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  1. The Pom Queen

    Australia quarantine update

    I’m sure @BobPetairUK will know more than me, but when I was importing not so long ago it turned out there was a large oversight on the senders side (that’s why you need @BobPetairUK help lol) and the morning of her flight we realised. I canceled quarantine and they were excellent about it and advised that we could let them know a new date within the next 6 months at no charge. Now this may have been a one off but Bob may know if it’s possible.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you everyone and I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Like @ali said all my boys flew down and we had a joint birthday and Christmas celebration. Two of them can’t make it down for Christmas, one is working and the other is being deployed. So we lived it up that weekend. I think I’ve been in bed ever since lol. I have to say it was one of the best days in a very long while and I loved every moment. It was all organised by my lovely son. Also thanks to the new treatment that I started with the help of some wonderful people on here it meant I got to spend it out of hospital 🥳🥳
  3. The Pom Queen

    The Official Weather Thread

    Rain, what is that? We have probably had 4 days of rain in the last 18 months, and then it’s only rained for a few hours. We aren’t on mains water so rely on the rain tanks and the bore which both keep running dry and it’s expensive carting water in all the time.
  4. The Pom Queen

    Getting Repeat Prescriptions

    Also talking about medication it won’t affect a lot of you but if you are on birth control you do pay for it here so it’s worthwhile bringing some with you
  5. The Pom Queen

    Getting Repeat Prescriptions

    I find a lot of mine are off label use or special authority, I’ve managed to reduce my meds now but I’m still on around 30 a day. I ran out of three the other day, went to the chemist and it was something like $154 for one, $108 for the other and $6.60 for the other. ‘Hubby is on one med and it’s $180 a month. You have got the PBS Safety Net threshold so once you and your family (it’s good that it’s combined with other family members) have spent $1486.80 on medication you will get a card which allows you to get other PBS drugs at $6.60, however, like you can see with my trip to the chemist you still pay full price for non PBS. In fact if anyone knows a scheme to help with this please let me know because the cost of my non PBS meds a month is more than my son earns in a week, I’m worried soon I will need to stop them and there are currently no alternatives. To the OP Chemist Warehouse seems to be the cheapest for meds and if you look online you can search their site for the price and different brands. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get a higher dose and split the tablets, with your Drs consent of course.
  6. The Pom Queen

    Getting Repeat Prescriptions

    Agree with @DrDougster, you may also find that depending on your medication a Dr may not prescribe it until you have seen a specialist. This could mean going without medications until you see someone. I don’t know if it’s still possible but when my mum use to visit for 6 months her UK Dr would give her a script for 6 months supply. You can legally only bring over 3 months supply, however, I’ve known people post 3 months supply and bring in their hand luggage the other 3 months supply. If it’s a Schedule 4 or 8 you need to carry a copy of your prescription. Also if you are stopping off in other countries on the way over make sure to check their laws. I may be wrong but I’m sure paracetamol isn’t allowed in one country it was something silly. ‘If you see a specialist ask them to provide a letter of introduction explaining your diagnosis, past and current treatment, how long you have been their patient and future care/treatment plans.
  7. The Pom Queen

    Getting Repeat Prescriptions

    It’s funny you should say that, I’ve also found this.
  8. The Pom Queen

    Australia quarantine update

    Thanks @BobPetairUK. I don’t know about your side but it’s nightmares trying to get flights sorted at the moment. We have so many road transporters started up in business yet all of them are fully booked. Qantas flight prices are crazy, I am looking at getting a cat up from NSW and they are quoting $590, the same flight pre COVID was $210. Virgin have remained the same and it’s costing $210 from Brissy to Melbourne but they are only allowing bookings within 2 weeks of the flight and they are often fully booked. I heard Emirates were stopping brachy dogs and cats flying over if true are there any options left for people flying to and from the UK? ‘I think people are very wise to get in touch with Pet Air UK the rules and regulations are changing so often and with you also being qualified vets it means people can feel reassured knowing their pets are in the best hands
  9. The Pom Queen

    Moving to Perth with my dog

    Hi @Lok I will message you
  10. The Pom Queen

    Transferring money from house sale in UK

    Contact @Susan from Moneycorp and she should be able to help
  11. The Pom Queen

    Moving to Perth with my dog

    We often worry more than our dogs do. It will be more stressful doing the drive than him hopping on a plane. I’ve just had a quote from a pet transporter and they said $211 from Melbourne to Perth which is a very good price. Dogs soon forget and once he is home with you then your new future together can start.
  12. The Pom Queen

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    I think @BobPetairUK makes crates. It may be worthwhile asking him.
  13. The Pom Queen

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Are the flights international or domestic? ‘Personally, although a lovely crate which I’d be happy to use in the car with me, I think the Gulliver is too open. Cats prefer to feel enclosed. Over here we tend to use the PP Crates, they are IATA approved and have a raised floor so that if they have a pee they aren’t sat in it for the rest of the flight. ‘A PP30 would be fine for one cat, but take a look here for a size guide http://www.petspantry.com.au/size-chart-pp-iata-airline-approved-pet-carriers As for travelling together, check with the airline and if travelling from overseas check with quarantine to see if they are happy with that. @BobPetairUK may know more about two cats flying together.
  14. The Pom Queen

    Building a new credit rating fast when u arrive

    At least with Westpac you would have had numerous branches to try and sort it out. This poor couple had a 3 hour round trip to the city every time.
  15. I would and did myself use @Susan from Moneycorp . That was over 16 years ago now and like you I was so nervous at the time that I would lose everything I owned. Moneycorp were fantastic and kept me updated every step of the way. It’s free to set up an account with them.