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    Adelaide - where to live?

    As the OP, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the info. I did not in fact move to Oz back in 2008, but finally made the move just a few days ago !! I'm currently in Seacliff, looking at Hallett Cove, Brighton, Flagstaff Hill. There is food for thought in the posts in the thread now though. Thanks again. Andy.
  2. ajbritton

    Epilepsy medication availability in Australia - Epanutin

    Thanks - the PBS link was useful. I can't see Epanutin listed, but Dilantin (an equivalent I believe) is there.
  3. Hi, I take Epanutin in the UK to control my epilepsy. I've read some other posts about epilepsy, prescriptions and costs (scary), but what I want to know is if Epanutin is available or if I might have to move to another drug. Changing drugs is risky for epilepsy sufferers so to be avoided if possible. Andy advice welcome. Andy.
  4. Hi - I've just lodged my application with DIAC and am now looking at the long list of documents & evidence I have to provide. I have a couple of questions... 1 - I'm in the UK - apart from asking on this forum, is there any official phone number I can use? An email from DIAC in response to an online enquiry suggested I ring (+61) 1300 364 613. To find out the time zone I looked up area code 13 and it appears to be Macquarie Island. Anyone know if this is right? 2 - Timescales for submission of documents/evidence. How quickly will these need to be submitted? I will need to organise an IELTS test for my wife which will take weeks. Will this be OK? 3 - Health checks - I've read elsewhere that I'm supposed to wait for DIAC to tell me to get these done. The checks are appearing on the checklist when I log on to the DIAC application tracker. Does this mean that effectively they have asked me already? Thanks all, Andy
  5. ajbritton

    Is it hopeless?

    Well - the good news is that I sorted SA immigration came through and approved state sponsorship. With literally just a few hours spare, I managed to get the DIAC application lodged. phew !
  6. ajbritton

    Is it hopeless?

    (bump) any more thoughts anyone?
  7. ajbritton

    Is it hopeless?

    Hi all, I would appreciate any views on my predicament. First I need to explain the background... In 2008, I got a PASA from ACS which was successful. At the time though, I did not proceed with a visa application. Earlier this year, I decided to try again for visa application and so contacted ACS about updating/revalidating my skills assessment (for new ANZSCO). ACS initially advised that I should apply for revalidation. I put in the application but it was rejected and I was told that I needed to undergo a full PASA. I put in another application, saying that it should be based on existing documents from application in 2008. No problem - until my skills assessment letter arrived in early June and with dismay I realised that the letter did not include my work experience from 2008-2011. (Now I accept this was mostly my fault for not submitting an updated employer reference, but I would have expected ACS to pick up the fact that on my application, I specified work experience up until 2011 and query this with me. Anyway...). I queried the results letter with ACS and was told that they needed to get my file from storage. Despite regular chase emails and ultimately a letter of complaint, my file was not retrieved from storage until 6th September. A 3 month delay. Having reviewed my file I was told to submit a re-validation with an updated employer reference. Now in progress. Here's my problem. I'm applying for state sponsorship from SA but I turn 45 on 1st October 2011. I put my application in on 6th September with a letter explaining the delays due to the ACS. Having spoken to someone in Immigration SA, I was told that I would have a 'big problem' as my 45th birthday was imminent and that there was no chance of any special considerations based on ACS delays. Does anyone have any experience of anything like this? Is there any hope? What should I do next? Thanks in advance....... Andy
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    Many thanks for those replies. Very helpful. Andy
  9. ajbritton


    Hi there. Am in process of applying for state sponsorship and am looking for advice on what I need to put in the 'commitment to south australia' box. Any guidance on how detailed this needs to be would be welcome... Thanks, Andy
  10. ajbritton

    Adelaide - where to live?

    We are looking to move to Adelaide and are trying to fnd some nice areas to look for rental accomodation. Criteria as follows; 1 - Near to good schools (2 kids aged 2 & 5) 2 - Not to far from beach if possible (< 30 mins) 3 - Nice area (obvious really) 4 - Commutable to city for work Any advice? Thanks, Andy
  11. ajbritton

    Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme - How does it work?

    Hi, Sadly no, we're 5 points short due to my age (42). We are looking at the Adelaide area.
  12. I've read all the stuff on the immi.gov.au site about RSMS (including book 5), but I'm not clear on the order in which I have to do things. I'm in IT, so I've had my skills certified by the ACS and have had a confirmation letter from them. Do I now need to find an employer willing to sponsor me? If so, any links to sites listing Oz IT firms? Must I register on the skills matching DB and just wait? Do I apply for the visa now? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Andy.
  13. ajbritton

    Certified copies - Post Office?

    For what it's worth, I asked ACS and they said that they would accept copies certified by UK Post Office (as well as Bank Managers, Doctors and a couple of others that I forget). Accordingly, I got all my stuff copied an certified at the Post Office and sent it off to ACS yesterday. I'll keep you posted!! Andy.
  14. ajbritton

    Certified copies - Post Office?

    I'm told that the UK Post Office are able to certify copies as being 'true likenesses'. Does anyone know if these are generally acceptable to Australian authorities (I'm particularly thinking of the Australian Computer Society at the moment)? Thanks,