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  1. Melbourne is accepting no international flights indefinitely. All international flights now landing in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane - all have limits on the number of passengers that can arrive each day and all are now charging for the 14 days mandatory quarantine
  2. It could be a long time before Australian borders open to potential new visa holders in any category. At the moment current Australian citizens and permanent residents who are overseas are struggling to return to Australia due to lack of flights, restrictions on the numbers allowed to land in each state and enter quarantine each day, and costs of both flights and 14 day mandatory hotel quarantine. Australian citizens and permanent residents already in Australia are unable to leave Australia to travel overseas, and in many cases can’t even travel interstate to visit family. Recent COVID escalations in Melbourne linked to breaches of hotel quarantine make it even less likely that border restrictions will be relaxed anytime soon.
  3. You can open an Australian bank account before travelling to Australia so no requirement for an Australian address eg https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/bank-accounts/transaction/choice/migrants/
  4. Any member of the senate or House of Representatives can table a motion to disallow the legislative instrument, once a motion is made there are 15 sitting days for it to be debated and voted on. If no decision is made then it will be automatically disallowed.
  5. The new AoS regulations were brought in by a legislative instrument which doesn’t require debate and a vote in Parliament.
  6. Condition 8503 is a mandatory condition on the following visitor visas: Visitor visa (subclass 600) (Sponsored Family stream) Visitor visa (subclass 600) (Approved Destination stream) Visitor visa (subclass 600) (Tourist stream) if sponsorship has been imposed on it Condition 8503 is a discretionary condition on the following visitor visa: Visitor visa (subclass 600) (Tourist stream) with no sponsorship imposed Even with the subclass 600 tourist stream visa with no sponsorship there are no guarantees before applying that condition 8503 won't be imposed. However it is far more likely to be imposed for people from high risk countries.
  7. Q24 on the visitor visa 600 application form asks if you are travelling to Australia with any family members, and says you should ensure all application are submitted together. If you are travelling to Australia with a family member who does not need to apply for a visitor visa because they are already an Australian permanent resident would you still list them at Q24?
  8. donovandenese

    Evisitor visa to onshore partner visa

    Is it possible to arrive in Australia on a 3 month evisitor visa & then apply for an onshore partner visa before the evisitor visa expires? The person in question is a UK citizen, married to an Australian permanent resident. Obviously ideally the partner visa would have been applied for prior to leaving the UK, but as a close family member in Australia is due to have a baby shortly, the person in question is keen to be in Australia sooner rather than later. Is there a chance the evisitor visa could have a "no further stay" condition imposed on it?
  9. you definitely shouldnt be paying any more than 10% witholding tax
  10. what address do you have on your westpac accounts? my mum had accounts in Oz prior to getting her CPV (while living in the UK) and if the address is your uk address then they are treated as accounts of nonresidents. The banks are required to withold 10% tax on interest for non resident accounts (you will be able to deduct this from your uk tax return). If the address is an australian one eg a family member, then that may be causing the confusion as with no tax file number (TFN) the banks are required to withold approx 40% for people resident in australia. There is no way to get a TFN until you are australian resident. hope this helps.
  11. hi all - looking for some advice re my dads CPV application. Dad originally applied for s143 CPV in June 2009 as a single applicant. During the 14 months since his initial application Dad's situation has changed and he is now in a defacto relationship with his girlfriend. They would like to make the move to Australia together. I am wondering what options we have open to us now regarding dads application? We expect to get a case officer for him in the next couple of months so I am keen to clarify things before then. from the reading I have done on the internet it seems that in the past he would have been able to sponsor his partner on a spouse visa as soon as he was granted his visa and became a permanent resident. am i correct in understanding that immigration have now stopped this from happening until 5 years from the date the applicant becomes a permanent resident? If we were to go along this route should we be notifying immigration now that dad is in a defacto relationship? Am I correct in thinking that immigration could change their policy on this again in the future and rule out CPV holders sponsoring spouses at any point? (eg its a risky path to take) I guess the alternative would be to add dads partner to his application now. from a financial perspective am i correct that this would incur an additional 2nd instalment charge of approx $32k (the 2nd instalment charge at the date of dads original application) plus the assurance of support would increase from $10k to $14k? if this is the route we take, how would we go about adding dads partner to his application? Is it just a change of circumstances form or are their other forms to complete? Does it matter in any way that dads partner is not a family member of dads sponsor (my sister)? can anyone offer any other possibilities?? Any advice anyone can offer would be gratefully received. I expect that this situation isnt unusual, given the length of time between lodgement of application and visa being granted, lots of peoples circumstances must change. thanks
  12. donovandenese

    CPV - Stat Dec - HELP

    My dad is about to apply for his CPV. He is separated form his spouse so needs to submit a statutory declaraion regarding this separation with his application. Can anyone confirm what information needs to included in this stat dec? Does this need to be set out in any particular format to qualify as a stat dec? thanks
  13. donovandenese

    CPV - Stat Dec - HELP

    thaks for your quick reply - very helpful!
  14. donovandenese

    contributary parent visa

    thanks for the advice!!!
  15. donovandenese

    contributary parent visa

    questions re CPV visa Form 47PA. my dad is about to apply for the CPV s143 and has a couple of questions re the application form. Although he is married he will be the only applicant as he has been separated from his wife for 2 years. He is intending to get a divorce but this could take a while, and definitely won't be until his visa application has already been submitted. Q11 - is his separated spouse a "dependent"? Q23/24 - should the statutory declaration regarding separation be done by the applicant or the separated spouse? Part F - Spouse Details - does this section need to be completed for a separated spouse who will not be migrating? It will be very difficult if not impossible for Dad to obtain some of the information in this section eg the passport number and details of the separated spouse Part J - Details of other family members - Q58 - there were no children to the marriage but the separated spouse has 2 children from a previous marriage - should they be mentioned in this section? They were not adopted by dad. They would not affect the balance of family test as dad has 2 of his own children in australia as permanent residents and 1 of the separated spouse's children is also an australian permanent resident Q59 - does this have to be completed for a separated spouse? Q62 - does this have to be completed for a separated spouse? Also, on Form 80 - I assume that Dad will tick permanently separated at Q7, but as he i not divorced he will still have to provide his separated spouse details at Q18? Thanks to anyone who can help with the above!!! Both dad's children are now in Australia and we can't wait to get him over here too!
  16. donovandenese

    cpv time scale

    if you got the visa before you were ready to make the actual move could you not just go on a holiday to Australia and validate the visa - then return to the UK until retirement/you've sold your house etc? Once you have validated the visa you have 5 years to move there permanently.