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  1. Where to live Cairns City or Northern Beaches??

    Hi Aaron, thankfully you are renting so shouldn't be accountable for the body corp. Personally I would pass on the Lakes although it may well have changed since we were there. When people say the traffic is bad it's nothing like the UK or Melbourne etc. If we are stuck behind 10 cars at traffic lights we would say it's a traffic jam. I think Palm Cove is lovely but it can get flooded by tourists at the weekend. There are some lovely units in Edge Hill away from the Lakes. Have a look along Collins Avenue. A lot of people like Trinity Beach. We had a pilot on the forum who moved from Port Douglas to Yorkeys and he liked it although you may get cut off once or twice a year if you get a decent wet season. Please don't take on a unit without looking at it first and knowing more about the complex. They can look lovely on paper in reality you could have some very unsavoury neighbors
  2. Property in Melbourne's inner bayside suburbs are worth more per square metre than the city's most famous blue-ribbon suburbs like Toorak and Armadale, according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). REIV data has revealed buyers paid more for space in Albert Park than any other suburb across metropolitan Melbourne, at $12,947 per square metre. Price per square metre: SuburbPrice Albert Park$12,947 Middle Park$11,924 South Melbourne$10,946 Carlton North$10,809 Port Melbourne$9,167 Richmond$8,682 North Melbourne$8,445 Abbotsford$8,410 Fitzroy North$7,744 Fitzroy$7,714 It was followed by the nearby suburbs of Middle Park and South Melbourne. Leafy Albert Park is home to the Australian Grand Prix and is near popular nightspots St Kilda, South Yarra and Prahran. Despite having Melbourne's highest median house price at $4.75 million, Toorak did not make the top 10 on a per square metre measure. Nor did other traditionally expensive areas like Brighton, Armadale and Malvern. Carlton North was the most expensive suburb north of the Yarra, coming in fourth at $10,809 per square metre. It seems Melburnians value ocean views, with the bayside dominating prices per square metre for middle and outer suburbs. REIV President Joseph Walton said he was surprised at the results. "I guess what it points to is the nature of the offerings in those particular areas, so Toorak is known for its large palatial homes on typically large land blokes," he said. "The areas that have scored well, like Albert Park, Middle Park, and in particular South Melbourne, are areas where the typical land size allotment is smaller. "Some of them are areas where they were originally established for the working class, so the dwelling size and quality, given the nature of their original design, was a lot smaller." In recent decades, inner-city working-class areas like South Melbourne and Fitzroy have transformed into Melbourne's cosmopolitan hubs, pushing up prices. Loans, auctions and contracts can be confusing. So, how do you go about buying your first home? Mr Walton said buyers were prepared to sacrifice size to be near popular shops and hip restaurants and bars. "Quality infrastructure, strong retail amenity and close proximity to the CBD are critical factors that drive growth in those areas," Mr Walton said. He said house prices in Melbourne's inner ring had risen 20 per cent in the past 12 months, with a booming market pushing Melbourne's overall median house price to record highs. The number of million-dollar suburbs has also quadrupled in just five years, according to the REIV. That trend over the past decades has led to a drop in home ownership in Victoria, and an increase in rental stress. Another factor was those downsizing from "family" bayside areas like Brighton, Hampton and Black Rock to smaller properties to suit their changing lifestyle.
  3. Brexit

    The issue being it is cheaper to import than buy from GB companies.
  4. Brexit

    If you read my post I didn't say there were migrants in the Yorkshire Dales, in fact I bet there still isn't, I was talking about the towns of Keighley, Bradford and Leeds. I agree their reasoning is wrong because, as you say, it is actually "Asians" they complain about, coming in taking their jobs and benefits and not people from the EU. Yet a number of people voted to exit thinking it was ALL migrants that would be stopped.
  5. Brexit

    Totally agree with you that it was more Asians taking over that was their frustration
  6. Home insurance in Gold Coast

    Who was your quote with, was it online? I know Suncorp gave me a huge discount by calling them.
  7. Home insurance in Gold Coast

    It's better than ours and a lot better than Cairns where you can be quoted $10,000
  8. Brexit

    I haven't been involved in this thread because to be honest I don't live in the UK anymore. However, what you have wrote above is in my opinion correct. I lived in the Yorkshire Dales, our nearest big town apart from Skipton was Keighley, Bradford and Leeds. Back in the 70's when our parents were young there were no migrants, these days they see no white faces, they see people coming in and taking benefits and they see unemployment soar. These are not my views, but from family and friends who live in the area this is the feedback given.
  9. Insuring removals

    I think that's fine. I know when Crown damaged a large number of our items they didn't care one bit but we dealt direct with the third party and had no problems.
  10. Brexit

    Well it's nearly 2am and instead of getting my beauty sleep I am once again on here tidying up from the personal attacks. Tonight is probably the busiest I've been in handing out warnings. Some of you have been warned before so you are probably on a little holiday now. Don't worry I haven't taken any sides all those that chose to ignore numerous mod/admin reminders have been dealt with and if it continues there will be more of you having a holiday. Please be sensible and debate like adults, leaving the personal attacks out of it.
  11. Oh I love Yankee. I bring some back every time I go to America
  12. Brexit

    Enough of the personal attacks. Anymore and infractions and warnings will be given.
  13. Flights from the U.K.

    I know Scoot do fares to Athens for $369 or to Singapore for $139 I don't know how much the U.K. Leg would cost though
  14. Health System- better or worse than 20 years ago?

    I don't yet qualify to give advice on the last 20 years but I've definitely put the hospital system to the test and looks like I will be doing for a good few years. I have been a patient in 15 different hospitals, and over 35 operations. Most of these have been private and I've had a good experience, some nurses and doctors maybe shouldn't be in the job as their bedside manner sucks but those are the ones who usually excel at their job. The only hospital I've thought was iffy was our local one and that was like going back in time, a lovely hospital but because it is rural they only have 10 beds and hardly any equipment, for severe cases they send you off either to your private hospital or the larger hospital 45 min away. When I was admitted they had never heard of my illnesses, I had ended up with asceptic meningitis from my treatment and they had no idea what to do. Thankfully they got hold of my specialist and he advised them what treatment to give. Last week I had to see a specialist at the public hospital in Brissy and it was packed, our appointment was 2pm and I think it was 5:30 before we got out.
  15. What a great idea for a thread. For us we seemed to settle in to the flow of things quite quickly the hardest part was Christmas and also not having any kind of family around in case of emergencies.