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  1. The Pom Queen

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    It’s a long while since we made the trip over but we did a 10 hour stop over in Singapore and booked the onsite hotel, I’m not sure if they still do it but you could purchase 4 hourly blocks, so we booked 8 hours and slept all the way through, had a shower and felt refreshed. The only problem is if your children have slept on the plane they may not want to sleep, thankfully ours did but we had agreed to take it in turns with one of us sleeping whilst the other took the kids to the hotel pool or around the airport.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    I wonder if you can book 2 seats for one person. I know large passengers do at a fraction of the cost and there was a lady I heard recently saying she did that instead of paying business.
  3. The Pom Queen

    Frankston School Zones

    Hi @Jo AP if you let me know which school I can give you an idea. If it is Frankston I’m presuming it’s Frankston High School as I know this is the most sought after in the area, although finding a rental can be a struggle.
  4. The Pom Queen

    Queensland the most popular state

    I think I have to agree. What I like about Queensland is the different climates you get in one state. You have all the rainforests in Far North Qld and then the drought stricken towns of the Outback. We also have the Great Barrier Reef, the only Everglades outside of Florida and the numerous white sandy beaches. Queensland has overtaken Victoria as the most popular destination for people moving within Australia. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Thursday, Queensland recorded a net interstate migration gain of 24,000 people in the 12 months to March 2018 followed by Victoria with 15,100. Net interstate migration is measured by subtracting the number of people who moved away from a state from the number of people who moved into that state. "During the previous four years, Queensland came second to Victoria in terms of net interstate movement, so these states have swapped," Director of Demography at the ABS Anthony Grubb, said in a media release on Thursday. "Before that, Queensland was the biggest gainer for 20 years, excepting a brief period in 2011 when Western Australia overtook it. "The most common move between states was from New South Wales to Queensland with 52,000 people making the move north. The next most common move was in the opposite direction with 36,900 people moving from Queensland to New South Wales." Queensland is Australia's third biggest state by population with 4.9 million people at the end of March compared to 7.9 million in New South Wales and 6.4 million in Victoria. Australia's population grew by 380,700 in the 12 month period to 24.9 million with 62 percent of the growth attributed to net overseas migration. Victoria was once again Australia's fastest-growing state, adding more people than Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania combined. Melbourne remains on track to overtake Sydney as the country's biggest city by the mid-2020s.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Post a random picture of your day

    I’d love a couple of cows like that, the problem is Hubby says no and my son would want them on his plate, so I guess I won’t be getting any soon lol.
  6. The Pom Queen


    I believe there is life out there but in what form I do not know.
  7. The Pom Queen

    British Corner Shop

    They did in the English section but I haven’t seen it for a while only in the British shops
  8. The Pom Queen

    Warning - Visa Scam - Eddie Kang

    A warning to members to always make sure you use a Registered Migration Agent. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-21/scam-artist-eddie-kang-ripping-off-vulnerable-students/10264686 One of Australia's most notorious scam artists is continuing to run a business that rips off vulnerable students while he is out on bail appealing his conviction and sentence. Key points: ABC investigation uncovers evidence a convicted fraudster is continuing to take tens of thousands of dollars off foreign students He promises them visas and jobs, but they never eventuate and one woman found herself deported without a visa Students say federal immigration authorities have failed to act against Eddie Kang despite complaints, which Kang says are "unfounded" Eddie Kang was sentenced to 12 months in prison in March 2017 after he was convicted of 22 counts of fraud and misleading conduct involving 11 foreign students who paid his companies to secure 457 visas. The jobs and the visas never eventuated, and the Korean-born businessman refused to refund the students' money including payments worth tens of thousands of dollars. One of Kang's bail conditions states he must not "file any visa applications using a company of which he is sole director". An ABC investigation has uncovered evidence the convicted fraudster continues to take money off foreign students under the false promise he will secure them visas and sponsored employment. According to a release from Fair Trading NSW he had been doing that in association with a company owned by another Korean-born businessman Yoon Seok "Joseph" Choi. "I think he is just laughing at the Australian community and the Australian laws," Karl Konrad, a migration agent who claims up to a hundred of Kang's clients had come into his office seeking help, said. The ABC has spoken to 10 people who said they had signed contracts with Kang since he was convicted of fraud. Many have handed over their life savings. All were unaware of his convictions at the time and are dismayed that Australian authorities have allowed him to continue to run his operation while he is out on bail. Do you know more about this story? Email investigations@abc.net.au. One of Kang's recent victims deported Marjan Nabavi signed a contract with Kang six months after the Sydney businessman was sentenced to prison. His distinctive signature graces each page of the contract. Ms Nabavi had lived in Australia for six years. Two of her brothers have citizenship and she was desperate to stay. When the Iranian's visa application was rejected she searched online for migration agents to help with her appeal. She soon found herself in Kang's office in North Sydney. "He said 'I'll give you a guarantee that we will find a job and you will get citizenship'," she said. "He said, 'In case you don't like the job we will give your money back'." PHOTO: Sydney businessman Eddie Kang has rejected claims made by former clients about his businesses. (ABC News) Ms Nabavi handed over $35,000, thinking she would soon be granted citizenship. Instead her story follows the standard Kang script. No job was secured, no visa was obtained, no refund was provided. She said she was unaware she had overstayed her visa while Kang was meant to be resolving her permanent residency application, and she was kicked out of the country. "The worst feeling is that he is still there taking money from people, but I am here [in Iran] and I cannot do anything," Ms Nabavi said. Her brother Mahmood, who lives in Melbourne, is devastated by his sister's deportation. PHOTO: Mahmoud Nabavi wants Kang's businesses shut down. (Supplied) "She is my sister. No-one can replace her," Mr Nabavi said. He wants action taken against Kang to shut his business down while he is out on bail. "First of all, someone has to stop him," he said. "Secondly, he has to return everything that he took from vulnerable people." Clawing the money back Getting a refund from Kang is a torturous process. INFOGRAPHIC: Sunil Thapaliya said he was repeatedly abused by Mr Kang when asking for a refund. (Supplied) Over the years many students have been forced to return to their home countries with empty pockets. Those who remain in Australia find it impossible to get him to pay up. The disgraced businessman ignores calls, makes promises he does not deliver, sends abusive text messages and has even been accused of making death threats. Sunil Thapaliya signed a contract with Kang after he was sentenced to jail. When the Nepalese student discovered he had been convicted of fraud he asked for his money back. Kang accused him of trying to destroy his business and racially abused him. Court order ignored Many foreign students who have been frustrated with Kang's refusal to refund their money over the years have sought financial redress through civil and administrative tribunals. Despite a series of tribunal orders against Kang he refuses to pay what he owes. Leilani Dajalos gave Kang $15,500 to secure a 457 visa and was promised employment with a hair salon. The Filipino student received neither. After she repeatedly asked for her money back, Kang returned just $800. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ordered him to pay Ms Dajalos $14,700, but more than 18 months later she still has not seen a cent. PHOTO: Filipino student Leilani Dajalos gave Eddie Kang $15,000 to secure a 457 visa. (ABC News: Simon Winter) "It's very frustrating," she said. "I am an international student and that money was supposed to be for my tuition fees. "We are doing a lot of hard work here and it goes to someone like Edward Kang for a visa that never exists." Ms Dajalos said she had suffered anxiety throughout the process and her husband fell sick. She said seeing Kang's business still functioning made it harder to cope. "In spite of all the victims that he had, I still see his ads, his company on the job advertising sites and on Facebook," she said. Why can't Kang be shut down? INFOGRAPHIC: A text message a client received from Mr Kang. (Supplied) Kang is a clever operator, a chameleon who constantly changes business names. He has run his operation under various names including Singapore Oil, Skylane Worldwide, Mill and Penn, and the Borderless Globe. All up he has been a director of over 20 companies in the past five years. He even changed his own name, after a previous ABC expose, starting to call himself Ted Kang. Last year Fair Trading NSW issued a media release warning consumers not to deal with one of his operation's most recent incarnations, Goldman Pintex — a company owned by 23-year-old associate Yoon Seok "Joseph" Choi. That name was soon retired, and Kang continued operating under other names such as RSMS Australia and ARVS. While Kang has been able to trick foreign students who may have poor English skills, little understanding of Australian consumer law or have been in the country for a short time, he has also been able to get past authorities. While the NSW Office of Fair Trading led the prosecution against Kang that saw him convicted of fraud, international students and migration agents have told the ABC the federal department responsible for immigration has ignored their complaints. Sydney migration agent Mr Konrad has been making complaints to the federal government since 2013. PHOTO: Sydney migration agent Karl Konrad wants Kang's visa cancelled. (ABC News: David Maguire) "The Department of Immigration have done absolutely nothing," Mr Konrad said. "Even though the criminal charges were laid, and he was convicted, and they're still aware that he seems to be carrying on the same practices, they still do nothing which is quite amazing." Kang is in Australia on a New Zealand passport. Mr Konrad believes he should be kicked out of the country. "There are powers under the act to cancel the visa and the Minister has that power," Mr Konrad said. INFOGRAPHIC: Kang accused a client of bad behaviour, as he was trying to get a refund. (Supplied) In a statement, the Department of Home Affairs said the matter was before the courts and investigations were underway. "The Australian Border Force (ABF) continues to provide assistance to the NSW Department of Fair Trading who have commenced proceedings on these matters under the Consumer Law," the statement said. "The ABF continues to refer alleged victims of Mr Kang to the NSW Department of Fair Trading." ABC coverage 'witch-hunting fake news', Kang says Kang refused to be interviewed by the ABC. In an email he said this story was part of a pattern of "unfounded accusations and untrue reportings". "This type of witch-hunting fake news must be disappeared from earth," he said. "Danger is that your initial fake reports will be spreading like epidemics thru [sic] google and youtube on the internet, and finally becoming facts pretending that is true, being believed by public, harassing and haunting too many honest victims for their entire lives, destroying their lives." In 2009 Kang's immigration consulting company across the ditch was put into liquidation by order of New Zealand's High Court. The liquidator's report found Kang to be "dishonest" and said that many members of the local Korean community had claimed to "have lost large sums of money" in dealings with Kang. The report recommended Kang "should not be operating a business in New Zealand". Australian authorities cannot say they were not warned.
  9. The Pom Queen

    British Corner Shop

    It wasn’t Simmo, you will have been around back then, although I admit you never really venture outside CTF so may have missed it. In fact I think there were two families one which was reported in the media
  10. The Pom Queen

    Shark Attack Whitsundays

    @Bobj you better be careful when fishing. A 46-year-old woman is in a serious condition with significant leg and torso injuries after being attacked by a shark in the Whitsundays off the north Queensland coast. It is believed she was swimming from a charter yacht near Lindeman Island about 5:00pm when the incident occurred. The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter winched the woman off a boat in Sawmill Bay and is now transferring her to Mackay Hospital. It is understood a doctor was on board who helped treat the patient, with other boats also responding after hearing a mayday. The helicopter is flying to Proserpine to refuel and while on the ground, extra blood will be supplied to the paramedics on board the chopper.
  11. A lot of this story does t make sense to me. I know I’m not up to date with visas but how did he manage to stay here for 15 years without the correct visa. Also why is it going to cost him $15,000 for a visa? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-19/french-couple-gutted-to-be-deported-after-15-years-in-australia/10281010 A French couple who have lived in Australia for more than 15 years say they are "gutted" after being told they had two weeks to leave the country. Key points: Mr Pigot and Ms Mendy say they are good citizens However, they claim to have exhausted all avenues to remain in Australia The couple have been told to leave the country by October 1 Chef Damien Pigot and his partner Sandrine Mendy have run a cafe at Tweed Heads for the past five years, and, according to their friends, have become part of the area's "culinary fabric". Mr Pigot had hoped the business would bolster his application for permanent residency. He sought advice from migration lawyer Kathy Bateman about three years ago, and she was initially optimistic. "Where there is a legally, viably operating Australian business located in a regional area that has a genuine need for an occupation … essentially there is no reason why an application shouldn't be successful," she said. "[But] there has to be a benefit to Australia, and that usually means employment for Australians. "I know that Damien made several attempts to recruit locally within the Aboriginal community as well as local schools and children to do traineeships. "But it just didn't work out, and anyone who is in small business knows that it's tough." The couple have now been told to leave Australia by October 1. 'They are part of the community' Mr Pigot said he made an appeal to the Department of Home Affairs requesting ministerial intervention, but it was rejected. "The department didn't even refer my request to the Minister, so he didn't get to read it, because we don't meet the guidelines," he said. A spokesperson from the Department of Home Affairs said it would not comment on individual cases for privacy reasons. It said non-citizens who did not hold a valid visa and who had exhausted all avenues to remain in Australia were expected to depart. Mr Pigot said he could not afford to spend up to $15,000 on a visa. "We live like many people you know, we pay our bills, we go and enjoy our life and we work and that's it," he said. "But they only give you two weeks to organise your travel after 15 years in a country and running a business for five years. We feel lost, we feel gutted. "On the news they always talk about migration and what makes a good migrant — we speak English and we are part of the community, we know the history of Australia, we know the value of Australia and we accept it."
  12. The Pom Queen

    Buying flights home through UK company?

    There are no issues as far as I’m aware. In fact a lot of people, take a one way to the UK then purchase a return from there as it works out cheaper if they travel back a lot.
  13. The Pom Queen

    Ferntree Gully Area

    Hi @Anna833 there are some lovely areas around there you could also consider. The Dandenong Ranges are beautiful. Take a look at this thread it may help.
  14. The Pom Queen

    I know no one will care but...........

    Oh wow, I’m a long way off grandchildren. I will have to make do with puppies.