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  1. Spent all day at the hospital came home and went to bed.
  2. Isn't it something like the best things mature with age?
  3. Hi James, some companies don't insure imports but I'm sure APIA do, have a look through their small print http://www.apia.com.au/sites/default/files/pdf/motorhome/policy-document-motorhome-insurance.pdf
  4. I'm not there yet thank goodness
  5. Wow in a couple of day? Hope her hair doesn't fall out.
  6. I prefer my bed
  7. Do you want to come over here and build me a granny flat
  8. Nice to see you again Hun. How is the little one doing?
  9. @MissionMelbourne what Suburbs did you look at?
  10. Just make sure you support Collingwood, everybody has a love/hate relationship with them lol.
  11. Every couple of days, Jee it feels like you are never away 😬
  12. You usually find reincarnations don't read the t & c's 😜
  13. Hi 

    I live in Perth moved from NZ.Am 44 doing full time Apprentice in Bakery (finishing course in july 2018)

    Can someone advice me how to prepare to Lodge Permanent Residency.

    Thank you

  14. Thank you so much Kev. It gives her that sparkle
  15. Have you looked at Connors http://m.connor.com.au/products/3029 Lowes have them as well although they have some really whacky ones at times. also check Myers