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    Photos from your garden

    I can’t remember if we have had a similar thread but I thought it would be nice to share photos of our gardens and flowers. Here are some of the flowers growing in one of our garden beds closest to the house. Can anyone help identify them. Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  2. Pomsinoz are delighted to welcome Bob from Petair as our latest partner. This forum, is for any questions you would like to ask Bob about shipping your pets to Australia or New Zealand. Please feel free to visit the Pet Air website at: http://www.petairuk.com ABOUT PETAIR The founders Chris Field, Luke Gamble and Bob Ghandour offer combined experience of 34 years as veterinary surgeons. They are all members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and are qualified DEFRA Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI). ABOUT BOB Bob worked with Luke in Bournemouth for several years before joining the PetAir directorship. Having been the senior Veterinary assistant in a busy animal practice, Bob is used to pressure environments, dealing with frightened pets and reassuring worried and concerned owners on a daily basis. Bob’s compassion and care are second to none and his easy going nature and careful diligence help ensure that the PetAir team can take care of any export to any country in the world, irrespective of stringent import permit regulations or veterinary tests
  3. Ok I have been asked to start a thread by a couple of members now. This thread is for members who have returned back to the UK (or any other country) and are happy with their decision, it's the stories of their ups and downs and successes and how returning to the UK has improved their lifestyle etc. Warning - Any negative comments on this thread will be deleted, if we miss one just hit the report button. Off topic posts will not be tolerated. If you are happy in Australia please post and share your experience here
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    One of our regular members messaged one of our mods asking if she could not mention the word depression in future posts. I am not going to name names but what I will say is, that this mod is very well qualified to deal and help people with depression. Unfortunately it is because people are afraid to talk about it that people often suffer in silence. I know that there are a number of our members who have or have had depression and I feel that being able to talk about this with like minded people can really help. There are many different reasons for depression, some that we face on here are: Moving to the other side of the world Family relationships Health Money problems Work Being somewhere you don't want to be Loss of family/friends I just want you all to know that you aren't alone, no one will judge you and we won't cover it up and pretend it doesn't exist. Also please remember there are numerous help groups out there, here are some below. Please feel free to add to this list. http://www.beyondblue.org.au This one has a questionnaire which will help you know if what you are going through is depression there is also an online course to help you manage your feelings. http://mindspot.org.au National The Australia Counselling website provides an easy search tool to find counsellors and psychotherapists within Australia. The Black Dog Institute has a list of support groups for depression and other mood disorders throughout Australia. Growprovides peer support groups as well as courses, social activities etc for people with mental illnesses including depression. There are Grow groups throughout Australia & New Zealand. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has links to information on support for people with mental illnesses, their carers and families. Health Direct Australia has links to information on support for people with mental illnesses, their carers and families. Dads in Distress Support ServicesSupport groups for Dads throughout Australia. 1300 853437 Mens Shed A Place for Men to be Men, giving them somewhere to Talk and Learn. For Older Men it might be to learn how they fit into the Modern Man Mould, For Younger Men it might be to learn new skills. Online Version a joint venture between Beyond Blue and Australian Men's Shed Association. NPS provides an extensive list of support groups and links for those living with Depression. ACT PANDSI (Post and Ante Natal Depression Support and Information inc.) PANDSI provides support, education and information for families in the Canberra/ACT region who are experiencing Antenatal Depression and/or Post Natal Depression. SHOUT, Self Help Organisations United Together 02 6286 4475 NSW CAN Mental Health provide local & national peer support services and recovery activities. 02 9114 8150 (Sydney callers) or 1300 135 846 (for Intra &Interstate callers). Black Dog Institue provide a wide range of services for depression and other mood disorders in NSW. Queensland Self Help Queensland Inc.(07) 3852 5933 Mental Health Association of Queensland (MHAQ) run a number of support groups in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. South Australia MIFSA – MIFSA runs a number of support groups in SA for people living with a mental illness and their carers. Victoria Collective of Self Help Groups (COSHG) , 03 9349 2301 ADAVIC (Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria) (03) 9853 8089 ARCvic (Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria) – provides support, recovery and educational services to people and families living with anxiety disorders. Outminds is a social group for people who identify as LGBTQI who are managing mental health. Western Australia Connect Groups is a fabulous place to start for anyone looking for a support group in WA! Connect Groups helps to support both groups and individuals and provides an online search facility to find support groups in your area within WA, as well as providing help to start a support group if there isn't one handy to you!
  5. The Pom Queen

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Bob at PetAir http://www.petairuk.com/ has teamed up with Pomsinoz to bring you all the ins and outs on shipping your loved ones to the other side of the world. As Bob is a qualified vet I am sure he will also be happy to answer any other worries or concerns you may have during this process. Bob can also explain all the latest updates in regards to the rabies vaccination etc. To ask Bob a question please visit his forum at http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/
  6. Now I do not want this thread turning in to a V's thread but thought it may be a good place to have advice for new arrivals, for example: 1) You have to park in the same direction as the flow of traffic. 2) Manchester is not the place in the UK it is a name for bedding and towels 3) Flybys is a loyalty reward card https://www.flybuys.com.au/flybuys/content
  7. After watching the space shuttle fly by the other night my youngest has said he would love to travel in space. We chatted about the Virgin shuttle and he said mum do you think I could be the first child in space. Lol this boy never stops wanting to do and explore everything. Would you travel to space if the cost wasn't prohibiting? This article was posted this week. Richard Branson expects to see Virgin Galactic return to space before the year is out, while the first paying ‘space tourists’ could be enjoying a zero-gravity getaway in the second half of 2018. “Our spaceship will be back in space by the end of the year, and I plan to go into space next year,” the Virgin brand supremo told Australian Business Traveller during the inaugural flight of Virgin Australia’s new Melbourne-Hong Kong route. “We’re building four spaceships at the moment so our (commercial) space program should start maybe in the second half of 2018 putting people up into space.” Branson’s ambitious Virgin Galactic program was grounded in October 2014 after the loss of the VSS Enterprise, which broke apart in midair, resulting in the death of its co-pilot. “That accident was a major, major blow but everyone’s worked day and night since then to get us back on track.” Branson described his space tourism venture as “the hardest thing I've ever done. It’s been 12 hard years to get this far, but this is rocket science and rocket science is hard… but it will be all the more worthwhile when we finally get there.” When Virgin Galactic finally overcomes what Branson calls his “long space struggle”, the Brit billionaire admits he will face “some formidable competition with formidably deep pockets” in the form of Elon Musk’s Space X and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin. “But the market is enormous. Most people would like to go to space, so I think the demand will way outstrip supply (in the number of) spaceships we can build. As long as we can be sure it’s safe and once we can make it more affordable, as fast as we build spaceships they'll be full up.” That said, Branson is sounding less confident about transitioning Virgin Galactic from bucket-list tourism to travel for the very well-heeled. “If we can put people onto orbital flights they'll be able to reach Australia from London in around half an hour, maybe one and a half hours in getting slots to land… so it’s just going to be the time at the airport that’s going to be a pain, then you lift off and hold on for dear life” he laughs. “But it could be that in orbital flight the G-force may not get lots of customers, so maybe it’s just a lovely idea.” This is one reason Branson is backing the Boom supersonic concept jet, of which he has ordered 10 and says Virgin Galactic is “helping build the Boom ships.” “They will be much faster than Concorde but still be flying sub-orbital, so maybe Boom will be about as fast as is sensible from a passenger comfort perspective.”
  8. Ok I have been asked to start a thread by a couple of members now. This thread is for members who have moved to Australia and love it here, it's the stories of their ups and downs and successes and how living in Australia has improved their lifestyle etc. Warning - Any negative comments on this thread will be deleted, if we miss one just hit the report button.
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    Aberfoyle Park - Adelaide Suburbs

    Aberfoyle Park Postcode - 5159 - City of Onkaparinga Inland southern suburb in the Adelaide Hills about 20kms from Adelaide CBD. Suburbs around Aberfoyle Park are Flagstaff Hill, Chandlers Hills, Happy Valley and Coromandel Valley. The Hub shopping centre for local shops including post office, pharmacy, bakers, supermarkets, butchers, grocers, Chinese and Indian takeaways, cafes, gym, real estate agents, hairdressers, petrol station, banks, hardware store and more. This listing is for all local shops in the Aberfoyle Park area - http://www.localstore.com.au/s/25508/aberfoyle-park/ Property To buy - You can view a listing of property for sale in Aberfoyle Park here To rent - View current properties to rent in Aberfoyle Park here * Median property prices for Aberfoyle Park Schools Aberfoyle Park High School http://www.aphs.sa.edu.au/ Aberfoyle Hub Primary http://www.ahs.sa.edu.au/ Aberfoyle Park Primary Campus http://www.appscampus.sa.edu.au/ * There are also two others in the area, they are Craigburn Primary School http://www.craigburn.sa.edu.au/ This is a zoned school in Flagstaff Hill but part of the zone falls in an area of Aberfoyle Park. Flagstaff Hill Primary http://www.flagstaff.sa.edu.au/ Not a zoned school and a number of children from Aberfoyle Park and other areas attend. * Plus a number of private or faith based schools in the area. * Please see this post in the For The Kids forum for info on schools, Naplan, zoning, after school care and more. Kindys/Childcare/Nursery Aberfoyle Park Campus Preschool http://www.aberfopkgn.sa.edu.au/ The Hub Pre School http://www.hubpre.sa.edu.au/ Goodstart Early Learning http://www.goodstart.org.au/centres/aberfoyle-park/overview Playgroups Aberfoyle Park Campus Playgroup on Friday mornings 10:30-12:30. Costs $2 per session per family each week. Our Saviour Lutheran Church - Wednesday mornings for children aged 0-4. 9-11am during school term time. Aberfoyle Community Centre - Various playgroups and parents groups running throughout the week. Please check the calendar for what's on. Little Wonders playgroup run by Seeds Uniting Church. Monday - Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:15am during term time. Transport Buses - Run by Adelaide Metro. A number of services cover Aberfoyle Park to the CBD and other areas. G20 Aberfoyle Hub to city 320 Aberfoyle Hub to Marion Centre Interchange Train - Either the Belair - city route with stations at Coromandel Valley and Blackwood or the Hallet Cove train station on the Seaford Line Out and about There are quite a number of play parks and reserves in and around Aberfoyle Park. Including * Thalassa Park and Gardens are on Windebanks Road in Aberfoyle Park. Views out to the sea.Picnic areas include shelter and seating, BBQ is electric, has walking/cycle paths, aplayground, amphitheatre, disabled access toilets, gardens and great kite flyingsite.Open 8am-8pm summer, and 8am-6pm winter * Happy Valley Oval, Taylors Rd West - Shelter, seating/table, cricket nets, playequipment, toilets, tennis courts and walking/cycle tracks to other areas of Aberfoyle Park. Plus the actual oval with an Aussie Rules footy club and other sports played there. Also local Scouts, BMX track and lawn bowls club situated here. * Simpson Reserve on Woodlea Drive - BBQ, shelter, seating/table, ball gamespace, tennis courts, play equipment. You can find all the play parks and reserves listed on a map HERE Sports Happy Valley Oval has sports facilities for many sports and interests. Not all the sports may be played there on a regular basis but its worth checking out as a starting point. * Aussie Rules football * BMX (Practice night on Thursday, race night on Fridays) * Cricket * Tennis * Lawn bowls * Soccer Horse trails (including some trails suitable for walking and cycling) * Aberfoyle Park contains a horse trail known as Tom Roberts Horse Trail. It is in section 1 of the map. Other parts of the trail run through nearby areas. Much of the trail through Aberfoyle Park can be walked or even cycled on or on a cycle path close by. Takes in some lovely areas with lots of gum trees, open spaces and woodland to be explored. * There is also the Kidman Trail. To view the section that runs through the Onkaparinga area go HERE. The section is called Jacks Patch. This trail is also suitable for walking and cycling. This trail covers a large area outside of the Onkaparinga area also. There are a number of towns, accommodation, pubs and more along the trail. Here is the webpage with a listing for all the overview maps on the Kidman Trail. Pictures to be added soon
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    Hallet Cove - Adelaide Suburbs

    HALLET COVE * Postcode - 5158 - City of Marion * Coastal suburb about 21km south of Adelaide CBD. * Hallet Cove Shopping Centre for local shops including post office, banks, bakery, newsagents, fruit and veg, estate agents, butchers, Big W, supermarkets, cafes and more - http://www.hallettcoveshoppingcentre.com.au/ Schools Hallet Cove School (R-12) http://www.hcs.sa.edu.au [video=youtube_share;8nt8cJtqToc] Hallet Cove East Primary (R-7) http://halcoveeps.sa.edu.au Hallet Cove South Primary(R-7) http://www.hcsps.sa.edu.au Kindys Karrara Kindergarten Hallet Cove Pre School Please see this post in the For The Kids forum for more info on schools, Naplan, zoning, after school care and more - http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/kids-down-under/44624-useful-links-schools-primary-high-school.html Childcare/nursery Nannas Childcare Playgroups First Steps Playgroup run by the Hallet Cove Baptist Church. Open on Tuesdays during term time from 10-11:30am. Donation of $2 per child or $3 for a family. Karrara kindy playgroup For babies to 5 years, parents and carers. Held on Friday mornings from 11am-1pm. Transport * Trains - Hallet Cove Train Station on the Seaford line. https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/stops/view/16525 * Buses - Run by Adelaide Metro. A number of services cover Hallet Cove. Including the 720 and 720H http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/720 http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/720H Then also others such as the 681, 681A, 682 and 683 You can view info on these buses here - http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/timetables/buses/ Property To buy - You can view a listing of property for sale in Hallet Cove on realestate.com.au HERE And view the current rentals HERE domain.com.au has property listed For Sale in Hallet Cove Median property prices for buying and rentals in Hallet Cove can be found HERE Out and about There are a number of play parks (reserves) in and around Hallet Cove. A few to get you going * Linear Park (Waterfall Creek) - You can read a review of the park and see some pics HERE * Hallet Cove Conservation park - This is a stunning conservation park running along part of the coast and inland a little. There is not a play area within the conservation park but plenty of trails to walk including along the coast with some stunning views. You can read a review of the conservation park and the cafe at one end of it HERE. Also this site gives a bit of information - https://www.marion.sa.gov.au/hallett-cove-conservation-park * Pavana Park - Read a review and see some pictures HERE You can find all the parks in Hallet Cove listed on a map HERE. Sports * The Cove Sports and Community Club - Home to cricket, footy (Aussie Rules), BMX, soccer, netball and more. Visit their website here - http://www.westwoodweb.com.au/thecovesports&communityclub/index.htm * Little Athletics from October to March, every Friday at Hallet Cove R-12 school. Read more over on their website http://www.hclac.org.au/
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    Port Macquarie - New South Wales

    [video=youtube_share;kdgzGvUXIP4] Port Macquarie is a town in the local government area of Port Macquarie-Hastings. It is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, about 390 km (242 mi) north of Sydney, and 570 km (354 mi) south of Brisbane. The town is located on the coast, at the mouth of the Hastings River, and at the eastern end of the Oxley Highway (B56). The estimated urban population of Port Macquarie was 44,875 as at June 2014, having grown 1.6 % on prior year and from 39,471 over the prior decade. Port Macquarie is expected to be the fastest growing place in New South Wales. The town is expected to grow from an estimated 43,655 people in 2009 to 58,888 in 2027. 87% of the population were born in Australia whilst 5.2% came from the UK. 37% of the population are over 60 years old. General Port Macquarie is a retirement destination, known for its extensive beaches and waterways. The town is also known for its koala population, being the home to the Billabong Koala Park, and the Koala Preservation Society's Koala Hospital, caring for koalas injured through bushfire, dog attacks and collisions with vehicles. In recent times, real estate developments have led to debates with residents, in particular the Rydges Hotel (formerly Four Points by Sheraton) built opposite the Town Green. The Post Office on the Town Green was demolished to make way for a new apartment block, a development that saw the controversial removal of several large fig trees and subsequent debate in the community about the value of public space. The residential suburbs stretch to Lighthouse Beach in the south, Thrumster to the west and to North Shore, on the northern bank of the river. In July 2010, Sovereign Hills began development in the west. Port Macquarie was found to be the least affordable smaller city in Australia by Demographia's 2013 International Housing Affordability Survey. CBD Port Macquarie's central business district contains two shopping centres, a marina, the beginnings of a coastal walk, and many specialty stores. A centrally located arts, conference and entertainment centre includes a visitor-information facility. Bus services link the CBD, with Laurieton, Wauchope, Kempsey, Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills. Transit Hill Transit Hill to the south is crowned by telecommunication towers. The district is the site of two arterial roads which provide a direct link between Lighthouse Beach and Port Macquarie CBD. The main intersection of Pacific and Kennedy Drive is situated midway up Transit Hill. It is an area of high-priced real estate owing to ocean and city views. Transit Hill borders Lighthouse Beach, Dahlsford, Shelly Beach and Waniora. Beaches Beaches (in order from north to south) are: North Shore, Town Beach, Oxley Beach, Rocky Beach, Flynns Beach, Nobbys Beach, Shelly Beach, Miners Beach and Lighthouse Beach. Only Town, Flynns and Lighthouse Beaches are manned by Surf Life Saving Clubs. Lighthouse Beach is patrolled at only the northern end. Dogs can be walked off-leash at Lighthouse Beach, south of Watonga Rocks, excluding sections at the northern end. Property The average price for buying a house is $480,000 for a 3 bed. Property can be found here http://www.realestate.com.au/buy/property-rural-acreage-villa-townhouse-house-in-port%20macquarie,+nsw/list-1 The average rental price is $410 per week Rentals can be found here http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/property-rural-acreage-villa-townhouse-house-in-port%20macquarie,+nsw/list-1 Education Preschools/Child Care Bangalay Child Care Centre Port Macquarie Blooming Kids Eary Learning and Long Day Care Centre Columba Cottage Early Learning Centre Fernhill Road Preschool and Long Day Care Centre Goodstart Early Learning Port Macquarie Hastings Preschool and Long Day Care Centre Lighthouse Child Care Centre Moruya Drive Child Care Centre Port Macquarie Community Preschool Portside Preschool and Long Day Care Centre St.Joseph's Family Services St.Joseph's Preschool and Long Day Care Centre Primary schools Public schools Port Macquarie Public School Hastings Public School Tacking Point Public School Westport Public School Catholic schools St. Joseph's Primary School St. Peter's Primary School St. Agnes' Primary School Other private schools Port Macquarie Adventist School Heritage Christian School (Kindergarten to Year 12) St Columba Anglican School (Kindergarten to Year 12) High schools Public schools Port Macquarie High School Westport High School Catholic schools St. Joseph's Regional College Mackillop College (formerly St. Paul's High School & MacKillop Senior College) Newman Senior Technical College (Year 11 & 12) Private schools Heritage Christian School (Kindergarten to Year 12) Newman Senior Technical College (Year 11 & 12) St Columba Anglican School (Kindergarten to Year 12) Tertiary educational facilities There is also a TAFE campus for further qualifications. Courses are also offered by the University of Newcastle through the TAFE campus. In 2012, Charles Sturt University set up a campus with a small number of programs available in accounting and business studies, health sciences, policing, psychology and social work. This was in response to significant research designed to retain young people in the area and contribute to the growth of the educational standards for the Hastings region. Transport Port Macquarie is linked by daily air services to Sydney and Brisbane. Port Macquarie is linked by a 6 Day Shuttle Service called Holiday Coast Connections. The area it services comprises Port Macquarie, Lake Cathie, Bonny Hills, Laurieton, Kew, Taree, Forster, Bulahdelah, Newcastle Airport, Newcastle Railway, John Hunter Hospital, Mater Hospital and Newcastle Uni. Road access is via the Pacific and Oxley Highways. The Pacific Highway lies between Port Macquarie and Wauchope, and is the main road for tourists travelling from coastal areas. Improvements to the Oxley and Pacific Highway has seen steady improvements in travel times between Sydney and the mid-north coast region from 6 hours to just 4 hours (from Wahroonga to the Oxley Highway interchange); There is no railway station in Port Macquarie city proper. However, the Port Macquarie CBD and northern suburbs are served by the nearby Wauchope Railway Station, and the southern suburbs including satellite towns of Lake Cathie and Laurieton are served by Kendall Railway Station. Both stations are on the North Coast Line operated by NSW Trainlink with 3 services daily each direction with travel time to Sydney of approx. 6 hours. There is a railway-operated connecting bus service available from Wauchope Railway Station to the Port Macquarie CBD. Port Macquarie Airport has regular flights to Sydney with QantasLink (5 times daily) and Virgin Australia (twice daily), and also to Lord Howe Island with QantasLink and Brisbane with Virgin Australia. Annual events Notable events held in the Port Macquarie area include: Pacific Coast Slam (January) Mountain Bike Festival of Australia – Port Macquarie (first weekend of June) Tasting on Hastings – month-long food festival (October) Sundowner BREAM Classic (November) Festival of the Sun (December) Ironman ORARC's Annual Field Day Weekend Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Field Day (Queen's Birthday Long Weekend) Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club's East Coast National Championships This post has been promoted to an article
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    Visa advice

    Thread closed - Admin
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    Chewing the Fat Forum Changes

    A number of things are currently being discussed regarding this message board and some temporary changes have now been made. These changes mean there must be no threads that could be considered political, religious, race related or about COVID (unless discussing outbreaks and alerting the members). Any such threads started will be removed and the poster potentially losing the right to post. I am afraid a minority of the members spoilt this for the majority At this moment in time, the changes are temporary but could be made permanent. Other changes being considered are removing CTF indefinitely. Please remember this is an Australian Visa related community message board.. Can I also remind you that duplicate accounts will see both accounts banned for life and all new members placed on moderation. It is not up for debate at this time and, as such, this thread is locked. Some threads have already been removed.
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    Contacting PetAir?

    Emma I would highly recommend Mooreholm or Kristie Bates for the flights back. If you need any help please let me know
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    I know this is going to sound petty to some members but without sites like pomsinoz members wouldn't be brought together in the first place so please use the forum instead of dragging members away to other sites like Facebook. Also please remember when you give out your full name, email, facebook page you have no idea who you are sharing this information with as its visible to guests and not just forum members. I made a post earlier today on a thread posting the forum rules in regards to FB, please try and keep your forum alive. Today I have removed a number of Facebook Links from this thread. Please read our guidelines with regards to FB which I have pasted below but can be found here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/feedba...rum-links.html Please remember that it is considered bad internet etiquette to promote other forums whilst being on poms in oz. This is especially the case with FaceBook Links. FaceBook posts and links are not allowed on the forum for various reasons. Not only is it bad internet etiquette, but members who decide to take others from PIO to post on FB are being very selfish and are not contributing to the forums that have helped them to find friends and answer questions in the first place, a lot of these FB groups would have no members in the first place if it wasn't for pomsinoz. As with all internet forums PIO survival depends on members using and posting on the forums provided, if enough members stop posting on here and post on FB, then you could loose PIO and or its associated sites. Please if you are a new member and are approached by someone to leave PIO and join a FB group let admin or one of the mods know. Promoting FB links on PIO can result in warnings, infractions and possible suspension of accounts. PIO provide a PM system, a visitor message system and a secure email facility. You can even make your own group where you can leave messages for each other and discuss various aspects about Australia. Please help to keep PIO active by using it and not abusing it. ​ Thanks....
  16. BOILERMAKERS and fitters have two of the hottest tickets in town as Paget businesses fight for tradies to sit on their books. It is a skills shortage that is forcing companies to knock back contracts from large mining houses just because they cannot find the employees to do the work. Jobs boards around Paget demonstrate the need for boilermakers and fitters in the region.Campbell Gellie And when they have someone on the books it's not a certainty they will stay as four Paget engineering businesses told the Daily Mercury they were losing workers to more lucrative contracts. They were also gaining workers from other companies too. This spike of work had come from mining companies playing catch-up after putting off non-critical maintenance of their equipment while coal prices were down, Resource Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke said. Since the coal price has increased the companies are scheduling in their mining equipment for an upgrade. Hastings Deering needs 70 workers across its CQ operations and is looking to the future by taking on 40 apprentices, its largest intake in five years. DGH Engineering will take as many boilermakers and fitters it can get. This shortage has forced companies of all sizes to cast their web well outside of Mackay, advertising in print, radio and television all across Queensland. Resource Industry Network has ran its own campaign to draw people to the region, advertising all around the Australia about how beautiful Mackay is and how many jobs the region has. Boilermaker Jayde Davies moved to Mackay from Hervey Bay in August just because he landed a job here.Campbell Gellie Hervey Bay boilermaker Jayde Davies moved to Mackay as soon as he finished his trade to start a job at DGH Engineering and moved up in August. "If you're young and willing to move around, places like Mackay are a great place to start your career," he said. Like Mr Davies, Phil Green started at DGH in August, moving from Coffs Harbour with his girlfriend. "The money is a little bit better and we both were happy to travel and see more of Australia." But their boss, general manager Dave Hackett, said while some were happy to come to Mackay the people who left in the downturn were reluctant. "For them to take their families out of the region was a big cost and strain on everyone because it all just fell away so quickly," he said. "They're all too aware of the cyclical nature of the industry which takes about seven to eight years to change." Jobs boards around Paget demonstrate the need for boilermakers and fitters in the region.Campbell Gellie George on jobs THE Carmichael Mine project has the potential to steal hundreds of skilled workers from the already tight Mackay labour pool. To prepare Mackay for that, Member for Dawson George Christensen is campaigning for a federally funded underground training simulator with Resource Industry Network at CQU to skill-up more workers. This facility was once used in Mackay by Mastermyne but during the downturn it sat dormant and was removed. "The project will cost $10million to get off the ground and I would like the government to ultimately pay for the construction of the whole project," he said. He has already tried to convince Regional Development Australia to fund a marketing campaign to dispel the myths that Mackay is struggling in a downturn and to promote the liveability of the region. "We don't want that stigma to continue, we want people to realise - the place is ripe for investment," he said. "What is going to be needed is an intense marketing program around that fact and I have certainly spoken to RDA to try and take some lead on this." He said although the RDA's job was to facilitate capital investment in regions, bringing families to Mackay would be just as large as an investment in the region. Jobs boards around Paget demonstrate the need for boilermakers and fitters in the region.Campbell Gellie Julieanne on Jobs MEMBER for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert believes to lure people back to the region, the jobs being offered need to be permanent and more transparent. The Labor MP said Brisbane people were reluctant to move to Mackay for work as most of the jobs advertised were by labour hire and recruitment companies. "Paget businesses are not confident the work is going to be regular to put people on permanent contracts," she said. "But with short term contracts it is a very difficult situation at the moment because people won't come unless they can be offered permanent work." She also said the job advertisements didn't say which companies the jobs were for, but if they said BHP or Rio Tinto people would apply. That's why she had been focussing on up-skilling Mackay people who already live in the region. She said over the past year the government had 494 in work through the Back to Work program, 588 in the Youth Boost Program and 355 through Works for Queensland in the Mackay-Whitsunday region. Of those 355 in the Works for Queensland program, 267 now have jobs and 42 are being up-skilled through training course or were trying to get their school qualifications.
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    Rottweiler 8yrs old slightly over weight would u fly

    If his heart is fine and his hips/elbows then I don’t see any reason why not. I most certainly would be bringing mine if it was me. Have a chat to @BobPetairUK he is a vet and a shipping agent and would be the only one I trust with my fur family.
  18. The Pom Queen

    Mining Job Vacancies Urgent

    FIVE years after Australia celebrated its biggest mining boom in history, the limping industry is picking up again — but this time around it seems like Aussies aren’t planning on picking up the slack or the giant pay checks. From 2012 to 2016, the mining industry experienced a severe downturn, culling close to 60,000 jobs and making full-time work an almost impossible get. But now, especially in Western Australia and Queensland, the mining industry is on the road to recovery — and companies are begging Aussies to come and work for them. According to the latest data from SEEK, the mining, resource and energy sector has consistently recorded the largest growth in job ads for the past 11 months. The sector is throwing out 32 per cent more job ads now than it was at the same time last year and is posting almost four times more job ads than Australia’s average. But just because mining companies are putting out thousands of ads and offering salaries paying well over $150,000 doesn’t mean Aussies are picking them up. Earlier this week, the CEO of WA’s Chamber of Minerals and Energy backed a migration agreement that would hopefully combat a severe skills shortage in the mining region of the Goldfields. If approved, the Designated Area Migration Agreement would allow overseas workers to be flown over to work in the mines and would make them exempt from the skilled migrants requirement. Chief executive Paul Everingham told the ABCthere were more than 1000 vacancies in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder mining sector and said the region was at crisis point. “You can’t sugar coat that — they’re available now and they’re not being filled, so however you can get them (workers),” Mr Everingham said.
  19. The Pom Queen

    Air Freight for small amount of stuff?

    I know PSS can send over small amounts and their prices are supposed to be excellent compared to excess baggage
  20. The Pom Queen

    Warning to Dog Owners

    When you move to Australia always treat your dogs with a preventive flea and tick medication. Also don’t forget about heart worm and remember with heart worm you need to test before you treat. Below is a very discerning article that’s in the media and information provided to veterinarians. A deadly dog disease is spreading fast across northern Australia and experts say it is only a matter of time before every dog in Australia is at risk. In just six months many hundreds of dogs have already died in Western Australia and the Northern Territory from the tick-borne disease canine ehrlichiosis. Professor Peter Irwin, principal of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Perth's Murdoch University, said it is unlikely COVID-style border restrictions can work. Western Australia has movement conditions on dogs moving out of the Kimberley region and conditions on dogs entering southern WA from the Northern Territory. Owners of infected dogs in the NT have been advised not to move them out of the area. Working dogs, wild dogs, domestic dogs can all fall victim to this highly infectious disease. "This is a disaster which is happening right now, it has got in and there's no way to get it out again," Prof. Irwin said. "It is not breed specific, the most vulnerable would be those dogs with no tick control, but even that is no guarantee." The bacteria ehrlichia canis was first detected at Halls Creek and Kununurra in the WA back in May and was then found in Katherine NT in June. Along with rabies, the ehrilichia bacteria was the main target for Australia's long established quarantine restrictions on overseas dog arrivals which won international attention during the then Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp's dog fight back in 2015. Veterinarian Bonny Cumming who works in remote communities throughout northern Australia with Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities said it was not sure how long the disease had been in Australia, likely months before it was first detected. "It is a really horrible disease which can strike down the healthiest and youngest dogs," Dr Cumming said. "Even those treated for ticks can get it with just one bite ... some seem to recover and then crash." Ehrlichiosis is now a nationally notifiable disease and Queensland biosecurity officials have again urged veterinarians, local government officials and dog owners to keep on the look out as the tick is already well established there. Queensland's chief veterinary officer Dr Allison Crook again asked veterinarians to submit samples for testing from dogs showing signs consistent with ehrlichiosis to help Biosecurity Queensland's surveillance program. "Although they can vary considerably among dogs, symptoms typically include fever, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes, loss of appetite, discharge from the eyes and nose, weight loss, and anaemia and bleeding disorders," Dr Crook said. "To help prevent disease in dogs, dog owners should maintain an effective tick control program, avoid taking dogs into tick-infested areas where possible." https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/7080964/deadly-dog-disease-is-spreading-quickly/?cs=4733
  21. The Pom Queen

    Modular Homes

    In the UK it was all about bricks and mortar, I presume the same here. Although in saying that you can move Queenslanders to another location now. @HappyHeart have you considered buying a Queenslander and relocating it to your land? I don’t know much about it, there is a company down the road from us that does it. He has around 50 Queenslanders on his property, he buys them does them up and then sells them.
  22. The Pom Queen

    Free travel to Tassie?

    I don’t understand your post? Are you saying you aren’t permitted the deals when they come up online?
  23. The Pom Queen

    Free travel to Tassie?

    Don’t say that, I get sick on a canal boat
  24. The Pom Queen

    Nervous Cat

    Did you ever get another cat after that one @ali
  25. The Pom Queen

    Nervous Cat

    Have a chat with Bob from Petair. ‘I have imported wild cats and kittens (Asian leopard Cats) that have hated being crated but once settled they tend to fall asleep. Once they arrive they can be nervous for the first 24 hours but then slowly come around. ‘Unless your cat is remaining in the same home environment they are going to be stressed anyway trying to get use to new owners/home and new smells etc. So unless your cat is elderly or medically unwell then I would bring them with you.