre existing mark wasn’t written on the check list! <o:p></o:p> Making friends! <o:p></o:p> It can be bloody hard, if you need friends you’ll have to make the effort. Think back to your old life, how often did you make new friends and include them in your group? PIO is a great way to meet like minded people, but then you get stuck with just ex pats.... Make the effort and join in groups that you have an interest in. It will happen in time. <o:p></o:p> Getting out and about, if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane buy a Melways, Sydways, Brisways. (Unsure about the other states) For those that don’t know they are a map book. Take a look at the back part of the book; they have loads of info on sports clubs, picnic grounds etc and then the map to get you there LOL..... <o:p></o:p> I guess everything I’ve written is simple advice, but it seems that some get caught up in living the dream rather than living their life. Don’t worry about the price of a lemon, that will work itself out. Work out what you need and what you’d like and if things don’t work out don’t go home upset because life didn’t work out the way you wanted, don’t go home with bad thoughts about Australia, go home with the knowledge that you have figured out what is important to you and your family. People can go their whole life not knowing that, people can go their whole life wondering what if? At least you gave it a go, yes it may have cost thousands, yes you may have to start again, but that gives you a chance to do things differently, enjoy that fact! <o:p></o:p> Good luck to everyone in Australia loving their new life, good luck to those returning back home, good luck to everyone who is starting their journey. Never give up on your dreams. To those stuck in Australia treading water, I hope that something goes your way and you get to return home. <o:p></o:p> All the best and take care. <o:p></o:p> Geoffrey
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    Don't like Australia!

    What is it with Australia you don’t like? Hang on, NO I DON’T REALLY CARE! If you don’t like it go home. You have done more than most and given it a chance. Chalk it up to one of life’s lessons and move on. Most English people I speak to are not happy about all these new immigrants coming into this Country (England) and God forbid when they slate England and don’t like certain aspects of English culture, they seem to get a right grilling for it. Australia is what it is. Why should it change for you?! If we wanted to be different we would change but we are happy the way we are. If you don’t like it deal with it, except it or move on. I came to England to experience a different culture and to tell you the truth I don’t like it. People are to busy to say hello, manors don’t seem to exist! things that don’t cost anything have disappeared. I have a choice to except it deal with it or move on. I have accepted it. You drive into a country town and a lot of them are lovely, old buildings cobbled streets, a really old world feel to the place. Then you walk down the main street and you have boots, Somerfield’s, Superdrug, Greggs, Evens etc etc etc Gee where am I???? I may as well go to the Trafford centre. England is loosing its culture and it has nothing to do with Immigrants it has to do with big business and Government. How many of you lot have your own butcher, green grocer baker that you go to? Or is it all done in the weekly shop? If you don’t support your local shops they close and the big companies roll right in. I think some of the people wanting to return home need to take off their rose coloured glasses. You left for a reason do you think it has really got any better? Before anyone starts YES I have put this on to stir the pot. I have a right to my beliefs as you do yours! I’ve named no names I am putting no one down. As the saying goes IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T READ IT AND DON’T RESPOND…….. Have a great day Geoffrey
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    what is Australia missing

    Now we could go down that boring road of putting things like culture etc but really, lets be fair it does have culture but it's Australian it does have comedy but it's Australian you can't knock a place for having it's own unique brand or take on things Things that surprised me that the UK is missing are - being able to set the amount of fuel you want at the petrol pump. - Dim sims I'm sure there are loads more. So what was it that you would of thought Australia would have, that you took for granted in the UK?
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    Wot?I was only saying!

    Just don't do it naked, if your using hot oil!!!!!!
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    Great house for sale Belmont

    Come on, that can't be classed as a selling point can it? Surely that decreases your property value :biglaugh: Good luck with the sale :wubclub:
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    Tarneit to be largest suburb

    What does that mean........ :policeman: Bloody suburb snob.... LMAO :biglaugh:
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    They had been gone for 3 days before the Turkish realised wasn't it?
  13. By a bloody magpie!!!!! I was riding my bike to pick up my son from kinder, and was holding his scooter across my handle bars, when I heard this noise above me and something hit my helmet, I looked up to see a magpie coming in for another go, just as that happened the scooter got caught in my front wheel throwing me over the handle bars and onto the road, as I lay on the road looking up the bloody thing flew away, I'm sure it would of been smiling (if it could!!!!) Now I sit hear with my leg puffed up, throbing and bleeding, a sore rist, elbow and feeling sorry for myself :cry::cry::cry: Then to top it off Joey was riding his scooter home and his front wheel went onto the grass sending him flying...... now he has a huge graze on his forehead..... What a day...... Anyone else been attacked by an animal?
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    Lone Pine, Anzac Cove, Turkey
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    As others have said, you need to understand the reasons behind it. It's not just about the war, but it's about the people and our nation. If I have read right? At that point in time Australian's seen themselves as English, this war was only going to be a short holiday, the first conscripts had to be over a certain height and even a missing tooth would see you refused, within a few days Australia had filled it's quoter with brave men. It was also the first time Australia fought under it's own flag, up till that point we were merged into British units. So you see it's not just about Gallipoli but about the birth of the Australian people standing on their own. I feel very proud of our brave men and I get that through learning about their actions, it starts in school and never leaves you. Learning about this point in time is an important part of Australia's history.. Lest we forget! :notworthy:
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    Tarneit to be largest suburb

    Gee Aj.................... Where did you live? In a paddock? (Not aimed at you AJ) I read lots of bad things about Tarneit, things like no parks or footpaths, no shops no transport etc..... Why on earth do people move to an area, that doesn't have the services they require? Tarneit has loads of houses for rent so why settle for something that doesn't fit your needs? Myself I have kids so a park and school were the main 2. Our park has 2 tennis courts, basket ball court, oval, free bbq's and play ground, all free. We live close to the local supermarket, corner shop, bus route, kinder and school. Know what you want before you sign a lease, It isn't rocket sience..... Olly someone needs to sort out the traffic, all these new houses and they are using old farm roads..... :wacko:
  17. I guess it has to do with them being on their hands and knees praying? :biglaugh: btw great comment :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  18. tracy123

    Ok , i'm up for a slagging

    I've wondered the same thing myself Kev. People moving to Australia for their kids, then a few months later returning back to the UK for their kids......... When really, do the kids honestly care where they lived to begin with? Hand on heart, I think kids do have a better life in Australia, but at the end of the day as long as they have loving parents does it matter where they are brought up? Family do play a huge part in peoples life, and it's only when they are taken away do we truely know how much they are missed, some cope, some don't. No one is the same, but I feel that kids mirror our feelings and actions, if they see us upset, they get upset, they want to please us (even though we may not see this when they are a pain the backside :biglaugh:) I don't think we give our kids enough credit and in all honesty I think they adapt quicker than us adults
  19. The household situation described by the information you have entered is not covered by the scenarios used by this Estimator.
  20. tracy123

    Negatives about living in oz

    I don't need to worry with 5 at home LOL Even worse when their friends pop over just in time for tea :arghh:
  21. tracy123

    Negatives about living in oz

    They can also teach children bad habbits!
  22. tracy123

    Negatives about living in oz

    Don't thank me, If it was up to me, it would be the Blackburn hour :biglaugh: Arsenal and Liverpool show their games every week, free to air. It seems to be paying off as there looks to be more people walking around in those shirts, more than any other team! Not that long ago it was all MUFC.
  23. tracy123

    English motorways are crap!

    For a truck Yes, 100% As I said check the 2 left hand lanes, they have huge grooves, that trucks cause due to the heat, that doesn't happen in Australia, and the trucks in Oz are nearly double the weight! Enjoy the speed, safe driving to you and your family..... :wubclub:
  24. tracy123

    English motorways are crap!

    I’m sorry to all the I love England no matter what brigade but the English have no idea how to make a decent road. As a truck driver that uses a lot of the motorways across this country I’m sorry to say these roads are lacking, next time you travel on a motorway and take a look at the left hand land, they are a long track, better suited to a train….. Once in these grooves you can take your hands off the wheel and the truck will drive itself, all well and good until you need to change lanes, once again watch the trucks sway and it all has to do with those bloody grooves, and they can throw you into the other lane.
  25. tracy123

    Negatives about living in oz

    And this is one of the many reasons why woman shouldn't drive!!!!! Green means go, red means stop!!!! :biglaugh: I can understand why, stopping on a green light :wacko::wink::biglaugh::wideeyed: